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Let me warn you up front – virtually every system out there is total junk. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…


The creators and publishers of junk systems would love to pay me fat commissions to promote their products. But it’s not going to happen! Because I won’t see you waste your money buying rubbish that does not help you one tiny bit.

It makes me mad that there is so much rubbish out there – and it should make you mad too.

Some of it is well meaning, but a lot of it isn’t. And the bottom line is the same anyway – they make money selling you junk, and you get ZERO benefit out of it. How do they escape prosecution? In some cases, very careful wording. In others, it beats me! But that’s why I created these lottery system reviews.

The Good Lottery Systems


This is a depressingly small list which I would love to expand – so please do tell me about any other good systems or books that I may have missed. (And system designers, I’ll happily recommend your products here, all you have to do is provide real proof that it works!)

1. Lottery Syndicates

Simple yet cannot fail. Buying more tickets means a much better chance of winning – which is what syndicates are all about. You do of course trade a better chance of winning with having to share the prizes. But that’s reality. And who minds sharing if you actually do win.

You can read more about why lottery syndicates work. Or check out my current favourite online syndicates: Big Fat Lottos and You Play We Play.

2. Win Lotto Systems

This is a book and software package from Mark Collard/Prof William Foster. The book is a rare gem in a mine full of nonsense – sensible, logical lottery playing tips and strategies.

Read my more detailed Win Lotto Systems Review or you can get the package direct from Will.

3. How to Win More: Strategies for Increasing a Lottery Win

Just good solid advice on playing the lottery. Stocks appear to be very low for this though, so don’t hang around if you want a copy.
You can buy this one on Amazon.

4. Combinatorial Lottery Systems with Guaranteed Wins by Iliya Bluskov

Wheeling if often mis-sold, and usually bundled with crazy number prediction software. So it’s refreshing to find a genuine, and up to date wheeling book from someone who knows what they are talking about. Wheeling does have some value for lottery players, not in some hyped up ‘beat the lottery’ way, but in terms of winning smaller prizes more often. Bluskov has a maths Ph.D. and has written papers on this stuff. Detailed review to follow.

Find Iliya’s book on Amazon here

(Note: there is a version of the book dedicated to games with 5 main numbers such as Powerball, Mega Million and EuroMillions etc, you can find that one here)

The Middle Ground


This middle ground exists because it seemed unfair to lump these in with the stuff that is outright garbage designed to simply extract your cash. So this is more ‘well meaning’ software, just be aware that it is still NOT proven to be of any real value.

Lottery Statistic Analyser – pretty complicated analysis software. If analysis is your thing then you’ll probably enjoy using this. It is however unproven, and if maths scares you then this is not for you.

Delta Lotto System – the ‘Analysis Lotto Software’ by Dave Muse is at least based on a sound theory, that of trying to detect bias. In this case the possibility of a draw machine not sufficiently mixing the balls from the state they enter the machine. But there’s no evidence that such a bias exists in any game, or that this software has been able to detect any. The fact it only seems to work for ‘short periods of time’ just confirms the results are simply sufficiently random that there is no detectable mixing bias.

Lotto Sorcerer – lottery prediction software based on the claim that tiny mechanical imperfections in draw machines and lottery balls make the lottery predictable. They don’t in any way that has been proven, but it is at least theoretically possible that such bias could give an edge – albeit a very small edge, IF it even exists in that game.

Lotto Mania – This software has some useful features, such as wheel creation and being able to print your combinations directly on your playslips. There is also the usual past results analysis, but it does quickly wander firmly off into the nonsense world of using meaningless patterns such as odds/evens and sum analysis. But at least it’s not too expensive at $35.

The Bad Lottery Systems


Please do NOT buy any of the books, software or lottery systems below. They are a waste of your money. If you want to discuss any of them in more detail, contact me, but please don’t put any more money in these peoples pockets.

TIP: If you want to see if something is on this list, hit Ctrl-F on your keyboard (to search within the page). If it’s not here then please do contact me and I’ll check it out for you.

Lottery Audit Review – Lottery Audit is a subscription service for online lottery analysis software. It’s nice looking simple software, but there is no evidence than analysing results does anything to help you win.

Richard Lustig Lottery Book / ‘Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery’ – Florida lottery winner Richard is a “7 times grand prize winner” and says it has nothing to do with luck. I can’t agree I’m afraid.

Honest Lottery System / Silver Lotto System / Ken Silver – Based on silly maths of ‘pick so many odd/even, so many between this number and that’, then ‘just keep trying’ when you don’t win. Ken does very well selling his systems. You’ll see pictures of his expensive cars on his website – “bought by lotto” he says. Read very carefully between the lines though, as he never actually says he won the lotto to pay for them, he just says the lotto paid for them, wonder how…

Gail Howard / Smart Luck / Lotto: How To Wheel a Fortune – Gail has been knocking out books about wheeling for 29 years, although the ‘Gail’ of the infomercials from 20 years ago appears to have had little (if anything) to do with the company for a very long time. The sales pitch usually goes something like “look at all our jackpot winners, obviously our system works”. So what happened to the other 99.9% of customers who bought the books and software..? Fact is, wheeling does not improve your chances of winning the jackpot. And neither does silly advice about avoiding combinations that have never been picked before, or making your selections add up to a particular range of numbers. NOTE: If you order direct they do NOT do refunds – be warned.

Stefan Vandevelde – Inverted Lottery System / Change Lottery Rules / / ‘Pick 3 Sniper’ – lots of pointless analysis of past results and prediction claims with zero evidence. With just enough maths to sound ‘advanced’. Some good optimised wheels Stefan, but bottom line is the lottery is still random no matter how much you want it to be different. Now with Winslips it’s all done for you, by clever computers and stuff… It all sounds so promising yet neither in the manual or in the software does Winslips deliver anything of practical value. Very disappointing.

The Lotto Black Book / QRV Holdings / Giancarlo Cappuccio – Larry Blair got shot in the foot but won the lottery twice. Apparently. Or maybe the photo of the lottery winner shown is just copied from the Oklahoma lottery website… the winner who actually used a quick pick to win the jackpot in 2006..!? Watch out though as there are “only 134 copies left”… oh wait, it’s said that since at least September 2009.

Updated for 2011: the Lotto Black Book now has a new sales page – I guess some of those 134 ebooks must still be left then ;-).  Gone are the old borrowed photos (too many people figure it out?) and instead we have new borrowed winners photos (with a disclaimer stating those people didn’t actually win using this system!). Plus claims of how it must be good because look at all the people who are promoting it… who have never actually bought it, but are willing to make a fast buck if they can convince people to buy this junk. Larry is planning on using your $96.83 (ouch!) to build a library. Maybe he’ll show us a photo of that in a couple of years.

Mark Bower / Winning The Lottery In 3 Steps – our first Larry Blair copycat. Is Mark Bower’s winners photo genuine, do those winners checks look more than a little bit photoshopped with his name, or what about the Facebook style comments at the bottom of the sales pitch – genuine? Yeah, right. I actually laughed out loud at the bit in the sales letter that said it was all based on a ‘vast study’ by a ‘Belgian science man’… I think they call them scientists Mark. Totally absurd.

Formula 1 Lotto System / ‘Glen Hooke’ – silly sales letter with claims of a system developed by an MIT Professor that took 27 years to develop. He must be a slow Professor – although amusingly it used to say 9 years. Yet another system that claims to eliminate bad numbers and combinations that won’t win. If there were any bad numbers it would not be a fair and legal lottery!

Lottery Checkmate System / Sergey Tabin – claims to make 3,000 – 10,000 per month playing the lottery, but provides no evidence whatsoever. Daft system ‘based on the game of chess’, which of course couldn’t be more different to playing the lottery.

Lottery Variant System – same old garbage. Big claims, no details and no evidence except checks copied from other websites!

Lotto Hat Software – the wheeling aspects of this software might be useful, but otherwise this is the usual collection of useless filtering tools. No longer available.

Lotto 007 / Lotto007 Prediction Expert / Lotto PowerPlayer Pro – ‘Lotto 007 XP 2012′ includes features to check results and print tickets which could be useful. It’s also full of filtering and anlysis features which some may enjoy – although despite what the claims these do not make the slightest difference to your chances of winning. The software design is very 1990’s (it’s more ’95’ than ‘XP’), and not user friendly. But at least “it contain more than 1521 formulas”. The manual is frankly appalling.  And “Prediction Expert” – well, it hasn’t helped the publisher much in the last 12 years.

Lotto Master Formula - short book covering lots of old unproven theories in very little depth. Oh, and it’s actually a word-for-word copy of an older much cheaper book! Plus some highly dubious claims and inconsistencies in the website – but read more in my full Lotto Master Formula Review

Lotto Guy Lottery System / Smart Play Lotto Wheels – a 1 page system that says to simply pick numbers according to certain patterns, using sums, odds/evens and high/lows (and looks more than a little similar to the Silver Lotto System). None of which helps one jot. But the best bit is the hilarious claims of being “University Developed, Tested and Proven” – now there’s a research paper I would love to read :-). Oh, and I’m sure the ‘Lotto Guy’ name similarity is merely coincidental too (hmm, just like ‘Smart Play’ seems very similar to Gail Howards ‘Smart Luck’…).

Lottery Method / How To Win Pick 3, 4, 5, 6 / Lottery Circle / Ace Lee – bad advice based on analysing past results and drawing incorrect conclusions (his ‘Scratchers’ book has some merit, but not the rest). No longer available.

‘Winning Lotto’ / 1,000 Weeks Of Lotto / Terry Fisher / LottoMasta – more wheeling systems, plus advice on strategy which is actually wrong!

Bob Brown Lottery System / – fun story but ultimately a load of baloney. Feel free to buy a very expensive poster if you want to share in Bob’s big joke.

Winning Lottery Lines/ Schneider Software / Harry Schneider – well meaning but fundamentally flawed. Sorry Harry but you just can’t eliminate combinations as unlucky because they haven’t been drawn before. No matter what maths you wrap it up in.

Lotto Strategies For Winners / Richard Wilson – apparently he’s dying from cancer so has now chosen to reveal his amazing secret – for just $77 (because if it was free, you wouldn’t read it… right?). The winners photos are not him and have been copied without permission. The winners cheques are not his and have been copied from other websites. And the system is just more silly past results analysis and exclusion of ‘unlikely’ combinations – total rubbish.

Beat The Lotto / Donald Hunting – irrelevant number analysis and a it of wheeling, with the same ending midnight ‘pre-launch’ bargain that’s been running since 2004..!

VK’s Winning Lottery Method – yet more numeric analysis (pointless hot and cold number theory) that simply doesn’t work as claimed.

Lottery Harvester – just overpriced wheeling system software offering only one system for your money. System 12 is one piece of software, System 15 is another! Plus some very dubious claims of ‘thousands’ who regularly collect cash using it, and ‘many’ who have won $100,000+.

Learn Lottery – silly past results analysis, incorrect conclusions and poor advice.

Chris Malcolm Lottery System – more of the same silliness. But bundled in a package of systems for everything from Pick 3 to Pick 6. So you get a lot of rubbish for your money instead.

‘Professor Dolph’ / Lottery Number Advisor / LONA – it all sounds very mathematical and clever, but everything comes back to eliminating unlikely numbers which is plain silly. Dolph thinks the lottery is random ‘just like the stock markets, commodities markets or the weather’. Claiming the stock markets and weather systems are random makes as much sense as this software. None. No longer available.

Robert Walsh Pick 3/4 Systems – more silly analysis of past results that focuses on ‘how numbers are related to each other’, for games with very small prizes! No longer available.

Lotto Cheatah – very silly software based on the premise of fundamentally and completely misunderstanding the law of averages. I just rolled ten 6’s in a row on my dice Lotto Cheatah, what are my chances of rolling another 6..? Oh dear. No longer available.

Win-Track / Success Publishing / John Abate – it’s amazing how many junk systems one person can sell. Everything from the lottery to horse racing to slot machines, and more. Dozens and dozens of them from “Your Winning Numbers” to “Guaranteed 6 Numbers” and so many more. All sold under different authors names. All complete garbage. Avoid.

Lotto Puppeteer – garbage. Lottery companies make a profit regardless of whether anyone wins the jackpot. So don’t fall for the rubbish about insider lottery secrets. And as for the 10% to charity sob story – if you want to donate your winnings to charity you can do so without buying this rubbish.

Lottery Phenomenon –  ludicrous claims of teaching you how to predict the future. Backed up by a sales page which states that photos of winners/checks are the writer – when they are actually copied from other news websites, and are all different winners from different US states. The first, ‘this is me’, is actually Anthony Castro who won $250,000 on a scratch-off ticket, no numbers to predict there then…

‘Beat Lottery’ / Peter Dolinaj – claims to be able to predict lottery numbers, and will happily provide those numbers to you – for a price of course. Please don’t waste your money folks. These are no more likely to win than a quick pick.

Lottery Slayer / JLR Group LLC – software that claims to pick better numbers. But the usual fare of silly claims that just don’t stand up to any scrutiny. Winning numbers are less likely to be repeated? Wrong, etc.

Lottonet Integra XP01 / Dietner – horrible website, horrible software design (600 hours for the interface, seriously?). Very expensive wheeling software ($169!) with pointless prediction features for which he even states ‘you cannot predict the numbers’.

Daily Win / Clifton Musgrove – claims he can predict Pick 3 results based on previous results. That would greatly surprise the lottery companies – if it were true.

Paul Connor / Winning Lotto Strategies – also now sold as ‘The Lotto Black Book’ (see above). There is some doubt over the copyright status of this work as it appears to just be a compilation of writing originally by Robert Perkis. But regardless of that it’s almost entirely about numerical analysis which does nothing in the real world to help your chances of winning.

Daily Pick System / ‘Paul Terry’ – extremely dubious claims for a Pick 3/Pick 4 system based on number analysis that doesn’t work.

Pick 6 Leak / ‘Kevin Bailey’ – silly hype to sell what are just wheeling systems for Pick 6. You can get better for a lot less money from Bluskov.

Lottery Cash Software / ‘Brad Millers’ – possibly the dullest promotional video ever for this useless overpriced number prediction software.

Lotto Combo System / ‘Dan Butler’ – more garbage from the stable of ‘Paul’ and ‘Brad’ (above). This one is trying to profit from the work and reputation of Iliya Bluskov – but is full of the usual hype and nonsense claims. It’s also grossly overpriced. Save your money and get Bluskov’s book instead.

Playslip Numbers – this site claims to sell numbers that are ‘more likely to win the lottery’. It must work because it uses a ‘ complex algorithm’. This is just more silly past results analysis that really does not work. You can even pay extra for exclusive numbers… presumably they are ‘even more’ likely to win than the non-exclusive numbers ;-).

LotWin – based on bad maths and the false belief that numbers can be due or overdue to appear. Plus the usual filtering and reduction features that have never been proven to make any difference to your chances of winning.

Winners Only Lotto / Rodney Lundy – $7 a month for ‘lucky numbers’ for Pick 3/4. Numerology is not a branch of maths that can predict future results! Save your money folks, or spend it on tickets instead – as that alone will give you a way better chance than the “up to 67%” better that Rodney actually claims.

Lotto Pro 2014 – claims to pick numbers with ‘the best statistical chance of hitting’, and that it can ‘eliminate tickets with unlikely number combinations’. Neither of which makes any sense. You might find it useful for managing and printing your tickets.

Magayo Lotto / Magayo Pick – yet more of the same old rehashed software. As usual this one claims to analyse past results, predict better future results and get rid of unlikely lottery numbers. But provides no evidence to back up the claims made. And provides seriously flawed reasoning as to why this would make any sense in the first place. Oh, and don’t believe the ‘awards’ (nobody even installs the software for these awards).

Ultimate Lottery Package – utterly absurd story about how ‘Billy Bridges’ father knew 500 big lottery winners in a ‘secret society’, but you had to be smart enough to understand their secrets. Billy has never won big of course because he’s too busy selling you the secrets he learned. Read the small print and those ‘137 big winners’ he interviewed become people who may or may not have won, people he or may not have actually interviewed, and people who may have won as much as $50.

Lottery Crusher / Lottery Winning Formula / ‘Michael Jenkins’ – from the incredibly cheesy video to the ludicrous claims this one is not hard to avoid. ‘We have helped millions of people win’ they say, but frankly there isn’t a snowballs chance in hell that they have millions of customers. This pile of hype is just the same old useless past results analysis software yet again.

Lottery Destroyer / ‘Mike Bennett’ – more hype and nonsense from this online software that simply combines hot/cold number theory with your favourite/lucky numbers. Neither of which makes any difference to your chances of winning. Don’t even waste your $5 on the 5 day trial – spend it on quick picks instead and you’ll have a much better chance of winning.

Lotto Profits / ‘Jeremy Stewart’ – here we go again (doesn’t this look an awful lot like Lottery Crusher AND Lottery Destroyer…). Same old nonsense but at least the story gets funnier each time they release a new product site. This time Astrology and signs of the zodiac are the big secret. Yup.

Powerball Winning Strategies / Alex J. – who comes up with this nonsense? The “only legal Powerball hacker that ever existed” – surely nobody really believes this stuff? Do they? It’s all a conspiracy, they don’t want you to win, and all you need is the secret code blah blah – which “Alex” will sell you for just $37… Come on people, if they really had the ‘secret code’ to winning Powerball why would they ever sell it.

Steve Player Lottery Systems – these are mainly just grossly overpriced wheeling systems (if you want good quality wheels just get Bluskov’s book above, it’s better and vastly cheaper). Steve also sells expensive ‘predictions’ – but does everyone get the same numbers..? Hmm, if you give out enough different combinations to enough people, somebody will win, right?

Lotto Crusher System – Everett Thompson – not to be confused with the equally useless Lottery Crusher. This one clearly models itself on the Lottery Black Book. It has the ridiculous story – a convenience store owner threatening a customer with a gun because he claims too many lottery prizes. It also takes photos of other winners from news and lottery websites and claims they are buyers of this grossly overpriced ($97!) nonsense. The most ridiculous of which is the photo of Urooj Khan (who died in 2012!). Then there are the supposed photos of Everett himself – only he seems to have photoshopped the name on the winners check, oh, and a different head onto John McCarthy from Delaware. Wonder why.

504 Comments so far ↓

  • Jack Penland

    I would truly like to find a reliable Pick 3 system. I understand this to be the easiest to win. Can anyone suggest a system?

  • Jonathan Berggren

    I was just wondering if quick picks were just about the same as picking your own numbers for the lottery? I’ve known a lot of people win with quick picks.

  • Jonathan Berggren

    Hey LG, thank you for that Info. By the way, I am just curious about this one, do you think a lucky coin would help me win on scratch-offs more often?

    • LG

      There’s no real evidence that any kind of ‘lucky device’ helps at all. It doesn’t stop people selling them, but that’s for their own conscience.

  • Rick Barnett


    I read all of your bad lottery systems and books page, but was somewhat surprised to see Gail Howard on that page. She has a number of products, and I have two of her wheeling systems.

    She may offer suggestions for numbers to play, but I never listen to anybody who claims that they can win the lottery with one set of numbers. But I can tell you that the wheeling systems have a test drive feature that allows you to test your number combos against the actual past results of the lottery you are dealing with.

    Anybody who says that there are no patterns that repeat is blowing smoke at you. I have studied lottery result numbers for the past two years, and I can tell you that some numbers show up often enough to be able to win jackpots from time to time, and win 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prizes on a regular basis.

    And in defense of Gail’s wheeling systems, I can tell you that I found a group of just 17 numbers that have already won me a number of lower prizes, and if I continue to play them, they will eventually win the main jackpot. I have two spreadsheets that show the results of using various groups of numbers on various lotteries.

    I plan to play as often and with as many tickets as possible, and I promise that I will be a millionaire by next Spring.

    Take a look at all of Gail Howard’s stuff, and you will find some gems among the rocks.

    Rick Barnett

    • LG

      Sorry Rick but I disagree.

      The ‘Gail Howard’ company has gone from selling passable wheeling systems to flogging rehashed garbage advice using highly questionable hype. Just look at the advice in How To Wheel A Fortune for example – lottery combinations adding up to certain sums do not make them more likely to appear, that’s complete nonsense and there’s plenty more of it. But then Gail is just a photo on a website these days and has had nothing to do with the company for a very long time as far as I can tell.

      The wheels themselves are not bad – but there is better available for less money from Bluskov. He’s a genuine expert on wheeling – some of his wheels are actually better optimised (i.e. cheaper to play for the same guarantee) than those from the Gail Howard company.

      Wheeling is useful. But it’s certainly not the golden goose that ‘Gail’ would have you believe, so maybe champion wheeling instead of ‘Gail’ – she didn’t invent wheeling anyway :-)

      I agree there are patterns in historical results. But I don’t agree that they are so clearly useful for making predictions. It’s perfectly natural and random for numbers to repeat over time, even way out of the average, because that’s what random does sometimes.

      I hope you hit that jackpot by Spring though :-)

    • Andy

      Hi, Rick Barnett:

      I’m very interested with your Post about GH’s productions.
      Could you let me know how can you get the win by using GH’s wheeling systems which have a test drive feature that allows you to test your number combos against the actual past results of the lottery you are dealing with in detail? Thanks a lots!

      Best regards,

  • Panagiotis

    Hello guys,
    I was looking for the lotto guy system and I was arrived to this website accidentally. I was surprised when I saw a huge list of lotto systems that many of them I already have and it seems I have wasted my money.

    But I do not agree with the Gail Howard’s products, because I have her Advantage Plus software and all of her books – including the Lottery Master Guide. Among of them also I saw Steve Player’s wheels which I have them too. The rest was garbage, but the Gail Howard and Steve Player was the best. With Gail Howard, I won the second prize in my local pick 5 game. It wasn’t so much it was only 125 Euros but I won when I played from the first time. Also I won the second prize of my local lotto here, but the second prize was very small again only 1500 Euros. And both using Gail Howard advantage plus. And I have to say is the best software which exist today, I have the wheel plus 5 and 6, are not the best but not bad. Also Steve Player’s system 10 and 12 are nice.

    I have lotto sorcerer which you are saying is in the mediocre list, but for me was a garbage. I never won anything. I don’t have the Bluskov’s book so I will try it.
    Also from another website I saw very positive review about the lotto guy system which had in official poll 67% of the best system voted. What is your honest opinion about the Lotto Guy?

    I have one book with the name: THE ONLY WAY TO WIN AT LOTTO. Is from Robert Serotic. This is an offline book and printed book not online and is a very nice book with a lots lots of wheeling systems. There is another very nice software with name Lachnos Lotto. It was created by a Greek British guy and his software is very nice, it generates very cheap optimized wheels that guarantees if 5 or 4 numbers are among your selected numbers you will have all those numbers arranged in one line and you will win. It is not a prediction software is a wheeling generation software.

    For my opinion Gail Advantage Plus – Steve Player system 10 and 12 – Robert Serotic’s The only Way to win at Lotto and Lachnos Lotto are the best. I will try the first 2-3-4 you have on your list above, I know about lotto syndicates and pools but you can’t find people who wants to play with you and share the prize with you. The rest of these systems are BS I know.

    • LG

      Wheeling is useful and you’ve clearly bought a lot of wheeling products – but it isn’t a miracle solution. It’s better than ‘not wheeling’ for sure, but it’s been massively over-hyped by the Gail Howard company for years. (And as for their number picking advice, I’ve seen nothing but nonsense from them on this front). It’s all misdirection i.e. “look at how many people have won the jackpot therefore it works”. The reality is look at the 99.9% of people who have bought the systems but never won the jackpot (in 30 years of selling them!). Or to put it another way, if all those people had simply played quick picks how many of them would have won the jackpot anyway..?

      But as I said, wheeling is of some use. But you only need Bluskov’s book for that – which is far cheaper than other options, especially Steve Player’s absurdly overpriced offerings.

      Don’t bother with the ‘lotto guy system’ (it’s in my ‘Bad list’ above). The shill review you saw was one of many written by the guy who sells it, and the poll is a fake that he also created – so there’s nothing official about it at all I’m afraid.

      Good luck in the next draw :-)

  • Willie Freeman

    What does it mean when you fill out the lottery playslip, and the cashier puts it through the machine and it reads error?

    • LG

      It usually means you filled the playslip in wrong :-). If you didn’t pick enough numbers, or picked too many for example. It could also mean the machine couldn’t read that slip – which can happen if it’s too creased or damaged.

      • Gene

        I’ve also see it happen when I used a black marker instead of pencil on the bet slips. The machine wouldn’t read it. Or if the one or more of the boxes aren’t filled in enough.

      • Panagiots

        Also, you have the winning numbers and the terminal just does not accept it. It was happened to me here. I went to lots of different agencies and my ticket was not accepted for unknown reason and at night I had won and I wasn’t able to do anything or prove anything. I was forced to remove 2 numbers or change them. So I won 4 out of 6. My system had 11 numbers arranged to able to hit 5 out of 6 for 5/5 system but removing 2 numbers (Strange one number needs to be removed) but removing 2 numbers then the ticket was accepted and then you are saying the game is not rigged. I won 30 instead of 1500 and might be the jackpot. If they will accepted those tickets this will be the third time I will be winning something bigger than 30 Euros.

      • LG

        So your ticket was only accepted after you removed 2 numbers..? But that simply sounds like you completed the playslip incorrectly. And you went to “lots of different agencies” where your playslip was not accepted — yet none of those assistants helped you fix the problem, and you simply walked away without even asking or being told what was wrong..? So how did you find out it would work by removing 2 numbers? And who decided which 2 numbers to remove? This story is not making an awful lot of sense I’m afraid.

        But bottom line, if you’re convinced the game is rigged then why even play.

      • Panagiotis

        The ticket was correct and the slip was written correctly. There wasn’t any problem and I asked the agent and was told they just do not accept your number selection for no reason at all.

        The ticket was checked and was correct to different lottery shops and there was the same problem. It had the winning numbers and the lotto house didn’t want to give the money yet they want to make another jackpot. Is just simply they rigged the game. Everything you are saying about I didn’t fill the ticket correctly is false. I know how to fill my tickets and this day I know they rigged the game, they didn’t want to give money yet.

        Here we have only one lotto house, because the country is small and the lotto house is a monopoly so you can’t do anything and no one will ever help you. If the terminal rejects the slip you CAN’T do anything or complain to anyone. PERIOD.

      • LG

        You’re missing my point. Removing just 2 numbers and it then working doesn’t make any sense (unless you were playing a full system entry as some games provide for on the playslip – but you did say you were playing a reduced wheel). So how can removing 2 numbers make the entry work unless there were too many numbers picked to start with? e.g. you picked 7 numbers on a panel instead of 6.

        Also you chose which numbers to remove. Seems strange that the 2 you chose to remove happened to be the winning numbers. This story is full of holes :-)

        But again, you’re convinced it’s rigged and nothing I say is going to change that belief – so why would you continue to play a game you believe is rigged. Why not simply find a different game online and play that instead.

  • Thomas

    I’m now trying Winslips. Any knowledge of their systems? I’m not having much success. Wonder if it’s worth continuing as I subscribed to a years membership.

    • LG

      Hi Thomas

      I did an in-depth review of this one for my private members group (it is also listed in the reviews above). Sadly there’s simply nothing useful in either the manual or the software. I was hugely disappointed by it, so I’d save your money and not bother renewing :-)

  • MZ

    Has anyone heard of a lottery system called ‘lottery secrets finally revealed’? It’s supposedly run by a guy who calls himself el lotto king, his videos are on YouTube. His system is also a scam so all you people out there do not buy, it’s BS. I would like to know why his system is not listed here with the other BS systems.

  • Andy


    I’m not sure why I can not find any information about Ion Saliu’s systems here?

    His lottery systems have been online a long time, since 1999 or earlier.

    Would greatly appreciate any comment about Saliu’s systems!

    • LG

      For me Ion’s always sat in the grey area, i.e. not out to get your money, but not producing anything particularly useful either. Clarity and ease of use are not things I’ve ever seen Ion accused of when it comes to his website or software :-)

      But now I have a Middle Ground section here (recent addition) I think Ion might finally have a home…

  • Thomas

    I’m using system at present for Euromillions lottery – I registered for a year. The usual, very poor results, where do I go from here? Back to quick picks?

    • LG

      Depending on how long ago you paid I’d start with getting a refund (different product, same process).

      Quick picks really aren’t so bad – just make sure you have your basic Strategy in place first (start here) as that makes by far the biggest genuine difference.

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