Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Don

    What do you think about the “Money Cruncher Lottery System”?

    Sells for $55 and guarantees you win $10000 in 90 days or your money refunded. No credit cards just check or money order!

    • LG

      Is this from Hamilton Publishing by any chance?

      This type of guarantee is usually worthless in my experience. They either require you to jump through so many hoops that nobody would ever bother (e.g. you must play ‘x’ tickets for ‘y’ weeks, and if you don’t win then mail us copies of everything and we might refund you) — or they just completely ignore refund requests (no credit cards means no ability to do a chargeback…).

    • Patrick

      Yep… Hamilton Publishing. Check or Money order. $55.

      • Melora Douglas

        Can you let me know when I will receive my refund, I sent 55 dollars for Money Cruncher. I return to you 3 weeks now, I need my refund.

      • LG

        You need to contact Hamilton Publishing who sell it Melora – it’s nothing to do with me. But judging by the complaints they get it looks like they don’t honour that promised guarantee.

  • Jessica Brown

    I stopped buying Steve Player Systems – he comes up with new systems for the pick 3 and 4 games every few weeks, stating how much money he supposedly won and his systems are so expensive. He just came out with another one where he will send you 12 numbers to play straight and he wants $999 for it! No way I am going to pay that – and he does not give refunds.

  • John Tuttle

    Is there anything in Australia worth while trying?

  • Nick B

    Are you familiar with a lottery system where the past winning numbers are graphed on a 3D chart using certain parameters and the future numbers are picked from a 2D plane intersecting groups of numbers? I don’t know if this was real or I heard it somewhere from my geeky friends. Thanks.

    • John Eng Woo

      I tried doing that but not with any other system… I figured that one out on my own. But not 3D just 2D… but this 3 and 2D may be fun to try though… on paper first of course… lol..!

  • Frank Conroy

    I sent $55 to Hamilton Publishers with a money back guarantee if I did not win in the first month. Sent Dec 31st 2018 – so far I never heard from them, but I checked and they cashed my check. This has to be fraud and I will certainly look into it as I have 3 attorneys in my family.

  • Victor Kennedy

    Have you heard of the XXNG Lottery System by Hamilton Publishing in New York, $85.00? Guaranteed to win $10,000 in 90 days or money back. Legit or scam?

  • Lakisha

    Hello, LG
    Before I order this system I need to know if you heard of them? Is this system good before I make my order I’ve been scammed too many times. It’s called XXNG LOTTERY SYSTEM. Thank you, waiting for your response.

    • LG

      Don’t buy it – these guys just keep publishing the same old useless junk. And yes, I know the ‘money back guarantee’ sounds good, but I’ve also seen plenty of complaints from people who have tried getting their money back!

  • Joe

    Many years ago, in an attempt to find a way to win at Roulette, I wrote numerous computer programs to play millions of games using different methods. I learned what I already knew… if you choose numbers randomly from a group of say 1 to 50 and you pick 5 numbers every time and only play a few thousand games you will get very random numbers. If you play a few million games you find that every number comes up just about the same number of times. As you watch the computer spit out numbers you will see the “times hit” column even out more and more as the millions of games play out until every number has eventually been hit the same number of times. There is no way in a lifetime that a person could play enough games to be able to pick the numbers that have been drawn the least. And those numbers are the most likely to be drawn because it’s simply the odds. There is no way to predict which number will come up in any short series of draws. It is completely random until you get into the millions and it will then average out. Even if you could have played millions and could choose the five numbers that have came up the least times you might still have to play another million games before those 5 numbers all come up at one time. Don’t ever think there is a system if the means of drawing is purely random… and the air drawing system used for the lottery appears that it would be not randomly influenced.

    In the end, I did develop a system that usually wins for a while, but if you play it long enough it will lose… every time!

    • LG

      Bear in mind if you’re running computer simulations of a draw, then you’re really testing the randomness of your own random number generator rather than the draw machine 🙂

      I think you said that the least drawn numbers are more likely? If so, that’s not true. Things will tend to even out over time in a purely random system, but that doesn’t make them more likely. If it’s properly random then every result is always equally possible at every stage.

      The thing with purely random though is that it’s very hard to achieve (technically impossible) with any kind of mechanical machine. Lottery companies rely on their draws being ‘unpredictable’, which isn’t the same thing as random.

    • Robert

      “Don’t ever think there is a system if the means of drawing is purely random”

      You are wrong! There is no such thing as randomness; thus there can be no such thing as a random drawing. What you call randomness is actually a nonclassified, non-recognized, and non-understood, form of order. People don’t see the order, and rather than admit that a befuddling orderly process is at hand, they make the ridiculous claim that “it’s random”. Randomness only exists in the presence of ignorance.

      • LG

        It is an interesting theory – but how can you truly know that randomness does not exist..? 😉

  • Bronzestar

    What is your evaluation on ‘Lottery Icon’ by Eze Ugbor? It uses tables built on random numbers/words. It’s been around since about 2012 and I haven’t seen any indepth reviews pro or con about it.

    • LG

      I think Eze is a couple of sandwiches short of a picnic. All his ebooks talk of trends but there’s no logic or proper explanation of anything he says. It’s basically total gibberish 🙂

  • Tony

    Chance and probability aren’t the same thing! If you flip a coin, it has a 50/50 chance of being head or tails, but if you flip a coin and it has come up heads 30 times in a role, probably the next flip will be the opposite [tails] as chance and probability have to even their selves out

    • LG

      Actually that’s incorrect :-). Assuming a properly random coin, the next flip after 30 heads in a row is still exactly 50/50.

      The idea of it ‘evening out’ seems to make sense to us, and that is what would happen over an inifinite sequence. But this evening out would only be approximately true for a long sequence. And over a short sequence it’s not true at all. It’s a fascinating ‘illusion’ which mathematicians call the law of small numbers (it’s also know as the gambler’s fallacy).

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