Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • MZ

    Has anyone heard of a lottery system called ‘lottery secrets finally revealed’? It’s supposedly run by a guy who calls himself el lotto king, his videos are on YouTube. His system is also a scam so all you people out there do not buy, it’s BS. I would like to know why his system is not listed here with the other BS systems.

  • Andy


    I’m not sure why I can not find any information about Ion Saliu’s systems here?

    His lottery systems have been online a long time, since 1999 or earlier.

    Would greatly appreciate any comment about Saliu’s systems!

    • LG

      For me Ion’s always sat in the grey area, i.e. not out to get your money, but not producing anything particularly useful either. Clarity and ease of use are not things I’ve ever seen Ion accused of when it comes to his website or software 🙂

      But now I have a Middle Ground section here (recent addition) I think Ion might finally have a home…

  • Thomas

    I’m using system at present for Euromillions lottery – I registered for a year. The usual, very poor results, where do I go from here? Back to quick picks?

    • LG

      Depending on how long ago you paid I’d start with getting a refund.

      Quick picks really aren’t so bad – just make sure you have your basic Strategy in place first (start here) as that makes by far the biggest genuine difference.

  • Sandra Adams

    I have purchased all of this GARBAGE, and asking for a refund is pointless, if they respond at all. Good Luck, and know that you can kiss that money goodbye, as I have long ago…

    • LG

      Not necessarily Sandra. But the key is to go direct to the payment processor/web store for a refund if they don’t respond promptly. Any honest trader will of course reply and most likely issue a refund if you’re not happy – so it’s only fair to give them a chance. But you’re right that the sellers of the worst garbage listed here won’t reply at all.

      There is of course a time limit on requesting a refund, so I recommend politely asking the vendor for a refund first (tell them why, nicely of course). If you don’t get a reply within a few days, then go to whoever you paid through (be that Paypal – raise a ‘payment dispute’, Clickbank or as a last resort your credit card company).

      Simply changing your mind, or not winning the jackpot the very next day are not sufficient reasons for a refund of course, but if a product does not do what they said it does then you don’t have to accept that 🙂

  • Ray McGrath

    Hi, I have just read all your reviews on lotto software, and for the most part, I would agree that most lotto software is a waste of money. “But”, even if all lottos are random, then why do most lotteries come up with generally the same statistics. Is it possible, even with randomness, eventually patterns will emerge, over a period of time, i.e. if I picked all even or all odd numbers, my chances of winning are limited, therefore if I picked 3 even and 3 odd, my chances increase, on historical data, so, maybe filters give you an advantage, even if it is a small one.

    • LG

      Hi Ray,

      Bear in mind games tend to take very similar formats, so they mostly use the same numbers, i.e. roll any dice enough times and you’re going to see a bunch of each number come up.

      The problem with any historical pattern is how do you know if they mean anything in terms of determining what comes next? Number patterns alone are definitely of no use either way – just because a combination is all sequential numbers, all odd or all even, that in itself makes absolutely no difference at all to the chance of it being drawn. Remember, these are just balls bouncing around a drum, not really numbers. All combinations are unlikely 🙂

      It is however theoretically possible for ‘bias’ to favour certain balls being drawn more often than others. Just bear in mind that there are also many other random (and varying) factors that could easily outweigh any bias, making a draw random enough to be unpredictable. Bias is the only valid reason that filtering could be helping.

      • BobP

        The population size of gross filter patterns such as all odd or all even versus three odd three even determine how often we can expect a combination type to be drawn. Because the population of all odd or all even is smaller around one percent it will come up roughly one in a hundred draws, in that draw your all odd or all even combination will have a better chance due to the small population size, but you have to wait out a hundred draws for it.

        Even though the all odd or all even draw could appear in any draw, we know it’s going to average one in a hundred. If you don’t want to lose 99 draws out of 100 before the balls are drawn, select combinations from larger populations where we in turn have a smaller chance of picking the correct one. It’s all relative. We have to make choices, the better is to have a chance to win in the most draws possible and the courage to change strategy when a long shot exceeds expectation.

      • LG

        Total nonsense Bob 🙂

        Who cares if you match the ‘pattern’ of the numbers drawn – you don’t win anything for that. You only win for matching the exact numbers drawn – everything else is just as wrong whether it followed the same pattern or not.

      • BobP

        Wish I could say pattern matching could guarantee a win, but I can’t. It is simply my opinion being closer is better in the long run. Think in terms of wanting to catch a big league fly ball. Watch where the fly balls go more often then not and go sit in that section. No guarantee you’ll ever catch one of those balls, but you will have been closer to it then sitting anywhere else. Maybe it’s nonsense, I say you have to make choices and the choices you make determine whether you win or lose, so make them and take your chances, better then making no choices what-so-ever going nowhere fast.

  • CJ Burrow

    Winslips – don’t buy this. It’s a silly scheme, yes, this so called system is just a number generator you can find online anywhere, they just fill a playslip, that you find in your home state. Here’s the deal, I bought the program online, read the over the top instructions, ran the program, all you have to do is hit a button called ‘invert’ and your home state playslip numbers will have up to 12 missing blocks in a panel. There are 6 panels for every time you push ‘invert’… AND IT DOESN’T WORK. I invert the program a dozen times, I use my print screen button on my computer (because it wo’nt let you highlight + copy + paste) to record all of the invert series. I have chosen out of nearly 72 panels and only seen 2 numbers, if not 1 number right. This is a BS system/program. I contacted their customer service – my question was “how many times do you need to convert or recommend the adjustment of the columns & rows”, they reply back to me and said “just read the online instructions”… really! Wow, how hard is it to push an ‘invert’ button. Once again another scam.

    • Thomas

      I’m using the system with very poor results. Having read your comments, I think I’ll just dump it and revert to quick picks. I have had some winnings with QPs but nothing major YET.

  • Fred

    What about Lottery Looper & Lotto Logic, have you ever heard about them?

  • Ramon Davila

    What do you consider a foot print I need to know please.

  • Jeff

    Well to be honest Gails system works. I tried it myself and the first time won me some change, but not what I actually wanted – this is just the free wheeling system online. I don’t have the book yet, but her ideas are hmm not bad. I believe with a wheeling system and a proper number selection one could hit the jackpot, cos I not only won a 4th place prize but always hit some little wins too. But truth is that it’s taking more money with the wheels. Now I’m on the lotto black book, I guess I give it a try. And listen guys your perception plays a vital role in your winning, if your mindset is in doubt even with the right system you won’t hit the jackpot. Luck has some role here based upon your belief, a friend of mine used one of the so called system you condemn up there and won 1.5m, because he believed he would win. It’s all in the mindset. What you don’t believe in doesn’t work for you.

    • LG

      Hi Jeff

      Thanks for the comment. But it strongly depends on what you mean by ‘it works’. If you used any system once and won, that doesn’t prove anything. It’s simply not enough data to make any useful conclusion. People buy quick picks and win all the time – there’s even been a couple of fairly recent cases of players winning the jackpot the very first time they every bought a ticket. If you look at that data in isolation you would conlude that ‘everybody wins on the first time they play’ – which is clearly not the case.

      The Gail Howard company have sold enormous volumes of books/software over a 30 year period – but 99.9% of those people have not won. That’s the reality – so do they really ‘work’..? 🙂

      Similarly with your friend that won 1.5M – it wasn’t the junk system that ‘worked’, it was the fact they bought a ticket (remember those people who won on the very first time they played?). Even the worst system in the world can’t STOP you winning – unless it advises you not to buy any tickets! Just like the Gail Howard company selling bad advice – if enough people buy it and play tickets, eventually some of them will win anyway. Despite the book rather than because of it.

      And whilst I do support having the right mindset, it’s not the mindset itself that makes you win. This is the modern misselling of the law of attraction (don’t get me started on that one 😉 ). Yes, visualising and believing in something can definitely help you achieve it. But just visualising a new Ferrari will never make the keys just drop into your hand. It can however help clarify and motivate you into taking the actions that make that happen. But it’s the taking action that achieves it. You can dream all you want about winning a jackpot, but if you don’t have a ticket, it’s not going to happen 🙂

    • Jack

      Jeff, your idea may have some validity, but to me, a system that works, just works. You may not believe in electricity, but the light comes on almost every time you flip the switch.

  • Eddie

    No lottery systems can change your odds but wheeling systems do maximize your chances of winning with those odds. Imagine a lotto where you choose 5 numbers out of 25. Each ticket costs $5. If you buy 5 quick picks or 5 tickets 1-5, 6-10, 11-15, 16-20 and 21-25 the total odds of winning are the same but covering all the numbers means you will have all the winning numbers.

    • LG

      Hi Eddie,

      You’re right, in a sense, but that’s not really a good use of wheeling :-). You need to use a wheel with an appropriate minimum win guarantee, as there’s not much use matching all the numbers but split so far across your tickets that you don’t actually win anything. Have a look at Win Lotto Systems here.

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