Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Beulah Morphew

    I have spent hundreds on Steve Player’s systems. They are complicated and did NOT help me win. At one time he was going to be on TV, don’t think it happened. He puts out a beautiful catalog. Supposedly lives in the mountains of Vermont with 7 cats… at least, that was years ago.

  • Larry

    Wheeling systems and super wheeling systems do work if the numbers drawn are within your chosen numbers. If the numbers drawn are in certain positions within the wheel that you are using, you will win the jackpot and other lower tier prizes. If is a small two letter word, but it has a very large significance. Happy number selecting.

  • Harvey

    @Jim Spry – you can easily start your own Lotto Syndicate with coworkers, friends, family, OLG web site even tells you how and has printable forms, etc.

  • Larry

    Great site. Great opinions. Please allow me to reinforce your position. Whichever combination is chosen by a player to play, that combination has the same odds against it as any other combination. To anyone out there considering buying a so called lottery system to increase the chances of winning – my question to you is this, when do you want me to start laughing? Thank you very much Lottery Guy for your terrific insight and analysis in regards to these lottery system schemes.

  • Harvey

    I got my money back from Ken Silver by forwarding my e-mails to/from his company
    to my credit card company.

  • Nizar

    I bought the Ken Silver lotto system. And he refused to give my money back. So thank you Mr Silver, such an honest man.

  • Jen

    I’ve been receiving emails from a company calling themselves ‘Free Lotto’ too. I was told this was just a scam. They do like to try it on don’t they with these fake books and sites.

    • LG

      There used to be a lot of free online lotto sites. The quality (and honesty!) varied enormously – but there was a good book which helped you pick out the few genuine ones (I mentioned it back in this blog post -> Are the free online lottery sites genuine?). Sadly the book hasn’t been updated in years now, and things have changed a lot, so I wouldn’t recommend anything claiming to be a free lotto now.

  • Wyslee

    I have to agree that there is no one who can even give accurate hints of the six winning numbers in any lottery draw (anywhere in the world). So instead of listening to those experts, perhaps we can try it this way. Select any lotto game and stick with that game. Construct your own charts of say 100 to 200 draws. If we do this we can see “hot spots.” From my experience these hot spots do tell us that a few numbers, say 3 or 4 numbers within each of those hot zones are good to play for the next draw, but there are at least 4 to 5 hot zones sometimes 6. Give it a try, who knows you could be the next to share the second best price if not the jackpot. Good luck.


  • Nelson

    I purchased the Ken Silver Lottery System, but could not download it and could not get my money back. No one would answer my emails.

  • Alan

    I keep reading about this guy Ken Silver, and his ‘green and red lights’ system. But he controls everything and does not tell you how he gets to whatever he sells? Trade secret like Coke he says? How does he get away for so many years without prosecution as he lives in New Zealand, a respected country?

    I must admit I bought Stefan van der Velde’s Inverted Lottery System and have come close to winning. He has some logic in his system unlike Mr Ken Silver who just says persevere, never give up – using your mind to think you will win. Clever marketer, but honest?

    I checked his 6/45 lotto with every single 6/45 lotto in the world and the numbers I chose never won more than 3 out of 6. I would have to wait 3000 years before I won with his trade secret winning numbers. He must have dreamt this way of getting numbers up in his toilet, but why is he still around duping people? We need to get rid of this guy. Red and green buttons, what a laugh? Hoax of the century!

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