Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Peter

    Hi, wondering if you’ve reviewed the pick6 leak system?


    • LG

      Hi Peter

      Yes, it’s already in the list above. It’s just a bunch of grossly overpriced wheels, with a very large dose of hype attached. It’s not worth your time or money.

      • Peter

        Too late LG, I should’ve waited for a response. I purchased it yesterday and it’s true, just a bunch of wheels. I emailed him back and told him about how deceptive he was. I’ll be asking for my money back.

      • LG

        Ah well – contact me though if you have problems getting a refund.

      • Peter

        It’s been over 48 hours and not even an acknowledgement of my refund request. Looks like I may not see that 79 bucks. So what else can I do other than emailing him. Thanks

      • LG

        Yeah, don’t email them :-). Just follow the refund process at the payment processor (ClickBank).

      • Peter

        Thanks for the link LG. Hope it works. lol

  • Wanda

    Have you heard anything on this system called Lottery Robot?

  • Ronald Smith

    How good is the ‘Smart Lottery Wheel’ system?

  • Jack Penland

    I would truly like to find a reliable Pick 3 system. I understand this to be the easiest to win. Can anyone suggest a system?

  • Jonathan Berggren

    I was just wondering if quick picks were just about the same as picking your own numbers for the lottery? I’ve known a lot of people win with quick picks.

  • Jonathan Berggren

    Hey LG, thank you for that Info. By the way, I am just curious about this one, do you think a lucky coin would help me win on scratch-offs more often?

  • Rick Barnett


    I read all of your bad lottery systems and books page, but was somewhat surprised to see Gail Howard on that page. She has a number of products, and I have two of her wheeling systems.

    She may offer suggestions for numbers to play, but I never listen to anybody who claims that they can win the lottery with one set of numbers. But I can tell you that the wheeling systems have a test drive feature that allows you to test your number combos against the actual past results of the lottery you are dealing with.

    Anybody who says that there are no patterns that repeat is blowing smoke at you. I have studied lottery result numbers for the past two years, and I can tell you that some numbers show up often enough to be able to win jackpots from time to time, and win 2nd, 3rd, and 4th prizes on a regular basis.

    And in defense of Gail’s wheeling systems, I can tell you that I found a group of just 17 numbers that have already won me a number of lower prizes, and if I continue to play them, they will eventually win the main jackpot. I have two spreadsheets that show the results of using various groups of numbers on various lotteries.

    I plan to play as often and with as many tickets as possible, and I promise that I will be a millionaire by next Spring.

    Take a look at all of Gail Howard’s stuff, and you will find some gems among the rocks.

    Rick Barnett

    • LG

      Sorry Rick but I disagree.

      The ‘Gail Howard’ company has gone from selling passable wheeling systems to flogging rehashed garbage advice using highly questionable hype. Just look at the advice in How To Wheel A Fortune for example – lottery combinations adding up to certain sums do not make them more likely to appear, that’s complete nonsense and there’s plenty more of it. But then Gail is just a photo on a website these days and has had nothing to do with the company for a very long time as far as I can tell.

      The wheels themselves are not bad – but there is better available for less money from Bluskov. He’s a genuine expert on wheeling – some of his wheels are actually better optimised (i.e. cheaper to play for the same guarantee) than those from the Gail Howard company.

      Wheeling is useful. But it’s certainly not the golden goose that ‘Gail’ would have you believe, so maybe champion wheeling instead of ‘Gail’ – she didn’t invent wheeling anyway 🙂

      I agree there are patterns in historical results. But I don’t agree that they are so clearly useful for making predictions. It’s perfectly natural and random for numbers to repeat over time, even way out of the average, because that’s what random does sometimes.

      I hope you hit that jackpot by Spring though 🙂

    • Andy

      Hi, Rick Barnett:

      I’m very interested with your Post about GH’s productions.
      Could you let me know how can you get the win by using GH’s wheeling systems which have a test drive feature that allows you to test your number combos against the actual past results of the lottery you are dealing with in detail? Thanks a lots!

      Best regards,

  • Panagiotis

    Hello guys,
    I was looking for the lotto guy system and I was arrived to this website accidentally. I was surprised when I saw a huge list of lotto systems that many of them I already have and it seems I have wasted my money.

    But I do not agree with the Gail Howard’s products, because I have her Advantage Plus software and all of her books – including the Lottery Master Guide. Among of them also I saw Steve Player’s wheels which I have them too. The rest was garbage, but the Gail Howard and Steve Player was the best. With Gail Howard, I won the second prize in my local pick 5 game. It wasn’t so much it was only 125 Euros but I won when I played from the first time. Also I won the second prize of my local lotto here, but the second prize was very small again only 1500 Euros. And both using Gail Howard advantage plus. And I have to say is the best software which exist today, I have the wheel plus 5 and 6, are not the best but not bad. Also Steve Player’s system 10 and 12 are nice.

    I have lotto sorcerer which you are saying is in the mediocre list, but for me was a garbage. I never won anything. I don’t have the Bluskov’s book so I will try it.
    Also from another website I saw very positive review about the lotto guy system which had in official poll 67% of the best system voted. What is your honest opinion about the Lotto Guy?

    I have one book with the name: THE ONLY WAY TO WIN AT LOTTO. Is from Robert Serotic. This is an offline book and printed book not online and is a very nice book with a lots lots of wheeling systems. There is another very nice software with name Lachnos Lotto. It was created by a Greek British guy and his software is very nice, it generates very cheap optimized wheels that guarantees if 5 or 4 numbers are among your selected numbers you will have all those numbers arranged in one line and you will win. It is not a prediction software is a wheeling generation software.

    For my opinion Gail Advantage Plus – Steve Player system 10 and 12 – Robert Serotic’s The only Way to win at Lotto and Lachnos Lotto are the best. I will try the first 2-3-4 you have on your list above, I know about lotto syndicates and pools but you can’t find people who wants to play with you and share the prize with you. The rest of these systems are BS I know.

    • LG

      Wheeling is useful and you’ve clearly bought a lot of wheeling products – but it isn’t a miracle solution. It’s better than ‘not wheeling’ for sure, but it’s been massively over-hyped by the Gail Howard company for years. (And as for their number picking advice, I’ve seen nothing but nonsense from them on this front). It’s all misdirection i.e. “look at how many people have won the jackpot therefore it works”. The reality is look at the 99.9% of people who have bought the systems but never won the jackpot (in 30 years of selling them!). Or to put it another way, if all those people had simply played quick picks how many of them would have won the jackpot anyway..?

      But as I said, wheeling is of some use. But you only need Bluskov’s book for that – which is far cheaper than other options, especially Steve Player’s absurdly overpriced offerings.

      Don’t bother with the ‘lotto guy system’ (it’s in my ‘Bad list’ above). The shill review you saw was one of many written by the guy who sells it, and the poll is a fake that he also created – so there’s nothing official about it at all I’m afraid.

      Good luck in the next draw 🙂

  • Willie Freeman

    What does it mean when you fill out the lottery playslip, and the cashier puts it through the machine and it reads error?

    • LG

      It usually means you filled the playslip in wrong :-). If you didn’t pick enough numbers, or picked too many for example. It could also mean the machine couldn’t read that slip – which can happen if it’s too creased or damaged.

      • Gene

        I’ve also see it happen when I used a black marker instead of pencil on the bet slips. The machine wouldn’t read it. Or if the one or more of the boxes aren’t filled in enough.

      • Panagiots

        Also, you have the winning numbers and the terminal just does not accept it. It was happened to me here. I went to lots of different agencies and my ticket was not accepted for unknown reason and at night I had won and I wasn’t able to do anything or prove anything. I was forced to remove 2 numbers or change them. So I won 4 out of 6. My system had 11 numbers arranged to able to hit 5 out of 6 for 5/5 system but removing 2 numbers (Strange one number needs to be removed) but removing 2 numbers then the ticket was accepted and then you are saying the game is not rigged. I won 30 instead of 1500 and might be the jackpot. If they will accepted those tickets this will be the third time I will be winning something bigger than 30 Euros.

      • LG

        So your ticket was only accepted after you removed 2 numbers..? But that simply sounds like you completed the playslip incorrectly. And you went to “lots of different agencies” where your playslip was not accepted — yet none of those assistants helped you fix the problem, and you simply walked away without even asking or being told what was wrong..? So how did you find out it would work by removing 2 numbers? And who decided which 2 numbers to remove? This story is not making an awful lot of sense I’m afraid.

        But bottom line, if you’re convinced the game is rigged then why even play.

      • Panagiotis

        The ticket was correct and the slip was written correctly. There wasn’t any problem and I asked the agent and was told they just do not accept your number selection for no reason at all.

        The ticket was checked and was correct to different lottery shops and there was the same problem. It had the winning numbers and the lotto house didn’t want to give the money yet they want to make another jackpot. Is just simply they rigged the game. Everything you are saying about I didn’t fill the ticket correctly is false. I know how to fill my tickets and this day I know they rigged the game, they didn’t want to give money yet.

        Here we have only one lotto house, because the country is small and the lotto house is a monopoly so you can’t do anything and no one will ever help you. If the terminal rejects the slip you CAN’T do anything or complain to anyone. PERIOD.

      • LG

        You’re missing my point. Removing just 2 numbers and it then working doesn’t make any sense (unless you were playing a full system entry as some games provide for on the playslip – but you did say you were playing a reduced wheel). So how can removing 2 numbers make the entry work unless there were too many numbers picked to start with? e.g. you picked 7 numbers on a panel instead of 6.

        Also you chose which numbers to remove. Seems strange that the 2 you chose to remove happened to be the winning numbers. This story is full of holes 🙂

        But again, you’re convinced it’s rigged and nothing I say is going to change that belief – so why would you continue to play a game you believe is rigged. Why not simply find a different game online and play that instead.

  • Thomas

    I’m now trying Winslips. Any knowledge of their systems? I’m not having much success. Wonder if it’s worth continuing as I subscribed to a years membership.

    • LG

      Hi Thomas

      I did an in-depth review of this one for my private members group (it is also listed in the reviews above). Sadly there’s simply nothing useful in either the manual or the software. I was hugely disappointed by it, so I’d save your money and not bother renewing 🙂

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