Lottery System Reviews

I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Mark

    The lotto crusher is another system that cannot deliver any results far as winning any jackpot. I know a few friends who purchased that system and found out that it was worthless.

  • Lozza

    What are your thoughts on

  • JG

    There’s a new system being sold online. It’s called Lottery Defeated software by a guy named Lloyd Greenfield and he’s asking $197.00! To me it just looks like the same garbage as Lotto Destroyer.

    Have you seen or reviewed this one?

  • Willie J Freeman Jr.

    Why is there always a computer glitch in the system when it comes to the Powerball, it has been 2 times since this has happened what is going on.

    • LG

      I believe they just said it was a “technical problem”, not a computer glitch. So it could have been anything. But if it’s really only 2 times in the 26 years the game has been running I think that’s pretty good going 🙂

  • Marion Innocent

    I can’t believe that I have so many of the “lotto junk” books. My last endeavor was “Auto Loan Processor” by Richard Lustig. It’s a real NOTHING! Another one is Steve Player. He sends me “Pick 3” methods costing about $300 each. More NOTHING.

  • Kay

    On 09/26/18, I received in the mail a 10-page advertising brochure to buy The “Fortune-Grabber,” by Doug Tilfore at WIN-TRACK from Success Publishers, LLC. The book costs $100, and the book plus software costs $152. They claim you will: “Win at least $1,000,000 in the next 60 days.” They offer a 60-day money back guarantee. Has anyone won $1 Million in 60 days with this book? Are they honest about the money back guarantee? Is this legitimate? What do you think? Thank you.

  • D Johnson

    Here’s a new one that has popped up – Kacy lottery picks. Comes out of Texas under a different name. Tried their sample “guide” formula — and it was a complete failure.

  • Richard Humphrey

    It’s funny all these bad systems they claim to be the best… but at the bottom of the page they have a little disclaimer – have to get my reading glasses. One even said some testimonies have been fabricated… LOL.

  • Don

    What do you think about the “Money Cruncher Lottery System”?

    Sells for $55 and guarantees you win $10000 in 90 days or your money refunded. No credit cards just check or money order!

    • LG

      Is this from Hamilton Publishing by any chance?

      This type of guarantee is usually worthless in my experience. They either require you to jump through so many hoops that nobody would ever bother (e.g. you must play ‘x’ tickets for ‘y’ weeks, and if you don’t win then mail us copies of everything and we might refund you) — or they just completely ignore refund requests (no credit cards means no ability to do a chargeback…).

    • Patrick

      Yep… Hamilton Publishing. Check or Money order. $55.

      • Melora Douglas

        Can you let me know when I will receive my refund, I sent 55 dollars for Money Cruncher. I return to you 3 weeks now, I need my refund.

      • LG

        You need to contact Hamilton Publishing who sell it Melora – it’s nothing to do with me. But judging by the complaints they get it looks like they don’t honour that promised guarantee.

  • Jessica Brown

    I stopped buying Steve Player Systems – he comes up with new systems for the pick 3 and 4 games every few weeks, stating how much money he supposedly won and his systems are so expensive. He just came out with another one where he will send you 12 numbers to play straight and he wants $999 for it! No way I am going to pay that – and he does not give refunds.

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