Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Andy

    [This discussion was getting too long and slightly off-topic for here. The debate continues here in Can You Predict Lottery Numbers?. LG]

  • Rosie Guerrero

    I guess I am a die hard lottery player. On Wednesday I bought a quick pick for the Power Ball game that night. To my surprise I won $6.00 for just one ticket. So you really do not have to go overboard on buying quick picks. The person that won the $400 million last week, bought one quick pick and that was pretty lucky. Maybe we shouldn’t stress about picking our numbers. I have yet to win any money buying scratchers. I’ve only won tickets on these or a dollar here and a dollar there. A year ago I went to CVS and bought a $10.00 scratcher and only won $77.00 but that was about a year ago. Have not won anything since. Doesn’t mean when you spend a little more that you will get a winning ticket in California.

  • Rosie Guerrero

    Hi Lottery Guy,
    I have a question regarding Art Robertson’s “Lottery Crusher” by Success Publisher’s LLC. Have you had the chance to review this one at all? I have seen a similar one on the net for free and they make you think their software is brand new and better than any other. They also charge a monthly fee which you can choose how many months you choose and by price.

    Thank you

  • Steve

    OK, now I’m confused. You say on the one hand that every combination of numbers has an equal chance of being drawn every draw due to “randomness,” and then you turn around and state the opposite: that you have a way of choosing combinations that have a better chance of being drawn.

    I am of the opinion, please correct me if I am wrong, that the lottery operators take measures to eliminate predictability (which is different to claims of “randomness” which is itself a pattern and therefore, like your advice, self-contradicting). In looking at past winning numbers, I find that there are patterns, but they are short lived, assumably due to those aforementioned measures. Therefore, the point of systems for me is basically to choose the numbers at all. There are indeed so many combination choices that it’s daunting. Using a system, any system, is part of the fun. Quick picks take the fun out of the lottery, so I dislike that. Since the game is unpredictable, any system is as good as any other. Coming up with an algorithm and comparing strategies is the interesting part.

    • LG

      But I don’t state anywhere that I have a way of choosing combinations that are more likely. (Did you misread something or was that not directed to me?)

      I don’t have any problem with people using whatever system they like to pick numbers if it’s purely for the fun value. As I say elsewhere, fun is an important part of playing. But I do object to the many system sellers claiming (or gently misleading people into believing) their systems can pick numbers that are more likely to be drawn – without providing any evidence to back up their claims. They aren’t claiming it’s just for fun!

  • Laban

    Jambo (Hello) Lottery Guy
    I love lotteries just because it is fun and can aid the unfortunate in the community. My country Kenya does not allow online lotteries, so master/Visa card issuers block any such transactions. Is there any global company/group/card I can use to participate in worldwide lotteries?

  • Jerry Kalnitz

    Is the M.L.S. Mathematical Lottery System with Alan M. Bissell, as Assoc. Dir. legitimate?

  • IC

    Hi LG,
    I think you’re doing a great service. Can you please make a review on Lotto Profits?
    Thank you.

    • Ken

      I can give you a review re: Lotto Profits…I’ve used it for over 20 straight lotto games, Powerball, Mega Millions, and my state’s Pick 6 lotto, but I have yet to see ANY type of winnings to convince me that the Lotto Profit “Walks the walk” in producing lottery winnings opposed to “Talking the talk.”

      There’s a 60 Day Guarantee with the Lotto Profits system, but I’m pulling the plug on them way, WAY before then.

      There’s a “24/7” Help Line, but Lotto Profits comes up incredible LAME in “Walking the walk” in getting back to you within the advertised 24 hour time window.

      From what I’ve seen after one month of faithful usage…IT’S TOTALLY USELESS!!!!

  • Peter

    Any comments on ‘Lottery Profits’ – based on astrological horoscopes – they all sound so convincing their system/software that will help you win.

  • Masud Tareque

    This is cheating ! I bought the system about 2 years ago. My PC crashed and neither click bank nor the vendor replied my email to download it again. They don’t even bother to reply to my email. Shame on them.

    • LG

      Hi Masud

      Who is the vendor/what did you buy (you didn’t say)? I might be able to help.

      2 years is a long time ago though, and you should really keep a backup of your own data – just saying 😉

  • Passyourluck

    Of course, no matter what type of system you use, there’s no way you can predict exactly the winning combinations. However, you can do certain analysis that can increase your chances of winning if you know how to select numbers. Simply put, if you divide the range of numbers into two, then you’re likely to have a chance at least of getting the minimum combinations to get a prize for every draw (though its not cost effective for a player), but for the lotto syndicate, it works.

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