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I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Nancy

    I have tried some of the bad lotto systems that you have mentioned and I have never won anything from them, so I lost my hard earned money. I think why these people get away with it is that they offer a money back guarantee with their systems, so if you are smart enough you return them and get your money back.

  • Arthur

    I arthur johnson ordered a robot software on november 14, 2012 & I have not received yet. I would like to know when i be receiving it?

    • LG

      Sorry, but no idea Arthur. What’s “a robot software”, and where did you order it from?

      If you’re not sure, give us some more details, e.g. product or company name, and we may be able to help track it down for you.



    • LG

      And that’s the classic silly argument most junk system sellers use too. It’s meaningless. Sadly I’m not sure if you really know that, or genuinely believe what you’re saying!

      If I get struck by lightning does that make me an expert on how to get struck by lightning, or just plain (un)lucky..?! Or is it understanding weather patterns and electricity that actually makes the expert…

      We could just as easily say, how many thousands of people have bought your book and not won a ‘grand prize’? Or, why was a quick pick one of the two winners of the massive Powerball jackpot last week? Why didn’t you win it? Or, why haven’t you won dozens of times instead of just seven?

      P.S. Your caps lock appears to be stuck.

      • pystol

        “P.S. Your caps lock appears to be stuck.”

        Yeah! Go spend some of your lotto winnings on a new keyboard.

  • Joe Sinclair

    Looks to me like you bash everyone else just to promote your own products. I used many of the products that you reviewed and won many times.

    Besides, I think people can judge for themselves especially when they buy where is a money back guarantee.

    • LG

      Hmmm, thoroughly convincing argument there Joe…

      How many of those few ‘Good’ products are actually mine..? Oh er, NONE.

      If those junk products work why did you need to use ‘many’ of them..? That doesn’t really make sense. But I guess you must be very rich anyway now having ‘won many times’. I’d be happy to examine all the proof you have to back-up your statements. You can send that to me privately in confidence, and I’ll be more than happy report to everyone here.

      Money back guarantees don’t prove anything though. As I’m sure you know very well, the sellers work on the basis that most people will either forget and miss the dealine, or that they just can’t be bothered jumping through all the hoops to get their money back.

      P.S. Which of the products I ‘bash’ (aka ‘provide a rare honest honest review of’) is yours?

  • James Richards

    I am in complete agreement with Joe… I have followed the postings of the Lottery Guy with interest for some time now…

    […Yadda, yadda, etc, etc, unwarranted accusations and fluff removed…]

    • LG

      (Sigh, another junk ‘supporter’ posting comments using fake details…)

      As I’ve said before I stand by every review on this page, ‘James’, and have yet to see any author, publisher, promoter or fan of any of these junk products provide any evidence to counter anything I’ve said. Feel free to send me some actual evidence, then I’ll be thrilled to eat my words and tell the world about your great system.

  • R. Barclay

    And I was just about to spend some $$$ on one of those systems 😉

    The Gail system looked attractive to me the first time I looked at it, but what kept me from buying was some deep-seated discomfort. Then I happened on this page and got convinced by the 99.9% argument. Precisely.

    • Ebo

      I bought the Gail “Smart Luck” system years ago but never won a farthing (or is it a Dime)?
      It was not cheap too. Very Expensive and Impressive S**T!!!
      I won’t advise anybody to throw hard earned cash in that direction!

  • Larry

    Hi Lottery Guy. In reference to recent comments I’ve read on Lottery concerning lottery systems that were purchased by lottery players. I offer this comment. As long as there are people who believe that what comes out of a horse’s rear is weighed by the troy ounce similar to how gold is weighed before its value is determined, the lottery systems sellers will do well. After all you have to consider the old saying “if you advertise horse shi* long enough you’ll sell it.” Thanks for keeping us informed Lottery Guy. Hope you continue to do so.

  • Larry

    hi Lottery Guy. Hope I’m not making you laugh too much. It hurts to laugh now a days. It has come to my attention that many lottery players out there in lottery land are unable to sleep at night wondering what the secret is about Steve Player’s Ultra Win 3 System . A system that claims that it can make you a millionaire in a few days, yes a millionaire using a pick 3 system. All you have to do is pick 2 numbers right out of the 3 drawn. Well my friends I’m about to let the secret out so you’ll be able to go back to sleep at night and get a good night’s rest. First i’ll get what isn’t a secret out of the way. The system cost $ 495.00 plus $ 15.00 rush shipping for those of you who just can’t wait to become a millionaire. The system cost $ 54.00 per day to play and all you have to do is pick 2 numbers right in the pick 3 game for a few days and you are a millionaire, what could be easier. Now here’s the secret that only Steve Player claims to have discovered and only he knows after years and years of research using rooms full of computers…………. After you grow tired of attempting to pick 2 numbers right and spending $ 54.00 a day. You’ll come to realize that the only thing that has been picked right and clean is you by Steve Player and the lottery department……… Now you know the secret. And now that you know the secret, you can go back to sleep and dream of becoming a millionaire all over again. The more attempts that are made to fool yourself, the more of a fool you’ll become.

    • LG

      You always make me laugh Larry 🙂

      Ah, good old Steve Player – as Larry says, if anyone feels in the need of a laugh, read Steve Players marketing materials…

      • Tom

        In regards to Steve Players’s Ultra-Win System, I just received an offer to purchase it for ‘only’ $295.00 because I’m such a good friend (ha, ha). He claims to release these systems for free in the beginning to his (close) friends to test out. Is there anyone out there who can justify this investment..?

      • LG

        I doubt it Tom 🙂

        Maybe you need to be a better friend to Steve, then you’ll get it for free 🙂

  • William Sumner

    I’ve bought lottery systems of all kinds and none worked. I had the “Lotto Buster System” – their second upgrade was great, I was hitting the cash three in FLA three and four times a week, and the play four two to four times a week.

    But when they did the third upgrade it wouldn’t even get two numbers. When I contacted them to see if that certain program could be sent to me, they had shut down. And that is the only one that made money.

    • LG

      Hey William

      We all feel your pain :-).

      Problem is where a ‘system’ seems to work, then doesn’t, that’s really just luck rearing it’s friendly little head.

      After all, if something doesn’t consistently work how can they ever claim it worked in the first place, in order to be able to ethically sell it..?

      I’ve never seen anyone prove they can reliably predict numbers. Not even a little bit 🙂

    • Robert Shaw

      Sorry to hear your problem and as Upgrades are meant to be better it should have done but my point is why not use the Version that you were winning with by going back to that version

  • Rick Martin

    Hi, I enjoy your discussions. I fall somewhere in between the hypers selling “junk” and the believers.

    I am a loyal player of the NY lottery, and am often asked when checking my lottery tickets “Well, did you win?”. My answer may help those frustrated buyers of lottery software books and systems. I usually say “You’re not supposed to win, but one day you check your tickets and you might be a winner.” So I think patience is required for anyone who wants to win.

    I equate winning the lottery to being a PGA Tour champion like Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson – it’s incredibly difficult to win, but some people work hard and put in the time and have success.

    • LG

      Hey Rick,

      Thanks for stopping by and joining us 🙂

      Patience is definitely useful skill for all 🙂

      But the key is to remember this is supposed to be entertainment. If you didn’t win, it doesn’t really mean that you ‘lost’ either. You still had the fun of playing! And it’s actually pretty good value entertainment in my opinion.

      [This is what frustrates me about the ‘tax on the stupid‘ crowd – if you rent a bad movie, is that a tax on the stupid..??]

      Lotteries are indeed very difficult to win, but I can’t agree about them being like golf I’m afraid, they’re far more exciting than golf ;-).

      More seriously…

      Thing is, golf is undeniably a game of skill. But trying to predict something that’s been designed to be random (or ‘random enough so as to be unpredictable’), that’s where our paths divide. I know there’s fun in trying, but how do you know hard work from random luck..?

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