Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Peter

    I would like to know which syndicates are legitimate. That is if you do ever win do they actually pay and do you know the syndicate numbers before the draw?? I understand Ken Silver runs a syndicate where people just pay but never see the numbers?? This sounds like the con of the year.

  • John

    I would like to know why people do not just give away these junk systems online? They are spammers so why not make their material free online? How can the law protect these charlatans by giving them copyrights privilege??? I mean Ken Silvers system was designed by him on his toilet seat and is a lot of junk so why don’t people who bought it and saw it was junk not put it somewhere for others to copy? It is all great you have bad reviews but people are being conned.

    • LG

      I share your frustration John, but you’ve mostly answered your own question :-). Just because something is bad does not mean the law no longer applies to it. So people can’t go around giving away other peoples copyrighted works – no matter how bad they are.

      It amazes me how some systems can get away with the claims they make. Obviously some are careful not to claim anything too specific, while many go for ‘small print disclaimers’ that they think will protect them (though I’d love to see some of those tested in court).

      But once buyers realise systems they have bought are junk, they really need to kick up more fuss. Make sure you demand a refund – and get one! Then complain to consumer groups and/or Government departments responsible for consumer protection if you feel you’ve been misled. But tell your friends too, or tell them to read this page if you hear they are tempted by some shiny new lottery system…

    • Larry

      It’s a shame John was fooled by Ken Silver’s hype. The system sellers know that there is a fool born every minute (no offense intended).

      The ads that attempt to sell lottery system junk are so well written they could convince Einstein that e doesn’t equal m c squared.

      I usually make it a habit to check the lottery systems reviews online from other people that have already purchased such lottery systems.

      The reviews usually advise to avoid spending your hard earned money on them. In the case of Ken all you have to do is enter Ken Silver lottery system reviews in your browser (and beware the fake reviews).

      It’s a good habit to develop if you come across something that sounds too good to be true or smells fishy. Take care.

  • Neil

    I have been studying and playing the UK lotteries for many years and never won anything. I was once in a big syndicate, paid £5 per week and never won a thing. I get the lottery guys emails once a week, some of what you say is true but all your doing is recommending syndicates which are a waste of time.

    • LG

      Hi Neil

      Look, lotteries are damn hard to win – that’s the way they are designed! So I’m not particularly surprised you haven’t won.

      But if you applied what I’ve been teaching you instead of just moaning then you’d have one heck of a better chance of collecting some prizes over the next few years. And if you think all I’ve done is recommend playing in a syndicate then you really didn’t read most of what I sent you – please read it again from the start, and apply it!

      You know that you can’t predict numbers, and there is no magic software or formula that beats the lottery. But there are some things you can do to play more wisely – so apply my tips and you will increase your chances.

      If you want someone to sell you a pack of lies then you’re in the wrong place 🙂

      • Neil

        I dont like your statement that i am moaning or saying i dont read things i have a degree in maths so there is nothing about numbers i do not know.

      • Hobbs

        Hi Lottery Guy. As far as lottery syndicates are concerned. Players should consider them similar to mutual funds in the stock market. A group of people merging funds together to give them the ability to buy more stocks than they would be able to on an individual basis. The profits are divided among the investors based on the fund’s performance. The same principal can be applied to lottery syndicates. A group of players merging their funds together in order to purchase more tickets and hoping for a jackpot win or other prizes along the way as they wait for the big one, while sharing losers and winners along the way. Some players consider this form of playing lottery games an advantage, some don’t. There are individuals that like to share and there are those that prefer to be hoggish. Have a great day.

      • Larry

        If professor neil does have a degree in math he should be able to figure this. There is no systems out there that will guarantee a jackpot win, except one.

        The only system that will gurantee you a jackpot win is the one where you must play every possible combination in the particular game that you are playing. The rest such as wheels, elimination of numbers and yes even syndicates are of course still a gamble.

        Good luck everybody.

  • John

    I notice this Ken Silver has many people only making good comments on his blog. Some people are getting excited winning 5 or 12 dollars. What is stopping him from writing on here to promote his product – because we can all see he ain’t the most honest person around???

  • Paul

    Syndicates are a waste of money here in Australia, quickpicks win more than syndicates. So sad to tell you all it is all down to pure luck sorry NO system can help you and ALL lottery con artists selling ALL systems should be banned. Try to get 6 winning numbers from just 15 numbers and I will guarantee you will never get all 6 in one line or the 6 that won so imagine trying to get 6 from 40/35/36/40/50 impossible. I am a qualified psychologist and the mind plays tricks on us AFTER we see the winning numbers and people that sell systems use this trick to promote lies. If I told you a major event will happen next week and say a bomb goes off I then can take credit for it if it happens and tell you “see told you so”.

    The point is that according to research 25% of people will believe me and the lottery sellers are targeting these desperate people the same way. A shame but in todays time I suppose honesty is not a national trait.

    • LG

      Hey Paul,

      Obviously I agree with you about junk lottery systems.

      And yes it is a common tactic to see “here are 50 testimonials from people who won money with our junk system, so therefore it works and you should buy it”. When there are tens of thousands of other people who did buy it and haven’t won a bean. (See George Bush And The Infrequency Illusion).

      But on your other points…
      1. How do you know quickpicks have won more often than syndicates in Australia..? (Syndicates buy quickpicks too)
      2. Regardless of which – why would that make a syndicate a waste of money? That doesn’t make sense. Of course it’s still down to luck with a syndicate, but you have a much better chance of winning with a syndicate because you’re playing a lot more tickets.
      3. You’re ‘guaranteeing’ that getting 6 numbers in one line from 15 is impossible. Yet people do win lotteries all over the world every week. So it’s clearly not impossible – just extremely hard.
      4. Only 25% of people believe you… maybe you need to find some more trusting friends 😉

      • Paul

        As I said many quickpicks win check lottery and you said how do I know?? Well it is pretty simple just go to the winning stories on the official sites and see for yourselves. Better to play quickpicks than donate to some idiotic system.

      • LG

        And that’s your detailed analysis to draw such concrete conclusions..? Paul, if your source of data is ‘winners stories’ then you simply do not have the data to make any of your claims.

        So you actually don’t know ‘that quickpicks win more than syndicates’ (which defied logic). Because you don’t know what percentage of ticket sales are quickpicks and what percentage are bought by syndicates. You also don’t know what percentage of quickpicks are bought by syndicates. And you also don’t have accurate winners data either.

        Do you understand what a syndicate is? It’s when a group of people pool their resources to buy tickets then share the winnings. So the fact is everyone in the group has a significantly better chance of winning. (Maybe you meant to say ‘system’ where you said ‘syndicates’..??)

        I agree that all those ridiculous systems that claim to pick better numbers are idiotic – did you not get that from my reviews here!?

        But then you also claimed here just a couple of weeks ago that you ‘have got 5/6 many times’ using Stefan Van De Veldes system. A prime example of an ‘idiotic system’. So I’m now really confused as to what you’re trying to say..?

  • Ron Smith

    I have purchased all sorts of systems football, horse racing, lottery – and can tell your readers that 95% do not work. So take my advice and save your money. I do agree with Lottery Guy that joining a syndicate is a good idea. Okay you share any wins, but you have a better chance of that win.

  • Captian10

    I didn’t see a review on the system called Lotto Hat, what is your opinion on that system? Thank you.

    • LG

      Ah missed that one – now added. Unfortunately it’s more of the same really – analyse past results to pick better numbers, which simply does nothing to help you win. It’s also not been updated since October 2009, so looking a bit old hat too ;-).

  • John

    I am a computer programmer and took this Ken Silvers system and made 6000 combinations which is 7.2 million combinations as he goes to 120 per entry. I then ran the program against all 6/45 games in Australia (Monday/Wednesday/Saturday) and low and behold no winners and only 37 would have got 4 numbers? I mean it would take 91 000 years for all 14 million combinations to be played so leaving out numbers is just rubbish and even if the Australian lotto has been running for 20 years only about 3000 combinations have so far been played with 13 million and odd left, and if these idiots selling these systems are promising you wins they are just con artists. Numbers 1 2 3 4 5 6 will come up, so will 2 4 6 8 10 12 so will any other combination not yet drawn from the 14 million only problem is that could be anytime between now and 90 000 years later. Please do not support these people. Ken Silver says he studied the lotto and got a pattern?? What hogwash he studied the 900 draw over the last 20 years but what about the 13 odd million numbers that have not come up yet. Get real.

  • Larry

    Hi Lottery Guy. I think you have a terrific website. You and your website have probably saved a lot of people a lot of money by warning about tricks and deceit. Hopefully, the following will be able to accomplish more of the same.

    In reference to Stefan Vandevelde’s winning Winslips lottery system with computers. The claim is that with it’s use it will keep the lottery player at the proper winning level and it’s achieved by computers.

    After reviewing the system I have reached this conclusion. The only thing that the Winslip system will keep at the right level is the water level in your toilet tank. By keeping the the water level in your toilet at the right level, it will ensure that the Winslips system is flushed far enough down the tubes and won’t return.

    Thank you lottery guy for keeping us well informed about the trickery and deceit in reference to lottery system sellers and making us laugh at the same time. Keep up the great work.

  • You


    Sorry to agree with the guy on quickpicks but last week the 7th Jan 2012 the Saturday Australian NSW Lotto was won by 5 people and ALL of them was quickpicks. To be honest and you can browse many websites to verify I have read NO stories of people winning using any system. The only people that say they win using a system is after they have won so they want to cash in on their luck and just fool people to say they won using a system but this is after the fact. This Richard Lustig is one guy as his major jackpot win as verified by the Florida Lottery was a quickpick now he is going around selling his system. Same with that Australian guy here Terry Fisher who won 2 lotteries the first from a quickpick and the second from a syndicate play. So not one won using some dumb system yet he is now selling systems? These are facts people, do not be duped, NO system works. Quickpicks have proven to win and syndicates, not these dumb systems. I wish the Lottery Companies keep statistics on how people win so that we can see the facts and put these people selling systems out of business. My guess the winnings would look like this?

    syndicates 20%
    own numbers 20%
    quickpicks 40%
    darts 10%
    close their eyes 9%
    systems 1%
    Of course systems can win but it is pure fluke, as many people playing many numbers will lead to a win but it is not due to their system but rather mass of numbers.

    • LG

      Yup. You can have a better strategy, and you can play more wisely. But nobody can predict results, which is what most ‘systems’ are about.

      It will vary from game to game how winners are made up. In some countries quickpicks are less popular for example – so will win less often because they are bought less often. Winners will always be in proportion to the way tickets are bought.

      System sellers do tend to manipulate the facts to present ‘proof’ that their lottery systems work. If 100,000 people buy and use a system, and over time 10 of them win a jackpot, does that mean it works? What about the 99,990 people, why didn’t it work for them… time, patience… or could it just be luck 🙂

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