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I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Fred

    Have you heard of the ‘Wheel Of Nortia’?

  • Andrez03

    I bought the Smart Luck book in 1988. For approx 3 years, I’ve studied the book meticulously and used it for my state’s 6/49 lotto game. Exactly ONE time, I scored a 4/6 match for a win of $80. Again, that’s in a period of 3 YEARS. I’ve only trashed one book in my life (others I’ve donated to a charity organisation). The book “Lotto – How To Wheel A Fortune”. That Goddam Gail Howard Bullshit was clearly going NOWHERE !! Every time I think back on my vast quantities of wasted time and $$$, I get hot under the collar. How Smart Luck remains in business to the day truly amazes me! 🙁

    • Rosie Guerrero

      Oh, I wouldn’t have waited so long. Next time you think about wasting your money. Please have Lottery Guy review the system and you will know that most of these so-called system do not even work. Steve Player is another guy I would stay away from. There’s a lot of hype and his systems are way over priced. I found that there are several free YouTube videos with different versions and systems playing the lottery. You can actually play them for free. Good luck! I am not an expert, but just making a suggestion

      • Romulo Patricio

        Yes, you are right about Steve Players systems, they are very expensive. However, I happened to buy a couple of his systems while I was in California years back. It was a Pick 3 system and I won a few times, straight and boxed.

      • LG

        And IF you had only played ‘a few times’ too that would be awesome. But you didn’t :-). Do you know the actual figures for how much you spent versus how much you won? How much did you pay Steve? Are you still using that system now… or did it ‘seem to stop working after a while’..?

        Pick 3 system sellers rely on the easy odds to be able to convince people that what they say is ‘working’. But is it really any better than random luck..?

  • Jack Penland

    One thing I have noticed is that on Pick 3, no matter what system you use, it is impossible to predict doubles or triples. Doubles, (2 numbers the same,) occur about 30% of the time on average. I have won numerous Pick 3 drawings, and I usually play right after a double has been drawn because they almost never occur twice in a row. About 3/4 of the time, one of the numbers in the drawing will appear in the next drawing. Maybe I’m just a good guesser otherwise, but I always play the 50 cent box, and I win a lot, even if it’s only fifteen or twenty bucks a week.

    • LG

      And this is the huge problem with Pick 3 – because the odds are so good it’s easy to fool yourself into thinking you’re on to something. That’s why the lottery companies love this game so much.

      But are you really winning every week? You may win a lot but you lose a lot too, right? And it’s human nature to remember the wins and tend to forget the losing days.

      My recommendation – ditch Pick 3 for a better game – the lottery company won’t thank me for it, but one day you might 😉

  • Romulo Patricio

    Hi, LG, I just would like to thank you for recommending LOTTOmania and WinLottosystem. I have used LOTTOmania a couple of times using Wheel Generator (Note: you just choose how many numbers to use by clicking a drop down menu and the system gives you the most-frequently drawn numbers). I could hardly believe I won 1 x 4-number prize and 6 x 3-number prizes. I just puchased WinLottoSystems and will try it later to play Philippine Lotto 6/42. Thanks again.

  • Ron S.

    What do you think about Fortune-Grabber?

  • Goldenjoynerjr

    What about lottery looper is it a good lottery system?

  • Herbin

    Hi LG,

    I understand that this blog was written around 7 years ago. I can see that the Magayo Lotto was included in the Bad list of software. Magayo Lotto software was updated over time and they have their latest version this year. On their website, also posted those who won the lottery by using the software.

    I am interested in Magayo Lotto because I can use the software to analyze possible winning combination for Philippine lotto.
    Are you able to recommend me to try Magayo Lotto 2017 version? Or do you have any other system to recommend for me use in playing Philippine lottery. Thanks in advance.

    • LG

      The page was started about 7 years ago, but it’s been updated many times ever since.

      I still don’t recommend the Magayo software though – because it’s still based on analysis that makes no sense (‘a sum filter to filter out both ends of the bell curve’ = total nonsense). And please be very wary of anyone posting winning tickets as proof of results – unless they show data for the losing tickets too it doesn’t mean anything. Consider – if those people had just bought random picks instead would they have done any worse..? So it doesn’t prove that the software does anything useful 🙂

  • Andrez03

    Recent news: a month or 2 ago, a hospital worker in Boston MA won half a billion $$ in the USA Powerball by playing nothing but ‘birthday numbers’ lower than 30 (ignoring ALL powerball numbers higher than 30)… if ONLY she had listened to Gail Howard and utilised the ‘numeric value bell curve’. Thus spreading out her numbers evenly… she would have won SQUAT instead of half a billion $$! Sarcasm on my part, of course.

    😉 I’m sorry, but I’m PISSED! I was taken in by the Gail Howard bullshit in 1988 and regret it very deeply to this day! Junk systems oughta be outlawed!

  • Stanley

    What are your comments about the syndicate “Love my Lotto” based in Stratford, England. They charge from £10 per month to join, depending on syndicate, mostly with entries in Euromilliions and UK Lotto. Can you advise?

  • David

    Have you heard of “Lottery Defeated” a software system by Ken Leffler. He charges $197. He has a Las Vegas address and phone number and customer support and 60 day guarantee. He claims you can make $20,000 per month. I wonder if it is another scam or for real? Thanks for your help.
    David L. Berkemeier

    • LG

      Looks like ‘Lotto Crusher’ has another new name :-). It’s the same “Convenience Store Owner Threatens Man At Gunpoint” headline. The story is made up of course, and includes lots of ‘borrowed’ photographs. For example, the screenshot of Ken’s bank account actually says ‘Amanda Lewis’..! And the transactions on it are dated 2006, when the winnings checks ‘Ken’ is supposedly holding are dated 2012. The quality of photoshopping has improved, but that’s not the real face that goes with those winners checks…

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