Lottery Audit Review

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Lottery Audit is a subscription service for online lottery analysis software. It offers a variety of analysis methods, all via an easy to use web based software.

Lottery Audit review

The analysis methods offered by the Lottery Audit software are varied and include number frequency, winning distributions, lottery sums tracking as well as others.

The lottery results analysis period can be set to whatever you prefer.

You can then build wheels of the selected numbers, according to your preferred win guarantees and budget.

What They Say

  • Lottery Audit is revolutionary software that will change your game forever
  • Used and trusted by 877 people
  • The best lottery analysis software on the market

What I Think

This really isn’t revolutionary software by any means, there isn’t anything new here. Just look at all the lottery systems and software that claim to do exactly the same thing.

There is also no evidence at all that analysing past results has any value in picking lottery winning numbers. That evidence just doesn’t exist. Some analysis can potentially help in tracking bias – but even here there is no proof this has helped anyone win.

If you want to analyse lottery numbers then it’s nice looking software that’s simple to use. But it does stray into areas of analysis that don’t make any sense.

What You Say

I have noticed that the winning numbers seem to come from the last six draws, so the past history analysis would make sense to me.
28/6/11 3:10AM

It is tempting, and not saying I won’t go for it, but it’s my understanding that the lottery is totally random. Therefore, it’s hard to believe that anything can improve your chances of picking the numbers.
28/6/11 4:34PM

Need to get a copy to enhance my chances of winning. A seemingly sound strategy.
26/6/11 12:51AM

I have my own graph based on the most regular numbers to come out this year. Virtually the same as this system. But it needs updating regularly!
28/6/11 5:19AM

In every new drawing every number has the same chance to appear, regardless of previous drawings. Every drawing is unique. What would be more interesting, is to know what numbers other people play. But i have to admit, the software looks cool, but nothing new I think…
28/6/11 4:31AM

Realistic sales pitch but it is still a system and whilst it might increase the odds of winning, so do lottery syndicates. Also it mentions wheeling which is a notion you have dismissed before.
27/6/11 9:41PM

I’ve been using Lottery Audit for45 days now. They gave me a 30 day trial after which I bought a 3 month membership. Still evaluating it. I use it in conjunction with my Gail Howard software and Win Lotto Systems. Have had some good results so far.
27/6/11 8:27PM

LATEST: This site is down and this appears to no longer be available.

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  • Aloke Dutta

    I feel it will not work because, the authorities (who conduct these lotteries) apply some trick. All these lotteries do not seem to be fair, and numbers are not drawn at random. These numbers are fixed by the Lottery authorities, and the balls are magnetised accordingly.

  • Althea Stein

    It’s good to know that people are trying new things to win the lottery. But it’s best to stay with what works for you. Thank you for letting me know what’s new and what’s going on in the world of lottery.

  • Harvey

    Oh…. come on! It’s the same ole, same ole!

    What’s more, a lot of the OFFICIAL Lottery Sites have some of the supposed “exclusive” features.

    Lottery Guy is right: most systems (including this one) are a waste of time and money.

  • Julian Burrows

    The only use it could be is to eliminate all previous winning number sequences. As the chance of the same number sequence winning more than once is less than the chance of a lottery win in the 1st place. However the chance of exactly repeating a previous winning sequence just by picking random numbers has to also be pretty slim. Basically, a lottery, by definition, cannot be won by using a system.

  • Mark

    Thanks for all the great lottery info of many systems.

  • Aleks

    Lottery Pro-Multiplier System from Mike Gobbana must be another bad apple! Received it from Fulfillment Center, Hamilton Publishing PO Box 996, New York, NY 10268 -0996. Return for refund, can’t find an address like that in New York. Lucky it was my first try out, by luck I found Would you know about Mike Gobbana and maybe the address I could return his System? Thank you.

    • LG

      Yup – that one is already on the bad guy list here I’m afraid. Sorry to hear you got caught out by that one though.

      Just return it to the PO Box address – get proof of posting though (ideally signed for delivery). Allow them a reasonable time to process it but if you don’t hear anything just go direct to your card company for a refund.

      Hope that helps.

      • Aleks

        Thanks, I mailed today, certified mail and tracking. I will let you know if I receive any refund.

  • Robert Lofrano

    I have been using the Lottery Audit system for quite a while. My opinion is don’t waste your money. I have not won anything worth mentioning. They have a help desk link that I have yet to hear back from when I used it. As a matter of fact a few days ago I went to log on and the page “does not exist”. And this mind you was a one time fee only that did not have a renewal. The only one who made money was the guy who sold it! Live and learn.

  • Mike is a rip off site, now it does not even exist anymore. After I paid $79.22 for it, and used it for years but did not win anything. I want my money back, better off not buying any system or software at all because they all rip you off.

    • LG

      Yup, most of them are pretty useless – best to read my System Reviews before buying anything (you can find the reviews here).

    • WDR

      Mike, you are correct. This site was a rip off. I did the same thing you did but only used it for a few months, and then the website completely disappeared with no warning and no explanation. I did a web search, but can’t find any information about what happened.

      However, using that site as a guideline, I wrote my own code that basically did some of the same analyses that the site was doing on the Mega Millions lottery, by analyzing past winning numbers, and auto generating my tickets. I have come to the conclusion that the only way to increase odds in this fashion is to exploit any bias that might exist in a machine. It is clear from my analysis that these machines are carefully calibrated by the lottery commissions to generate near random distributions, and thus it is highly unlikely that these systems will increase your odds of winning in any significant way. But at least you’re getting a valid set of numbers to play if you just like picking your own numbers for the fun of it.

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