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I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Judex

    I have a personal system that won 3 or 4 good numbers out of 40 every week. After a few weeks, my system failed as I was approaching to hit 5 or 6 out of 40.

    I would like to throw some small pieces of magnets to the 40 balls and make sure nothing is magnetized! With modern technology a lot of factors on drawing balls could be under control!

    Cheers from Mauritius.


      Or to look at it another way, your initial results were just random luck 🙂

      In theory it would be technologically possible to fix any lottery draw, but there are lots of controls and audits in place to ensure draws are fair. And of course the lottery companies don’t need to do anything other than run a totally random draw – they still make plenty of profit regardless of whether anyone wins.

      • Judex

        I first thought it was random luck when I won 3 or 4 draws during many weeks in a row. Then my system failed. After some months, I tried again with new numbers, and I again won 3 or 4 good numbers during many weeks in a row. Again, my system failed when I was approaching to hit 5 or 6 good numbers. This already happened 5 times in 2 years. So, I honestly thing that my system was good, but it always failed after many weeks success in a row. The coincidence is questionable!!!

        I keep all the weekly results on an Excel file. There are not many patterns to win, but there are some choices that help to approach many winnings and eventually and hopefully the jackpot. My question is in 5 times, when I was approaching to hit 5 or 6 good numbers, I even stopped winning the 3 or 4 good numbers. This repeated in 5 times and really raised some suspicion.

        In the US there are surely many controls, but are the controls as good in the other parts of the world? Somebody always wins every 2 or 3 weeks, and the probability here again is questionable!!!


        It’s not really a coincidence if it works and then doesn’t – that’s just random luck. You’re probably overanalysing things – combining lottery results with Excel has a tendency to make people do that :-). I feel the infrequency illusion coming on…

        The controls may be less strict in some countries, but no lottery company needs to do anything other than run a totally random draw to make plenty of money.

        How often the jackpot is won depends on the odds of the draw and how many tickets are sold. Some lottery games are designed to be particularly hard to win so they rollover more (and attract more ticket sales), and others are designed to create a more regular big winners.

  • Ben

    Hey Lottery Guy:

    Do You have any Good, Good, strategies on how to play the pick 4 lotto?


      Hey Ben.

      No, I only have good strategies, not good, good ones 😉

      First, I’d actually question why you’re playing Pick 4? Is that Pick 4 jackpot big enough to change your life if you won it..?

      If not, you really need to choose a better game to play, or you might as well be tipping your money into a slot machine.

  • judex


    In Mauritius, they pay on the following :

    1. Jackpot 6 good numbers.
    2. also on 5 good numbers.
    3. also on 4 good numbers.
    4. also on 3 good numbers.

    How is it done elsewhere ?

    Cheers !

  • Julie


    Can you tell me if the “win lotto system” by Mark Collard can be used on the lotteries in the UK?



      Hey Julie

      Yes, it can be used for pretty much all lottery games, including those in the UK.

      But I’d suggest reading my more detailed review of Win Lotto Systems before you take the plunge.

      • Julie

        Hi Lottery-Guy

        Thank you I will do. Do you know anything about the Lotto Guy System. I have read some good reviews?


        The ‘Lotto Guy System’ is on my bad system list (and not even because of the ‘accidental’ name similarity…)

        I’ve seen ‘reviews’ of it too, but all the positive comments I can find trace back to the guy selling it.

  • judex

    6 good numbers out of 40 = 3838380 possibilities.

    After Somebody hit the Jackpot of Rs. 25,000,000 or more, the jackpot re-starts at Rs. 5,000,000. What is weird, for too long time it is happening as follows :

    Nobody wins when it is Rs. 5,000,000
    Again Nobody wins when it is Rs. 10,000,000.
    Again Nobody wins when it is Rs. 15,000,000.
    Again Nobody wins when it is Rs. 20,000,000.
    Suddenly SDomebody wins when it is Rs. 25,000,000.

    It appears that the trend is there is a Winner every 4 weeks or so, and we do not know him/her !

    Why the Jackpot must climb to Rs. 25,000,000 for Somebody to hit it? The trend and probability that Somebody hit the Jackpot every 4 weeks or so in 3838380 possibilities appears weird !!!!!!! In my opinion, in this probability on a small island, winning the Jackpot every 4 weeks or so is simply a Joke ! Mathematicians what do you say. Coincidences happen, but a long repeated trend is simply weird !”

  • SteveR

    A simple way to test any system is just to run it multiple times, if it works then you should get the same numbers each time.


      Well, that might prove the software is consistent, but it doesn’t really prove it works – at least not in the way most junk systems claim.

      For me the testing starts way before running the software. Testing starts at the theories, claims and evidence provided by the vendor.

  • Mike

    Is the software Lotto Pro 2012 worth buying?


      Not really.

      You may find some of the features useful (if buying larger quantities of entries) such as ticket printing and checking results (note: there is a yearly fee). And you may also like the wheeling options.

      But there are 2 serious problems with it.

      1. They claim they “eliminate tickets with unlikely number combinations”. There are no unlikely number combinations, all combinations are equally likely (or equally unlikely depending how you look at it). This is highly misleading.

      2. They push you towards using what they call ‘Smart Numbers’ – which are anything but smart! The software produces these numbers by analysing the results of the last 50 draws. They stop short of claiming these numbers have a better chance of winning (they don’t), but I’m pretty sure most users believe that’s what they’ve bought.

      But that’s not the worst of ‘Smart Numbers’.

      Let’s say 1,000 people in New York are using this software to play NY Lotto. What happens if those ‘smart’ numbers do ever come up?

      1,000 people end up sharing the jackpot, giving one of the worst individual payouts ever. That’s not smart.

      Smart is avoiding picking numbers the same way as other people do. But Lotto Pro strongly advise against anything as crazy as using random numbers..!

  • Mustafa

    Hey LG, did you do a review on the ‘Lottery Phenomenon’ package, where the guy says you can visualize the numbers using the universe and by blocking out the distractions?

    • Pystol

      ROFL… now I’ve heard everything.


      Just added, but I’m hoping you didn’t really need a review to know this one was total rubbish.

      Quite apart from claiming to be able to teach you how to predict the future (!)… the guy provides photos he states are him and his winning checks. When they have actually just been copied from news websites. They are all different winners. The one is says is him was even a scratch-off winner!

      Definitely one to avoid.

  • Joe

    Hello I cannot find the smart pick on your other page when I joined. Can you direct me? sincerley, Joe N.

  • Ron

    I just found your site and found it to be very honest as well as helpful.

    I am captain of two lottery groups and yes it is a lot of work to keep track of, but fun. I have kept it simple – 10 players max = 3 tickets each and 1 Encore which gives us 30 tickets per week and 10 Encores – as you may have guessed it is Lotto Max (Canada).

    I know this has bad odds but the people only look at the max prize payout. I choose 10 because it is easy for them to devide 10 into $10,000,000 or $50,000,000. I also had the same players play the same numbers every week – that way I am not spending all my nights filling out stubs. Paper work is the same in “Word” I just have to change the prize amount for that week, scan the copy of tickets for the players and I am done.

    As for my own play I play Ont.49… why? because the odds are the same as 649 but the tickets are only .50 cents. So I can play 4 x the number of tickets and stay within my budget of $50.00, it is easy to win back the cost with just 1 x 4 number win in my group selection.

    I keep track of my tickets in Excel and to simplify it I have colour coded each group…exp..1-10 yellow..11-19 pink…well you get the idea. My spread sheet is set up so I enter the winning numbers on the side board and with xxxx and it automatically changes every number on the play sheet from number to an x. I then just scan down and look for a line of xx’s. When I am done checking I simply go back and reset with correct numbers.The board is divided in groups of 10 so I can lable my cards and stubs to quickly find the winning numbers.

    This is a great way to keep track and check every draw and past draws. The one thing to remember is the codes on play board example…$b$7 , $b$8 = B7,B8…and so on. It will keep that number and it is easy to copy and paste.

    This might help out some people to keep track of large numbers of tickets.

    I play the same group of numbers and use the same stubs every week.
    My system is simple:
    1. I pick my numbers
    2. play the same group of numbers every draw
    3. I wait for draw then check numbers and repeat it every week

    For people who need help picking numbers I suggest get a quick pick, and play the same numbers or combination of the same numbers until you win.
    I agree it is just a game and the numbers are random. That is the way I play.



      Hey Ron

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment 🙂

      Some good tips there for people wanting to manage their own lottery group. I think spreadsheets tend to be the most popular way of doing this. One day someone will make some software that does the job with as much flexibility but neater. I’ve seen a few attempts but nothing worth writing home about yet!

      Good luck in the next draw!

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