Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Dave

    … btw I found this –>

    … and this –>

    Is this you? (I know it’s not)


    • LG

      Ah, you found my Adoring Fan. I think he likes me so much he chose a very similar name in tribute…

      The ‘Lotto Guy System’ (in my Bad Guy list needless to say) is sold by a guy in Canada – look for ‘fiskis’ on the Triond group of blogging sites and you’ll find a huge pile of fake review baloney…

      • Dave

        Okay … I missed that guy in your Bad List. As I typed, you actually and continually respond. This aspect of you rawks! I figure that you’re probably busy so I’ll leave you alone, for now, to fight the good fight o’ Caped Crusader! I don’t want you miss that call from Commissioner Gordon …. :OD

  • Kenny

    Thanks for reply. I also came across the wordpress site Dave mentions and was about to buy the Lottery Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels until I came across your site!:-).

    Anyway, you say it’s on your to-do list to find usable wheeling software but is WinLotto not wheeling software? Or do you mean that’s the only one you can recommend at the moment?

    Also, I’ve just come across a website – – they sell lottery number combinations. You have any knowledge of this website? What do you think of their idea?

    Cheers, Kenny.

    • LG

      Hey Kenny,

      That was a close call, saved you a few bucks there then – you owe me a drink 😉

      The software included with WinLotto does generate some very simple wheels, but it’s just an add-on in my opinion – I think the real value in WinLotto is in the book itself and the overall strategy and ideas. was new to me though. Looks like another genius with a spreadsheet decided he could make more money selling systems than playing the lottery :-). Their proof page actually made me laugh out loud…

      So they tested 2 lines using their system against 2 quick picks (two..!), for… (drum roll)… 12 months..! That’s about as statistically significant as rolling a dice once, getting a 6, and declaring with complete cetainty that 6 is the only possible result. In the 5 years he claims to have been running the site you’d think his own personal results would be better proof… AVOID!

      • Kenny

        Alrity, think I’ll give BeatLottery a miss then and give WinLotto a try.

        Yes I suppose I do owe you a drink so next time you are out – have one on me!!:-).

        Cheers, Kenny.

  • Veronica Salinas

    Hi lottery-guy,

    have you heard of the lottery slayer program? i did not see it in your list. can you give me some input?
    i would really appreciate it!

    thank you!

    • LG

      Hi Veronica

      It’s the same old rubbish I’m afraid. Please don’t waste your money on him.

      Lottery Slayer includes some very silly claims such as stating that ‘what hasn’t happened yet is less likely to ever happen’, so avoid those numbers or your odds are worse. This is plain silly – imagine you’d rolled a dice three times and got 5, 1, 3. Oooh, look, no even numbers! That must mean 2, 4, and 6 are less likely then… Crazy, it’s plain to see that every number still has a 1-in-6 chance every time your roll.

  • Teresa

    What about Paul Terry and his Pick 3 and 4 theory? Is it any good?

    • LG

      Haven’t heard of this one – definitely ‘Paul Terry’? Do you have a link?

      But basically if it’s about predicting results, or eliminating bad combos, then it’s a waste of money.

      I don’t really recommend Pick 3/4 anyhow as the prizes are usually too small. Unless the sums would be life changing if you did win, then there’s a better game to be played.

      • Veronica

        The is the system by “Paul Terry” which isn’t even a real person. My friend bought the system and she said that this is by Mark Bower, he just changed his name. Plus he promotes the Lotto Black Book by Larry Blair, she said it is a very poor quality ebook and you can tell it is bits and pieces of these two systems, stay away from this system. At least she was able to get her money back.

      • LG

        Yup, you’re right, more garbage. At least she got a refund.

        I recommend to everybody, if you’ve bought one of these junk systems get your money back. If they won’t refund you, go to the payment processor or your credit card company. You do NOT have to accept junk products. If they don’t live up to the claims (and 99% of the time they won’t), get your money back!

      • HB

        I totally agree with your friend Veronica. the “black book by larry blair” is a totally waste…. unfortunately i bought the book and its just collecting dust…. Please do not buy the book…. so sad & stupid of me that i was fooled into buying the book.

  • Steve

    Lottery Guy,

    Finally someone who tells it like it is. Usually these review sites are written and maintained by the same crew selling these systems. Somewhat in the same manner that debt consolidation companies are in fact owned by the credit cards themselves.

    Unfortunately for me I have experience with some of these systems first hand. Chris Malcolm, Ace Lee, Ken Silver, Win-Track, Robert Walsh & Gail Howard. Some I had purchased and others were literally given to me by people I know who bought them.

    That is why I finally decided one day to do my own research and create my own lottery system. I probably will never sell it online but it works well enough on the Pick 3 & Pick 4 to keep me happy and buy groceries. I average about a couple of hundred a week, NET. That is all that I could hope for.

    So my advise to your followers is this. You do not have to be a math professor, a gambling expert or any other related profession to try to build your own system. Granted my system is small time to some, but I bet you that my winnings would easily exceed the tally of the roll call listed above.

    Once again thanks for your honesty!

    • LG

      Hey Steve,

      Thanks for your comment 🙂

      It’s not easy being a lone voice of reason in a cesspit of dodgy claims and even dodgier products!

    • Larry Hart

      At one time I too had a good system for Daily 3 and Daily 4 , but when I showed this guy that had his own store exactly how I did it, I went from winning 4 days a week to 2 days to 1 day, and then there were none. During that time I noticed him and his wife talking a lot to the lottery rep. That brought the lottery tickets and pamphlets to the store, it may mean nothing but that’s when my system went south. Thank you.

      • LG

        Well it sounds pretty normal for a store to be talking to a lottery rep. (How would you judge ‘talking a lot’ to the rep to be more than normal, unless you had them under surveillance before and after you showed him..?)

        It does seem a lot more likely to me that the system didn’t actually work, rather than it did and then stopped. People often think they have a ‘system’ because something they did appeared to work for a short time – but if it doesn’t work reliably and permanently then surely it’s just random luck.

      • Judex

        I had similar experience in my country. I developed a system and finally, I stopped winning!

        I cannot understand why every month the Jackpot is won in such a small island of 1,300,000 including babies, and so many who do not bet the loto. So many play birthdays and would not hit the jackpot when 32, 33, 34 …….40 is/are drawn.

      • LG

        Again, I think it’s a question of not seeing things impartially. If it worked and then didn’t work – isn’t that the same as normal luck? Or in other words it didn’t really work in the first place. Surely if a system worked, it wouldn’t work occasionally or for a short period of time?

    • Veronica

      hello steve,
      i just wanted to congratulate you on coming up with your own system, too bad you will not sell it online. i also have bought so many of the systems that you mentioned and they are all just worthless. i am looking for something that will help me make some extra money, to help give me some breathing room, and be able to help my husband out with the bills. a couple hundred net a week sound great to me, if you ever decide to sell online, let me know, i would buy your system!
      once again congrats on your system and good for you 🙂

    • Pystol

      If you can confidently ‘average about a couple of hundred a week’ what’s stopping you from winning more than that? Surely if you are so confident about winning you would double, triple or quadruple winnings by taking your lines multiple times. Are lottery games really beatable to the extent that you claim to be beating them?

    • Shannon Beach

      Sir would you be willing to share your strategy for winning a couple of hundred in the pick 3. I would even settle for winning an extra $50 every 2 weeks right now.

      Thank You for your time
      Shannon Beach

      • LG

        Nobody makes a profit/income playing Pick 3 — truthfully, they really don’t. Not even those people selling systems that claim they do exactly that (how is that legal? careful wording and small print..!).

        Pick 3 is really not a good game to choose – here’s why.

  • Peter

    Playing lotto/Powerball after over a year – I realize that it is nearly impossible to win – not even the jackpot – except for getting the powerball Number for $7.

    There is a mathematical trend, a predictablity to the numbers that come out – even knowing that provides no guarantee in winning – yet I continue to play, in trying to beat the house.

  • Judex

    Why prior to the draw, the balls are not subjected to a field of magnets. Techically the balls could be fixed with modern technology.

    • LG

      Why would they..? Balls and draw machines are stored securely, and monitored by nunmerous trusted representatives during a draw.

      Is it possible to ‘fix’ a lottery draw? Yes, of course, in theory.

      But 1) it would be extremely hard to do, 2) it would be even harder to get away with it, and 3) the lottery company doesn’t need to (they make a good profit regardless). But if you don’t trust a draw to be honest, play with a different lottery that you do trust.

      • Judex

        Why would they …. ? It will clear doubts in the mind of the public ! In the USA and some other countries, the controls may be strict, but in smaller countries, it might not be same.

        So, before a draw, the balls could be subjected to a magnetice field, be weighted, and be measured with a vernier. All this will prove that the balls are neutal, etc.

        I still find it strange how every month the jackpot is hit on an island with 1,300,000 population. I have tried 500,000 fictitious sets of 8 and did not hit the 6 good numbers, not even 5 on a rather long period of time !

      • LG

        They could spend time broadcasting boring checks and measures before every draw, but most people trust that the existing security is enough. If you don’t trust your country to run a fair lottery, the best thing you can do is play in a different country.

  • Wyslee

    Hi Lottery Guy
    If we stick to one particular lottery game, be it 6/45, 6/49, etc. we can tell whether there is monkey business. One good example is very seldom a winning is repeated three times in a row. If it does (in the case of 6/45) continuously for 5-6 consecutive draws, then some unseen hands are at work. If we can produce history and like what Lottery Guy said they will find it harder to get away with it.

    But somewhere in my part of the world I heard someone was given 6 numbers to play on a particular draw, and that person hit the jackpot of more than (in S’pore currency) 10 million. So in theory it is possible.

  • Wendell Allen

    Is there any system out there that really works?

    • LG

      Hi Wendell

      It really depends what you mean by ‘really works’. There are a few items listed above under the ‘Good’ section. They do what they claim to do.

      But there is nothing that can predict better numbers or help you avoid bad ones. That’s a complete myth.

      Getting a decent overall strategy in place is important, and is something all of these junk system fail to do anyway. So check the ‘Good’ section for help with that, and/or look out for my upcoming private members group too.

  • Sotiris

    first of all a big “thanks”, as I avoided to spend my money for “black lotto book” and “lotto formula 1”!

    About prediction of numbers, what about “Isolator technique”/”Simonsez method” finding,finally, 2 nrs to use them as keys? Is it familiar to you? I’m playing for years (in Greece) trying various approaches to ALL the 49 nrs – but small profit…

    • LG

      Glad we could all save you some money 🙂

      The problem with techniques like the ‘Isolator Technique’ is they are based on flawed logic and very poor testing. Typically testing over so few draws any results are totally meaningless.

      There are very good reasons why this kind of impressive sounding technical stuff sounds good, but fundamentally doesn’t work. I’m going to cover this in depth in my new private strategy group.

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