Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Alan


    Just want say how great this site is. Also wanted to point out that one of the key selling points of these so called sytstems like Ken Silver etc is not to choose consecutive numbers so “they” have eliminated these on their systems. Well the fact is that in a 6/49 Lotto there are only 44 consecutive numbers! Do the maths yourself. So these clowns selling these system have eliminated 44 numbers from 14 million? Yippee yah? They will fool naive gullible people who will say that it’s true consecutive numbers have not come up ever anywhere, but what these people are not aware is the facts as per above so your site is great in that it allows this.

  • Peter

    Hi nice site could you please tell me am I reading it correct that this Ken Silver offers a syndicate where you pay him and he chooses the numbers but he never shows you the numbers? I understand he has many people paying and “trusting” him? If true then this should be reported to the police in New Zealand.

    • LG

      Apparently so, or not in advance anyway. But I’ve not played in it, and wouldn’t recommend anyone else does either. You should always know your syndicate numbers in advance – there’s no good reason why not. But as far as I know there’s nothing illegal about it.

  • Ben

    I’m a Tattersalls lottery agent (SW of Sydney), and can say with authority (which attracts a great deal more credibility than an anonymous entry here) that scanning Australia LottoBloc’s own stats, Quick Pick entries account for approx 40% of all entries, but account for less than 15% of all winning entries. The biggest group of winning entries comes from individuals (as distinct from System Entries) follow close by Sydnicates – with about 25% share of the prize pool each. By Tatts own admission, they love to promote when Quick Pick entries win cos they want more people to use them = easier / more money. We sell several forms of in-house syndicates using a popular lotto systems software, and it is rare that one of these groups does not win each week. I have no clue where ‘You’ is getting his data, but it doesn’t jell with my experience. Anyways, just my two cents worth….

  • Jim

    I idiot that I am bought Ken Silvers system and of course won nothing. He is a very good story teller/marketer/psychologist. As I live in the same city as him and I keep reading when he sends emails out how he took his old tickets to the same shop week after week, I decided to call his bluff. I went to every lottery seller (there ain’t many let me tell you) and showed his picture and not one knew him? This is a man that sends fairy tale emails saying he has been going years to the same shop to buy his tickets, yet nobody can recognize him???

  • Lorenzo

    Hey Lottery Guy, I live in Minneasota and want to join a lottery sydicate that is not going to break me monthly – can you advise? Thank you for your hard work to help us win.

  • Peter

    Once again I ask for feedback on the Lottery Circle by Ace Lee.

    Yes I would like to believe – that this is the software that will “level the playing field”, for you to win whatever lotto you play.

    Thanks again for your feedback.

  • Paora

    So pleased to see people being warned about Ken Silver and his worthless systems. Ken thinks you are a winner if you spend $100 to win back $5. lol. The only luck I ever had with Silver’s systems was that I didn’t pay for them – I received a copy of one from someone who couldn’t get his money back as was guaranteed.

    • Wyslee

      Hi Paora,

      “The only luck I ever had with Silver’s systems was that I didn’t pay for them”

      Ha, ha ! I like that. Hey Paora what about Ace Lee’s system? Heard that he is very good, because he has been a retailer and knows all about winning numbers?


  • Jack

    I did the an exercise by taking Ken Silvers numbers and converting them to Stefan van Der Velde’s panels. Again 70% of Ken Silvers numbers come from one panel of Stefans system which is total nonsense and can NEVER happen.

    Winning numbers come from many panels ALWAYS. I do not profess to like Stefans system as I won nothing with it either, but it does conclusively proove that Ken Silver’s system doesn’t work and he’s just a good marketer.

  • Jack

    If all these systems are so useless why do the lottery resellers not have a rule that any lottery winners should not be allowed to sell systems once they win? This at least will get rid of people like Terry Fisher and Richard Lustig. It’s a start?

    • LG

      It would be a good start 🙂

      But the problem is that the lottery companies have an interest in people believing there are systems and ways to beat the lottery, or predict the numbers. Because they sell a lot more tickets that way.

      Of course they never claim results are anything other than totally random – they just don’t publicly denounce all those lottery systems that don’t work either.

      There are laws however about making false or misleading claims. But most system sellers are careful enough to avoid stating anything too specific.

  • HB


    How About Robert Walsh. He seems to say that you can win Pick 3 and Pick 4 with his method. Of course you have to buy his book first.

    • LG

      Already up there HB, two from the bottom at the moment. Well meaning but a waste of time as it’s all based on analysing past results – which as we know tells us nothing about future results.

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