Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Jim Reeves

    Anyone know about LottoNet as re. advisability of buying their stock?

  • Vic

    Many thanks for your bother and efforts to help the public stay away from scammers.

    Clear simple logic says that if a system is working, no one will sell it, but rather will keep it for himself, and will turn it into a money-box.

    Yet, looks like there are plenty of greedy idiots, sending their cold hard earned cash to the scammers.

    Keep the good job!

  • Mike Callahan

    Hi LG. Found your website while looking for honest websites to play lottery.
    Very good website. Good info. Sign me up for your blog.
    Liked the info on Lottery Looper.

  • Rob

    Hi there. I must have tried every lottery software made which cost me a lot and I have to say they don’t produce the goods. Some are better than others, you get closer but not close enough. There was one lottery program which produced the best results and that was Cracking The Lotto. What you did was put all the numbers in if you want to and it would reduce them down to a few lines. And it was very good with filters I have not seen on other software. Unfortunately the guy who made and sold the software had a locking mechanism on it Fort Knox would be proud of, and if you lost the software off your pc you had to contact him to get a code to unlock it again. Then he must have gone bust as it’s only available in a demo. Not much new software on the go now but Lotto Looper seems the best which I have as well.


    • Clifford

      Rob if you know how to use Lotto Looper please teach the world as over at Lotto Post no one over there knows how to use it. I tried the demo but I can’t figure it out. Thanks

      • LG

        Hey Clifford,

        The manual is actually really good, lots of clear screenshots/instruction etc – it does walk you through step-by-step. And has been updated for the 1.7 version. You do need to read it to get started, but Lottery Looper is then pretty easy to use 🙂

  • Norman Fraley

    Do you have any information on Mike Gobanna’s “Lottery Pro Multiplier system” or Hamilton Publishing? How do I get a refund from them? Any help appreciated.

    • LG

      I would suggest simply send them a registered letter (to the same address you ordered from) requesting a refund. If they offered a guarantee and you are within the time period then simply claim under that. Otherwise state why you want a refund (e.g. product does not do what they claim). Allow a reasonable time for a reply, and if you don’t hear anything file a chargeback with your card company (e.g. goods not as described). Play fair but don’t accept garbage.

      • Paul

        Hamilton Publishing goes by other names as well. BBB has lots of complaints on them. Getting a refund is nearly impossible if you paid other ways besides a credit card. Nothing good comes from Hamilton Publishing.

  • Bill Kolesar

    Hello Guy,
    Have you done a review on systems designed by a guy named Eric Lynch? His web site is
    He sells ebooks for each of the many sytems he is promoting.
    Let me know your opinion if you get time to read his stuff.
    Bill Kolesar

    • LG

      Hey Bill

      It looks like he sells wheeling systems, mainly for Pick 3 and 4 – which I don’t recommend playing at all. The price seems extremely high for these too (~$30 for EACH system – is he friends with Steve Player or something!), and the explanations are pretty poor as to what you are really getting (e.g. are you getting a wheel that requires 800 plays..?). There’s also a couple of Pick 6 wheels with ambiguous guarantees, but for wheeling pick 5 and 6 games, Bluskov’s book is a far better choice. Eric seems a nice guy but I don’t think he should be selling wheeling systems 🙂

  • Jk

    I ordered the Lottery Pro Multiplier System from Hamilton Publishing out of NY NY. It came with a 1 year money back offer. I ordered on 5-18-16, sent it back a week or 2 later and nothing to this day. I paid by debit, it went through on 5-27-16, any way I might get my money back?

    • LG

      Unfortunately as you’ve seen JK those money back guarantees aren’t worth much if they just ignore your request for a refund!

      It’s always appropriate to give the vendor a chance to do the right thing first. But I would now recommend contacting your bank to reverse the transaction (chargeback). You should still be in time for that, but don’t wait because there is a time limit.

  • Norman

    I have Lottery Statistic Analyzer and Lottery Sorcerer. Lottery Sorcerer is fundamentally flawed because it does not allow multiple entries for a given date. For Powerball MUSL conducts four pretests of the machine and ball sets, and then later uses that machine and the two ball, one draw numbers of 1 -69, and on power ball of 1 – 26, to make the draw.

    Lottery Sorcerer will not allow multiple draws on a single date and is therefore unable to calculate any machine bias.

    LSA does allow multiple draws on a date, and when using all the test data since the format change on 10/07/2015 the draws do come close the statistical probabilities of distribution.

  • Joyana

    Can you tell me about Lustig Lottery University, and is it worth the monthly investment. Thanks for your response.

  • Karen

    Do you know anything about Lotto Destroyer by Jared Wilson? It is $147 dollars and apparently you can access the formula online. Another math whiz who studied the formulas of repeat winners. Thanks!

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