Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Elle

    Hi LG

    I’m from South Africa, could you please recommend any system which can help in winning UK’s 49, South African Powerball and the lottery please. Thanks!

  • Kiran

    I’m in Italy and I used to play superenalotto. It’s 6/90, can you tell me which book or system should I buy?

  • Sandy Adams

    Hey Lottery Guy,

    As I must admit 90% of the fakes you mention I have purchased – the last being Lotto Crusher. I found an article on ‘Ezine Articles’ for a pick 3 workout system, please inform if it works. I would be content with a pick 3 proven system that works. I’m not trying to get the millions a few hundred weekly would suit me just fine. I await your needed response.

    • LG

      Hi Sandy

      The reason there are a lot of Pick 3 systems available is because you can basically make up any old rubbish and it will appear to work at times. Simply because the odds of being right (or ‘being close’) are so much higher for a game with so few combinations. My advice? Don’t believe the hype – nobody really makes an income from Pick 3 except the lottery company.

    • John

      Hey Sandy, just saw your post about the “Lotto Crusher”, I was considering purchasing it but it does not sound like you are too enthused about it. Is it just another worthless system? Would you mind telling me a little about it?

  • Courtney

    I would like to know if it’s legal to set up a website and sell my lottery predictions. I see others doing it, and like those have mentioned lottery systems don’t work. I would like to share some of the numbers and combinations that have worked for me. I don’t have a system just good strategy that I would like to market.

    • LG

      You’d have to ask a lawyer really. But personal opinion – I think anyone claiming they can predict lottery results is on very shaky ground.

      How do you know your results are any better than random luck (i.e. are statistically significant)?

  • Courtney

    Thanks for replying back and maybe I should explain myself a little better. There is no one that can predict the actual winning numbers for any of the lottery games. I can only speak for myself of the variety of strategies that I actually use that have given me winners. Do I hit everyday no! Can I hit very often, yes! So I would like to take my hard work and energy that I put in to discovering these trends and develop a website and market them. Or I can just keep the results from my strategies and just play them myself. I have seen the popular guys such as Steve Player and Bill Walsh systems and I have tried them both and other’s. So if they can do it, I want to know what I need to do about checking the laws and regulations pertaining to that. I’m not selling bets or tickets. Just my own results from personal strategies used to create number patterns to play based on back testing and trends.

    • LG

      Hi Courtney

      Yup, understood – but it’s the same answer really.

      For that kind of legal advice, you would need to talk to a lawyer. Not trying to be unhelpful :-). It’s unlikely you need any kind of licensing (but then each country is different), so it’s probably just a case of what statements you can and cannot make, and what disclaimers may or may not cover them. But I’m not a lawyer.

      For me though, this comes strongly back to the ethical side…

      Because I would say you need to prove that your results are more than pure luck if you want to sell it to other people. And that means proving statistical significance. I see a lot of claims of “it seems to work for me” or “it works sometimes”, but that just doesn’t cover it — because luck works sometimes :-).

      There are people doing what you’re suggesting – but that doesn’t necessarily mean what they are doing is legal or ethical.

      Hope that helps.

  • Anwar Bhojani


    I want to buy WINSLIPS. What is your opinion? Is it worth 360 DAYS- US40$.

  • Deb

    Hi Lottery-guy: THANKYOU so much for your review. After listening to “Everett Thompson” talking about his Lotto Crusher, I was surprised at the price and it just did not feel right. So I googled it. First, why do so many of the sites sound like they were written by someone who’s first language is NOT English??!! And they all say how great this is. That it’s not a scam! I figured, since they could not speak English very well, they did not know what they were talking about! Then I clicked on yours — WOW, an awful lot of scams out there. Thankyou so much for your help!! I wish your site was more easily found for so many people to not get ripped-off!


  • DJ

    I received a letter in the mail from a guy named Leo Hamilton who claims he has a 26 year lottery winning streak. He has a system called “Professional Power Lotto” and is also offering a book called professional power lotto with three bonus books for $45 plus $5 S&H ($50) and a 1 year 100% money-back guarantee! Hamilton Publishing, PO Box 1016, New York, NY, 10274-1016? Is this system legit or a scam?

  • Rosella Lampe

    Hi Lottery Guy : Found a lottery system under what you mentioned as Silver Lotto and he sells two other options he claims will provide a system that produces winners all of the time. He sells it quite high for the two other options and his other system he has created simply places numbers in a row by adding one more number… example 4,15,22,37,42, these numbers are increased by adding to each 4,16,23,38,43 and the numbers for the Mega is done be placing 1-15 for Mega Million , Power Ball is 1-35 and S/Lotto 1-27 continuing into each number and then repeating it as it contains the end result. I wanted to find out about this and chose to inquire about it and got results… what bothered me was the fact that the numbers are never changed… the reason for this is due to the fact that balls are without a brain and the numbers will reappear as time goes by, one can imagine the numbers going into a continuous circle and will come back up again. I really don’t think any system can work except to try and see what happens, but we all don’t have money to throw away either… That is a catch 22!

  • Veronica


    I got a postcard in the mail also from Professor Richard Silvers, ever heard of him? Well-known mathematician and computer scientist, he seems to have “cracked the lottery code” or your money back.

    thank you!

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