Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Kabelo Ishmael Moeng

    I’ve purchased some of this lottery software, but all are not working and some are too complicated to explain. I only need a real system that can optimize lottery numbers i.e 10 – 15 numbers then if one uses a good system with full wheel it can hit a jackpot. I am presently using LOTTO EXTREME, LOTTO ROCKET and LOTTO HAT but my problem lies on numbers unless there is a syndicate.

    • LG

      Hi Kanelo

      The problem is that nobody has ever been able to prove they can optimize numbers in the way you want, i.e. that are more likely to win.

      Lots of people claim they can, and indeed, you’ve bought software from some of those people. And discovered that it doesn’t work.

      That’s the luck part of the lottery, and no software is ever going to beat the system – no matter what the seller says…

  • Steven

    I was thinking of buying the Win Lotto System that you recommend. Will it work on Windows 7?

  • Andy

    Hi, LG:

    Your site is great, I like it!
    Yes, you’re right, the GH’s Advantage Plus is a real garbage since it just makes some statistics for Jackpot games only, instead of predicting any winning numbers by using the software. I have used GH’s Advantage Plus for more than 15 years but nothing!

  • Bobby

    Hey Lottery Guy,

    Have you ever heard from anyone about this guy ‘Steve Player’? I have a funny feeling about this expensive software that it is unjust and unproven that anyone has ever won anything. Let me know.

    • LG

      Hey Bobby

      Already on the list :-). But you’re right, they’re either very expensive wheeling systems, or predictions. If you want wheels get Bluskov’s book for a heck of a lot less money. And as for the predictions, well, if you give enough different predictions to enough people then somebody is going to win something… just like if enough people buy quick picks…

      • Steve West

        Hi Lottery Guy,

        Well written about these system sellers… Mike Bennet got me sucked in through a guy called Brad Miller unless they are the same. The whole software package looked good but it was faulty on some of the cold numbers, it just didnt load cold numbers. Anyway I emailed the support centre and they agreed to help, but they never did. I emailed them for 8 weeks hoping they would get back to me, and they did but always kept asking the same question. I told them in the past dozen emails what was wrong, and still they never helped. They just kept replying by asking me how could they help me?! A big load of bs…

        By the way, the rest of the software worked, however I never made any more money than I did in getting shop picked lotto tickets..! Mikes Bennets system is bs.

    • Larry

      Hi Lottery Guy. In response to Bobby. As far as Steve Player’s lottery systems are concerned. If you stand behind a horse long enough at a distance you’ll see first hand what his systems are. You won’t get it straight from the horse’s mouth, you’ll get it from it’s rear. All the wheeling systems and scenarios that you want are at There’s no need to spend money on anyone else’s systems or gimmicks. Have a great day.

    • T $

      I purchased Steve Players Red list book ($295.00) hit 11 drawings in a row 9 straight by playing 8 numbers, but then the system DIED in NY… something tells me it was the NY lottery that stopped it from working!

      • LG

        If it ‘worked’ for a while then didn’t work anymore, isn’t it more likely to just be down to pure luck..?

      • Larry

        In response to ‘T $’ and Steve Player systems. It was just a fluke and a sequence of luck. There is no system that will reduce the amount of combinations in whatever game you’re playing. Don’t begin ordering Steve Player Systems as if there’s no tomorrow. They’re ridiculously priced different variations of wheeling systems. Trust, but always verify.

      • Val

        I purchased this about 10 years ago and it was a pile of &^(& !! But I only spent $100.00. Consider yourself LUCKY that you won anything, as I never did!

  • Bobby

    Hey have you or anyone else ever tried or played with this system by McCracken Software called The Lottery Picker 9? Give me your feedback. They are way over-priced, and I tried it and never hit anything back in 2006 – 2008.

    My system crashed and when I requested to redownload they wanted me to pay again. Now they have it where you are with it for life once you buy it. But, I still don’t hear about anyone finally winning anything with this sytem to date.

    • Rosie Guerrero

      Hi there,

      Sounds like you are being held hostage literally. Too bad you cannot get out of this contract. They must need the money. If it did not work back then, it probably will not work for you now. I’m sorry we always have to learn the hard way. I did the same thing. A few years ago, I signed up for Ken Silvers Lottery System. Was not happy with it so I cancelled my subscription. Then about a month ago, I signed up again. The problem was that they never gave me a password to sign in to the members site at all after I paid. So, I cancelled it again and vow never to sign up for that crummy website. Do you have a Better Business Bureau? If I were you, I would report them and their website if they have one. Thanks for the warning.

    • James

      Simply change your account or cancel it. That’s the best way to get out of the contract

  • Rosie Guerrero

    I used about 4 of these systems. Ken Silver, after I paid for his Lottery System, I couldn’t even sign into his wonderful website for members. And I was never given a password. Winslips, Steve Player is so over priced. I have tried Gail Howards Lottery Wheels. Too many to choose from and so confusing. Win-Track is also over priced to even get on their system. I am glad I never sent or paid for these systems. Paul Connor is a flat out ****. And stay away from Ace Lee’s Lottery Formula 1 Lotto System. It never worked for me period. After 3 months of trying I never got any winning numbers period. Honest people online and all we get for our money is a bunch of baloney from dishonest people who happen to be really good liars. Thanks for the info, I only wish I had read it sooner.

  • Saquib

    Just fyi as with many things these days I was skeptical even with reading your good & bad reviews, but I bit the bullet and bought Win Lotto Systems since it was on your ‘good review’ list. After just 2 days of playing his system, I’ve won $515! That’s never happened before, so no complaints on my end… thanks for the advice!

    • Bobby

      Hey Saquib,

      Did you really hit something honestly? 47 dollars ia a lot for a guy that don’t have job right now. Gail Howard’s system has gotten me nowhere at all and have never hit nothing at all after 6 years. I play my US state cash 5 game with 1 – 39 numbers, no powerball number in this game, just 5 white balls. I know the odds are 1 in 575,000,757. to win. If this guys system is for real and you really hit reply back.

      • Saquib

        Hi Bobby. Yes, honestly I’ve won $515 so far plus a smattering of free replays. Now mind you, Will’s system is designed to hit the smaller prizes over a longer, more consistent period of time. He admits himself he hasn’t hit ‘the big one’ yet, but he’s been consistently winning the smaller prizes on a regular basis. This really is my first week of trying it out, so we’ll see how consistent it is. I’ve heard nothing but bad about Gail Howard’s system.

  • Nemes Norbert

    Hi, what about Richard Lustig’s book? Is it OK to buy?

  • Larry

    In reply to Shannon Beach. There is no lottery system that will guarantee you anything. If there is such a system, no one in their right mind would make it available. The only system that will guarantee a win is the system where you must play every possible combination in the game that you are playing. You’ll quickly discover that by doing so it simply isn’t profitable. In the words of Steve Player “if it wasn’t true i legally wouldn’t be able to print it”. It’s a phrase that he uses quite often to attempt to sell you his expensive and ineffective systems.

  • Andrew

    Q 1. Does anyone have familiarity with ‘ Dr. Z’s 6/49 lotto guidebook(1986).

    Q 2. Hospital Lotteries can seem enticing. However the manual drawing method of entries from a clear plastic rotated barrel, then picked by whomevers arm length/hand, makes me wonder if an equitable chance/randomness is truly afforded. Would welcome any feedback on this.

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