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Lottery Syndicates Work: FACT!

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There is one undeniable truth about lottery syndicates. They work. By doing exactly what they promise.

lottery syndicates pull together

In fact, they cannot fail to work. Because the way they work is by using the one ‘secret’ that all genuine lottery systems come back to.

They buy more tickets. Usually a lot more tickets.

That’s it!

Boring. But it works.

How Do Lottery Syndicates Work?

Lottery syndicates give you a better chance of winning, by pooling your money and buying more tickets.

So when you join a syndicate you are instantly more likely to win the lottery. Simple as that.

Of course there is a downside to playing in a syndicate group. You have to share the winnings with the other people in your group.

I’m Not Sharing My Winnings!

Think of it this way. Is it better to have a small share of a big jackpot, or to have a big share in a whole lotta nothing..!?

That’s why lottery syndicates make sense – for most people.

But there is one critical thing to look out for.

You still have to know what you want to win.

Is The Jackpot Big Enough?

Look, I know it’s easy just to say “I want the big one”.

But the biggest jackpots are the hardest to win. Look at Italy’s SuperEnalotto at 1-in-622 Million, or even the US Powerball odds at 1-in-175 Million.

So even when playing in a lottery syndicate, you need to choose the right game for you.

That means checking what a typical jackpot is, and dividing it by the number of people in a syndicate group.

If that figure wouldn’t make some very nice changes to your life, then it isn’t enough.

But on the other hand if it’s still an enormous sum (‘too much’) – then it’s probably the wrong game. Because either the odds are too big, or the group sizes are too small.

Choosing The Right Syndicate

It’s not an exact science. One size does not fit all!

You do need think a little about odds, prizes and your share.

But here are the online lottery syndicates I like. I’ve personally used all of these, and received good service. So I can recommend them.

Between them they offer a variety of different lottery games, group sizes and payment options.

You just need to choose which is best for you (players in the USA, scroll further down).

worldwideSyndicate Options:-

  1. LottoLand – a hugely popular company in the UK, as well as all over Europe and Australia too. Those in the UK have probably seen LottoLand ambassador Chris Tarrant on TV and in newspapers promoting them. Well now they have some really nice syndicate choices too. You can bet on EuroMillions, Irish Lotto, the big US games – even the rather nice US Cash4Life game. The LottoLand syndicates come in many different sizes too. For example you can choose a EuroMillions group with 56 entries, right up to 1,008 entries! Really good value for money too. Join Here
  2. You Play We Play (YPWP) – good value this one, and you can play as and when you like or subscribe. YPWP play EuroMillions, Thunderball and UK Lotto. Free to join up and have a look around. Play Here

[NOTE: These are open pretty much worldwide but not the USA]


usaflagSyndicate Options For Players In USA:-

  1. WinTrillions – I don’t really recommend buying tickets from them (too expensive) but some of their syndicates are better value. They have a growing range of syndicates too, everything from Irish Lotto to Powerball & Mega Millions (avoid the Oz Lotto syndicate though – bad value for money). Play Here
  2. LottoLishus – based in Fresno, California these guys are relative newcomers but offer a really neat approach to playing in a group, with 3 different ways you can win a share of the prizes. You can play Mega Millions and Powerball with them. Play Here

If you can recommend another syndicate that I haven’t listed, please do let me know (or comment below) and I’ll add it here for everyones benefit.

Obviously it must be one you have personally used and would recommend to other people!

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  • DeAnna

    I am looking at WinTrillions. Say I buy 1 ticket, they show me the ticket I bought great, but how do we know ‘x’ amount of tickets have actually been purchased and added to the pool if they don’t show us all 70 pool tickets so we know those tickets exist? I have not bought a ticket from them yet but they clearly state they will show me a copy of MY ticket… like I said great… but if it’s a 70 chance syndicate, why are they not showing all tickets purchased going into the pool? This is the one thing for me that seems fishy. I want to see all tickets purchased prior to the drawing, not just mine because how do I know they even exist otherwise?

    • LG

      But they do show you all the tickets for syndicates groups 🙂

      You can see all the combinations being played in advance of each draw, and can view a scan of each ticket too.

  • Joseph Collins

    I’ve used Win Trillions syndicates for Powerball and Mega Millions and they DO show all the tickets that were purchased before the draw. Though the amounts have been small, they do win more consistently than I have on my own. Also the cost to play in the syndicate is lower compared to when you buy the tickets yourself at your local convenience store.

  • Robert

    I joined Lottolishus. They don’t tell you how many are in your group nor what numbers you are playing. There is no way that you know your results.

    • LG

      They do, but watch the video on the homepage again to understand how it works – it is different to a traditional syndicate.

  • Anita Garg

    I am confused. I want to know which one is the best to play in the group. I live in the USA. I bought the Lotto Crusher and did not like it. Every month they show few videos.

  • James Chamunorwa

    I look for a syndicate to play lotto.

  • Eddie

    Just joined Wintrillions syndicate. Let’s see what happens!

  • Bonnie

    Question… is one share only one draw per week?

    • LG

      It depends on which specific syndicate group you’re referring to, and which games they play. Some will play multiple draws per week, others just one. So a share doesn’t tell you how many draws are played, it simply means a share of whatever they do play.

  • Jason

    Can I play Win Trillions if I live in the Caribbean?

  • Alex

    Do both of the U.S. syndicates use a number wheeling system?

  • Mahesh Koppula

    Any idea if The Lotter is a good one? I live in Utah and wanted to play the Powerball but our state does not sell lottery tickets.

    Thank you.


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