How To Win The Lottery: Tips To Improve Your Chances

FREE! "The 'Forgotten' Lottery Tips To Boost Your Chances Of Winning By Up To 50 Times, Or Even More. Step By Step It'll Change The Way You Play Forever"

  • It's not your fault you haven't hit the jackpot yet!
  • Because the lottery is damn hard to win.
  • Just look at these horrible odds:-
  • EuroMillions is a 1-in-139 Million chance.
  • Powerball is 1-in-292 Million!
  • ...which is almost the entire population of the United States ..!

So that's why I put together my new FREE lottery tips.

It's a series of emails that help you step-by-step to increase your chances of winning the lottery. Real stuff, that works. With none of the hype and nonsense you may have seen elsewhere.

Improve your chances of winning the lottery with my free tips:-

  1. Avoid playing lots of different lotto games - focus your efforts on the right game.
  2. Don't just blindly play the jumbo jackpot lotteries - crazy big jackpots do not give the best odds, and do you really need that much?
  3. Avoid the big fake tips of following these number patterns - highs/lows, odds/evens, sums, ranges, etc, the evidence just isn't there.
  4. And don't be fooled by 'avoiding bad combinations' - you cannot just eliminate consecutive numbers or those with similar digits, they do get drawn.
  5. Don't buy lottery tickets with popular combinations - it will hurt you as you'll end up sharing the prize with lots of other people.
  6. You can double your chances with this one simple trick - a lot of players totally overlook the simple changes they can make and look for 'tricks'.
  7. Learn tactics that work to improve your jackpot odds - and avoid the fakery that doesn't help you.

You'll learn a whole bunch of useful information over the coming weeks. I can't tell you everything in a series of short emails. But I will give you pointers, recommendations and suggestions that if (you apply them) will make a significant difference to your chances of being a winner.

And if you have questions just ask for more guidance - I'm easy to contact and happy to help. Add your email here to get started

P.S. This is proper no-nonsense stuff. I don't care much for 'theories'. If someone can't be bothered to prove or disprove a theory then why would you want to listen to them? So I only teach the stuff that does what it says, and simply works.

There's a good chance you've already learnt some interesting things about playing the lottery. It's really not your fault this hasn't worked in the past. Because unfortunately it's also very likely that what you've been taught is completely wrong. But it gets worse. Some of that bad advice could really be hurting your chances of winning the jackpot, not helping them! Most lottery 'knowledge' shared online is actually wrong.

So let me show you a better way - no smoke and mirrors, no crazy false promises. Let me show you step-by-step the sensible, logical steps you can start using right away to improve your chances to win. Get started now

P.P.S. My tips and tricks have already helped many thousands of lottery players improve their chances of winning the lottery. Please do join us today :-)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you increase your chances of winning the lottery?

Firstly, be very careful who you listen to. There is so much BAD lottery advice about - things like avoiding all odds/all evens - that kind of nonsense. So make a choice to apply things that make logical sense, like these, then you can genuinely improve your chances!

Is there a trick to win the lottery?

No, there really isn't. You can improve your chances (and this is the stuff I talk about), but there is no magic way to beat the system.

What are the most common winning lottery numbers?

People normally ask this because they plan to play a set of the most drawn numbers. Problem is, a lot of other people will be doing exactly the same thing. They take the full history of the game, choose the most common numbers, and play them. If those numbers ever do come up - everyone doing this will share the jackpot. That could be hundreds, or even thousands of people, making for a very disappointing jackpot. So not the best idea :-)

Which lottery is the easiest to win?

The correct answer to this is 'it depends'. Games like Pick 3 are much easier to win once, but the prize is tiny. And nobody (yes, nobody!) makes an income playing Pick 3. So balance and compare all of the factors (ticket price, odds and prize level) before choosing the right game for you.