Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Joe

    Hello I cannot find the smart pick on your other page when I joined. Can you direct me? sincerley, Joe N.

  • Ron

    I just found your site and found it to be very honest as well as helpful.

    I am captain of two lottery groups and yes it is a lot of work to keep track of, but fun. I have kept it simple – 10 players max = 3 tickets each and 1 Encore which gives us 30 tickets per week and 10 Encores – as you may have guessed it is Lotto Max (Canada).

    I know this has bad odds but the people only look at the max prize payout. I choose 10 because it is easy for them to devide 10 into $10,000,000 or $50,000,000. I also had the same players play the same numbers every week – that way I am not spending all my nights filling out stubs. Paper work is the same in “Word” I just have to change the prize amount for that week, scan the copy of tickets for the players and I am done.

    As for my own play I play Ont.49… why? because the odds are the same as 649 but the tickets are only .50 cents. So I can play 4 x the number of tickets and stay within my budget of $50.00, it is easy to win back the cost with just 1 x 4 number win in my group selection.

    I keep track of my tickets in Excel and to simplify it I have colour coded each group…exp..1-10 yellow..11-19 pink…well you get the idea. My spread sheet is set up so I enter the winning numbers on the side board and with xxxx and it automatically changes every number on the play sheet from number to an x. I then just scan down and look for a line of xx’s. When I am done checking I simply go back and reset with correct numbers.The board is divided in groups of 10 so I can lable my cards and stubs to quickly find the winning numbers.

    This is a great way to keep track and check every draw and past draws. The one thing to remember is the codes on play board example…$b$7 , $b$8 = B7,B8…and so on. It will keep that number and it is easy to copy and paste.

    This might help out some people to keep track of large numbers of tickets.

    I play the same group of numbers and use the same stubs every week.
    My system is simple:
    1. I pick my numbers
    2. play the same group of numbers every draw
    3. I wait for draw then check numbers and repeat it every week

    For people who need help picking numbers I suggest get a quick pick, and play the same numbers or combination of the same numbers until you win.
    I agree it is just a game and the numbers are random. That is the way I play.


    • LG

      Hey Ron

      Thanks for stopping by, and for the comment 🙂

      Some good tips there for people wanting to manage their own lottery group. I think spreadsheets tend to be the most popular way of doing this. One day someone will make some software that does the job with as much flexibility but neater. I’ve seen a few attempts but nothing worth writing home about yet!

      Good luck in the next draw!

  • Abdul Hamid

    why is your system more successful than others, please explain your system, how it works, if i am convinced then i will buy it. thank you.abdul.

    • LG

      I don’t sell a system..!

      You can get my free tips here though if you like.

    • wyslee

      Hi Hamid,
      Believe you me there is no system in any lottery draw. Random process in anything we do does not produce a system, simple as that. We are not even sure (no guarantee) that we can accomplish this and that first thing tomorrow morning. Unlike Singapore Malaysia has many lottery games (at least four). From my experience if we stick to only one game, our chances of winning small prices are far greater – but still no guarantee. Why ? you and I know that luck can never be with us everytime.
      If there are 2 or 3 winning numbers among our selections of 10, 11 and/or 12 numbers (most of the time), I say this our first step to winning smaller prices. Unless we are familiar with the characteristics of a particular draw, no professor with so-called proven systems can help.
      Me ? Nasib belum sampai lagi lah.

  • Pystol

    Hi, I quite like Lotwin lotto software although I’m not keen to pay the subscription. I guess it would be silly to ask if you are familiar with it but do you know of any other similar computer programs. I also have an older ‘abandoned’ program called Lotto Factory by Aureole Research which generates lines via wheeling plans or through ‘prediction’ and then allows you to filter out lines you don’t wish to play. On the subject of Lotto Factory, does anyone have the Wheels Editor which was supposed to have been available when Lotto Factory was still being sold. So are there other computer programs like these?

    • LG

      Hey Pystol…

      The big problem with software like Lotwin, is that it doesn’t actually do what it claims (I thought that was false advertising but hey, I’m no consumer affairs expert…).

      No amount of analysis can help one jot in predicting results. Lotteries are random by law!

      Yet there’s lots of different software programs people will be more than happy to sell you that claim they can predict the unpredictable. Wonder why the authors sell them rather than use them… 😉

      • Pystol

        Hi Lottery-Guy, I certainly don’t disagree with you which is why I’m not keen to pay the subscription to be able to use it fully and not just in demo mode. It’s really just a ‘toy’ like all lotto programs but it’s fun to play around with. I would still consider paying for it if it was being offered for a reasonable price – just for fun.

      • LG

        I hear you. That’s fair enough – keeping it fun is one of the main reasons to play after all 🙂

        Just wish they’d advertise these things that way, instead of all the shady claims.

  • Peter

    There is no absolute in any system in winning. I try basing it on previous numbers that have won – still a shot in the dark.

    You hope for the best – the odds are great against winning.

    • LG

      Hey Peter

      The other problem with basing it on previous winning numbers though (apart from it not helping your chances), is that a lot of other people do it too. And that can mean a greater chance of sharing a jackpot when/if those numbers do come up.

      There’s no way of knowing for sure of course how many people play the same numbers as you, but it doesn’t hurt to try and avoid using patterns of any kind.

  • Judex

    In a previous post, I said that the trend of hitting the Jackpot is rather weird.

    I do not win the Lotto, but I make some little money by predicting on which Saturday the Jackpot will be hit each month.

    The trend is when the Jackpot is about Rs. 25,000,000 ! Weird, isn’t it ?

    • LG

      Not really. The odds of any jackpot being won each week is roughly the same (depending on ticket sales), but as they rollover they tend to attract more ticket sales the bigger they get – which increases the chances of it being won. So there should be a ‘sweet spot’ jackpot for most lottery games where it’s pretty likely to be won.

  • TJ

    You recommend Win Lotto Systems, but don’t recommend Gail Howard’s Smart Luck. Yet, looking at the Win Lotto Systems site, the software appears to be nothing more than a lottery wheeling tool. Can you explain what is different?

    • LG

      Hey TJ,

      There’s a BIG difference. Whoever runs the Gail Howard company now (it ain’t Gail!) is publishing a lot of misleading advice about picking numbers. The usual garbage about good and bad combinations. But it demonstrates strongly that they fundamentally don’t understand how the lottery works. E.g. they state the usual “don’t pick 1,2,3,4,5,6 because it’s never been drawn, so it’s unlikely to ever happen…” – BUT there are many MILLIONS of combinations that have not been drawn yet, simply because there have only been a few thousand draws made.

      The key part of the WinLottoSystems package is the book. It’s one of the few books out there that gives sensible, genuine information and strategy.

      If you want wheeling software there is better out there than both of them. I recommend Will’s book for getting the advice right.

      • Kenny

        In your reply to TJ’s post about the difference between Gail Howard and WinLotto can you tell me what wheeling software you refer to which is better than those two?


      • LG

        Nothing I’d actually recommend. All the wheeling software I’ve seen is overblown, overcomplex and poorly designed. And normally insists on including all sorts of silly prediction and analysis functions too (which helps them price it high… sigh…). It’s on my to-do list to try and find something that’s usable that I can share with folks here.

  • Teresa

    Hi Lottery Guy,
    I would like to know if Robert Walsh pick 3 and 4 ebook is any good? He has 100% money back guarantee for 60 days on it and professes it works. Do you know anything about this book?

  • Teresa

    Hi lotto guy,
    Is there any system out there for Pick 3 or 4 that is any good?

    • LG

      Not really. But it depends what you mean by a ‘system’. All lottery games work the same way, so any good advice will apply to all lottery games equally (see the ‘Good’ list above). But nothing can really eliminate bad combinations or pick ones that are more likely to win (no matter how much they insist they can, before asking for your credit card…)

  • Dave

    So I was wondering …. how do we know YOU aren’t being paid to pimp the systems in your “The Good Lottery Systems” list, hmmm? ….

    I’m teasing ;O) I can’t believe I didn’t find you sooner BUT I did find you before I threw any money away on the systems in your “Bad Lottery Systems” list! I can spot a scam a mile away and I have been checking you out and can’t seem to find anything bad about you. Coupled with the fact that you actually respond to these posts, have a Face book and twitter account and have been doing this for some time there aren’t any red flags that go up with me. Then there’s the point to be made about your tips … you don’t charge for them. The only thing missing is … who you are. Your background, why you chose to do this, etc. Something of a profile if you will. I and I’m sure many others would be interested in this.

    Thank you for taking the time to do this public service. I just wish I found you sooner but I didn’t find you too late!

    Take care,


    • LG

      Hey Dave,

      But if I wrote a detailed profile I’d lose my mysterious status as the caped crusader of lottery fighting a lone battle against the evil junk system sellers 😉

      You’re probably right though. Another one for the to-do list…

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