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I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Tommy

    I see some Lottery Systems selling on e-bay, what do you know about LottoLinks?

  • Sandra Adams

    It was too late for me to get a refund, as I had a family emergency, so I could not request a refund in a timely matter – but yes Black Book is definitely another piece of CRAP.

  • Gene

    Beware of using E Bay if you decide to purchase anything to do with the lottery. Refunds are promised, good luck getting it. They put you on the Yo Yo system until you get tired of chasing your refund. I found Amazon to be more honest. G. J. B.

  • Thomas Cogle

    Whats your opinion on joining a “club” that pools their winnings thus no one is going to win a million! But maybe a few hundred or a thousand or two – the info I got was from “Scoopified” they are a bare bones little black & white magazine that publishes 3-4 times a year, they are not a scam. I have ordered from them before and the results were quite good. Are you aware of any “good” lotto clubs? This one is called Lotto Magic. Thanking you, Thomas Cogle.

    • LG

      There’s nothing wrong with the idea of lottery clubs or ‘syndicates’. Lotto Magic have been around for ages but are really not the best option if the lottery is your main reason for joining (they have a kind of discount club thing going on, but not sure how useful that is?). For straight lottery syndicate play these are better options. Hope that helps.

  • Thomas

    Have you heard of Lottery Winners University, it’s been doing the rounds recently. He says he is now a millionaire and has won the lottery 7 times. I’m wondering if he has something special we don’t know about. Love to hear?

  • Golden Joyner

    Have you ever heard of lotto guy systems,and Winslips?

    • LG

      Both are listed already Golden – if you hit Alt+F on your keyboard when you are on the reviews page you should be able to use your browser to search within that web page 🙂

    • Gene

      I purchased an entire year of Winslips. I used it for about 8 weeks. I never won as much as a bonus ball. I never used it again. You would be no worse off buying 30 Quick Picks for any game you choose. G. J. B.

  • Mark

    Ever hear of “jackpot winner” by Gary Stroughlin.
    Lottery Secrets 6-05 Saddle River Rd. #315- Fair Lawn NJ 07410

    • LG

      It’s just more garbage from the Win-Track bunch. File under recycling 😉

      • Mark

        What is the win-track bunch ?

      • LG

        If you click the link Stan it takes you up to my review which provides more info. ‘Win-Track’ are just a company that sell endless systems for the lottery, horse racing, slots etc – 48 at last count – all of which are ‘the best thing ever’, then they put out another one, and another one…

      • Shane

        Thanks for the info. I just got the jackpot winner lottery system and was interested in this – but not so now, thanks.

  • Mick

    Hi Do you believe it possible to win smaller prizes, more frequently, in 6 and/or 7 number draws, by using past-number analysis and playing them? Or, in your opinion, is it all completely random, with your chances the same regardless of numbers played?

    • LG

      Hi Mick,

      It’s possible for mechanical bias to exist in a draw which could favour certain numbers more than others. So it’s theoretically possible that analysing past results could give an edge. But we’re talking small IF it’s even big enough to overcome other randomising factors. Which is why nobody has ever been able to prove such a bias exists in any draw.

  • Mike2469

    The Lotto Crusher by Everett Thompson is $147.00, not $97.00.

  • TimR

    What I liked in the Lotto Crusher video is that many of the photos of lucky winners were holding scratch-off tickets, which are completely unrelated to his system.

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