Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Mike

    I bought the Ken Silver system 2 months ago; since then, I have 25% ROI. It’s true, I have changed a little bit the way I choose numbers. Anyway, his system is about what you recommend: little prizes until the big one.
    Question: have you bought all the lottery systems you named in your reviews ?

    • LG

      But the problem is Ken’s advice on picking numbers is based on pure silliness. It’s the same old eliminate bad combinations/pick better combinations rubbish that makes no sense whatsoever. There may be the odd useful nugget in there too but I can’t recommend any lottery book based on such heavily flawed logic.

      You don’t have to buy a car with no wheels to know you’re not going anywhere when you turn the key. I’ve personally assessed every system listed here however.

      • Ben

        You’ve got it Lottery Guy. I get so many comments from my customers who have tried Ken’s stuff, and not one of them has a good word for him – and by the way, only one of them has ever gotten their money back too. How do these guys get away with it?

  • Hobbs

    Hi Lottery Guy. In reference to Steve Player. His latest gimmick is for $395-00. He’ll send you eleven combinations to play for the five numbers games. They come from a special system that he has developed with a computer program never before developed. He cannot sell you the system. If you do not win the jackpot within one year he will refund your money.

    What he isn’t telling you is that the eleven combinations that he gives you have the same amount of odds against them as any eleven combinations that you can arrange yourself. To elaborate further on earlier comments made about Steve Player and his systems. Which are nothing more than spin off after spin off of wheeling systems. Steve Player is nothing more than a purveyor of crap, at hundreds of dollars per pound.

    • LG

      Wow, $395 for 11 combinations and nothing else..!

      If anybody finds that tempting, just drop me an email, I’ll send you 11 combinations for half that price 😉

      Thanks for the review Hobbs.

    • Boris Chadowicz

      Over 140 games have gone by since I used Steve Player’s 10 “straight” 3-number bets, he only hit ONCE. A random sampling of 10 numbers wd do better than that,
      and you can’t get a Refund either. A total failure.

  • Laurence

    It is very true, we should not concentrate on winning the Jackpot! We should just concentrate on winning small at first and we will win a lot more and often. I read all of your advice about winning the lottery and am going to purchase Win Lotto Systems very soon!

  • Beulah

    Have any of you heard of Jonathon Chadwick?

  • Ben

    Hey Lottery Guy – figured you might know something… I received an email this week announcing the launch of some new lottery software – do you know anything about it?

    It doesn’t say much, doesn’t even appear to have a name, but from the bullet points, it sounds interesting? I’m thinking it’s Australian cos it has a .au addy.

    What do you think?

    • LG

      Hey Ben

      It comes from Mark Collard which is promising (as he originally produced Win Lotto Systems – which I know we both think is pretty good).

      I’m struggling to get excited about this one though. It seems to be mainly lottery analysis software, which makes for pretty graphs etc but is essentially pointless! There is results checking and some wheeling systems too which could be useful. But it’s not due to launch until December so I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Hopefully Mark will produce something worthy, without falling into the pit of ‘past results analysis’ hype…

  • Leo

    Has anybody heard of the Lottery Quantum Method for Pick3 by Carl Miller? Thank you.

  • Hobbs

    Hi lottery guy. Thanks for all the great insights and analysis on lottery systems. As far as the ‘process of elimination’ is concerned – the only thing that will be achieved with elimination of past numbers is elimination of the money that is in your wallet! It is a quick transfer from your wallet to the wallet of the lottery commission. The ‘process of elimination’ just takes the suckers money twice as fast as non elimination :-). Have a good day.

  • Shenitra Adams

    Hi Lottery Guy. So the lottery black book is not a good book to buy? Glad I came to this website! Also, what systems are good online to generate numbers for you to play! Thanks, Shenitra

  • Kris

    Hi Guy,

    Just wanted to say I bought the Lotto Black Book and after reading it 4 times and writing Larry to explain key points I feel he left out, I asked for a refund. Then bought Ace Lee’s just to find out it was nothing but an accumulation of the “free tips” you can get online. (Though the Scratchers tips were good). Asked for another refund.

    Then I bought Richard Wilson’s book. I only found one tip really helpful and after applying it, picking my numbers, placing them in one of his wheels and filtering through them. I came to find out that night I had “filtered” out the winning jackpot sequence!! UGHHH! Though I give him credit for the wheel that generated the winning sequence since no other wheel I have used has done this!

    Thanks for all your advice,


    • LG

      Thanks for your comment Kris.

      That’s the same road a lot of people find themselves on. Fortunately you were able to get refunds on the bad products, as I hear from a lot of people who try to claim under promised guarantees only to find their emails ignored.

      One day it will happen 🙂

  • Pepe

    If Steve Player is a fake. How do you explain all the lottery checks he has on his newsletter, stating how many thousands of dollars he has won by using his own systems?

    • LG

      I haven’t seen the pictures you’re referring to, but how do you know the checks are real..? Or how much money was spent on tickets to win those amounts..?

      • Kris

        Steve Player is real and so are his checks. Go on New Hampshire lottery website and go to draw games past winners. He’s in there as Steve Player month after month and you can’t get put into the nh lottery site without having claimed large amounts of money. As to how much Steve player has invested, that’s another thing, and only he knows, oh, and probably his accountant lol. He’s in there for winning pick 3, pick 4, powerball, and also nh gimme 5.

      • LG

        You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head there Kris – consider that his advertising budget. When you charge ludicrous amounts of money for your systems you can afford to spend a large amount to ensure your name shows up occasionally on the winners list.

        If you dig through all of 2015 there are plenty of months where he doesn’t win anything, and he doesn’t win anywhere near as much as you would expect for someone selling systems at crazy money prices. Wonder why he doesn’t publish his actual results including amount spent on tickets…

    • Larry

      Pepe, on the web on steve player reviews it says that the lottery commissioner of New Hampshire has stated that steve player has spent $400,000 to win $200,0000, probably using other people’s money.

      That should give you some idea of where all those checks come from. Those checks are used to sell horse manure at hundreds of dollars per pound. it also goes on to say that Steve Player is a purveyor of junk. His latest horse manure is $495.00 for 11 combinations. Good luck Pepe…

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