Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Bev

    Beat The Lotto only give a refund if you play for a YEAR and don’t win! And it must be the UK Lotto.

  • Beulah Morphew

    I bought a lot of Steve Player’s systems. One, a year’s worth of Cash 4, which won twice in the first few weeks ($400 each) and then though he sent numers to play every week, I never won again the whole year!

  • Guy

    I regularly buy tickets through

    Please advise if that is an official lottery site? Which are official lottery sites that are authorised and approved by the lottery organisations and safe to play?

    • LG

      It’s not an ‘official’ site (as in owned or licensed by any official lottery company) – but they are a perfectly legitimate online seller of lottery tickets. They have agents who buy tickets on your behalf. Only problem is like all online ticket sellers they charge a heck of a lot more than the normal ticket price to cover all those admin costs. So only use them if you need to.

  • Tony Kaye

    I always find your epistles interesting and enjoy studying the various facets of lottery. Although my favourite was the original Thunderball which as you must have noticed has reduced the win chances by a huge percentage. I would be very happy with 1/4 million with odds of 4m but now it’s on a par with the Lotto. Keep up the good work, if I do win with your help I’ll send you a bottle of nice double malt.

  • tom cook

    If I could win the lottery I could buy a couple of books. But if I won I guess I would not need to buy books eh. Can-aid-dians always say eh eh?

  • Pat

    I bought something from Van Michaels and it’s a crock. I was looking for how to play 4 numbers but this booklet of his did not explain it. Even the how to pick 3 numbers wasn’t a winner. Don’t buy anything from him.

  • jim spry

    I did buy the Inverted Lotto System, and didn’t understand how you pick the numbers. And Ken Silver – try to get a hold of that con. At my old employment in canada we had pages of numbers no luck. Where could I find a good syndicate in Ont. Canada. Thank you, Jim.

  • austin godwin

    Thank you very much. I have purchased all the ‘bad guys’ software and books and never won anything. Can you recommend a book or software. Looking for your response.

  • Innes

    Yes do not be fooled by the “lotto guy system” – it just tells you about high and low numbers, odds and evens and what each line you do should add up to. Then just links to other lottery sites like Gail Howards. A google search would have revealed these for free.

    After you buy the “lotto guy system” you are taken to a page you have to log into, you do not even receive any e-book or download.

    And winnings? Zilch, nada, nothing. My friends and I gave it a whirl doing multiple lines. Save your money. Oh well back to the drawing board.


    I have seen dozens of lottery systems, and have spent many hours studying them, or they are too expensive to play. And none of them work. No one can predict what numbers come out in the lottery. Someone has got to win it as every ticket has the same chance before the draw, it is a good gamble for a pound. But it’s all down to luck, good luck and bad luck. It affects everything in life.
    Ron Smith

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