Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Nancy

    Wish I had found your site years ago. Not only did I buy Gail Howard’s books and software, I also bought Lotto Pro. Won a (very) little using the Howard software, nothing with Lotto Pro.

    The Bluskov book I bought about a year ago, will have to dig it out…

  • Robert

    Hi friends, seems like when I’m broke these so call “Guranteed” systems look better everytime, the system knows how to keep the brother down literally. I’m at a cliff now trying to buy the “Sniperpick3” for $37. I’ve wasted hundreds of dollars on so called sure winners, scams I see that now, please give me feedback on the “Sniperpick3” thanks in advance.

    • LG

      You mean Pick 3 Sniper? If so, it’s already listed in my ‘Bad’ section above. So I’d save your $37 🙂

      But honestly, why play Pick 3 at all?

      Nobody makes an income playing Pick 3, despite the claims (they really don’t!). Instead, choose a game where you can actually win a life changing sum. Those games have the smaller prizes Pick 3 offers anyway.

  • Abby

    I disagree with you… it seems that you had a negative analyzation on almost all the lottery programs… actually the lottery is random — a fact… and those systems can increase our luck to win something… so its ok for all the systems.

    • LG

      Hi Abby,

      But none of these systems claim to improve your ‘luck’. They claim to do things like predict the future results. Something which is fundamentally impossible for a game that, as you say, is random. And something which nobody has ever proven can be done in the entire history of lottery games. Yet they are still happy selling stuff that claims it can?

      So I’m not sure what you’re disagreeing with? 🙂

    • Larry

      In response to Abby. The Lottery Guy is absolutely right beyond any reasonable doubt to a moral certainty concerning a random event.There is no one on the surface of the earth that can effect or control the outcome of a random event, such a being is not among us. The reason that they the sellers of lottery systems continue to sell horse manure is because people continue to buy it. A client representing himself in court is his own fool. The same can be said about system sellers of lotteries. A system seller without a customer is his own fool. Don’t let them make a fool out of you. Don’t buy it, and let the system sellers make fools out of themselves, instead of you. Don’t buy the horse manure that they are attempting to sell you with their glamorous advertising.

  • Courtney Johnson

    Hi. I’ve been playing without a system for a long time now but without any luck. Where can I get some free pointers on what strategies to use to improve my chances?

  • Golden Joyner

    I have that book. The book is hard to understand, it looks good, if I could only understand it.

    • LG

      Hi Golden,

      Do you mean Bluskov’s wheeling book? If so, what bit did you have trouble with? Most of the book is of course wheeling systems, so it’s more a reference book and not something you read cover to cover. The first 30 pages are the important bit.

  • Rosie Gee

    Hiya Lottery Guy,

    I’ve seen a website called 999 Book of Numbers – could you possibly review as well? It seems pretty legit, but you never know. So here is the link:

    They also have a book called “Book of Numbers.” So, if you could review both, I would really appreciate it. It seems to me every time someone writes their so-called lottery book or system, the majority of us cannot even understand what the heck these authors authors are talking about. Some systems are so confusing and most of us are not numbers experts either. I did buy that “Lottery Black Book” by the Larry, the lottery professor and I was totally lost. To me, his book was too confusing to follow.

    Thank you and have a great week!

    • LG

      Hi Rosie,

      I’d avoid it like the plague to be honest 🙂

      They claim they can predict the Pick 3/4 lottery, but don’t provide any evidence of this. But the big glaring red flag for me is in the FAQ page – apparently their predictions are only any good if you play them for the entire USA. That’s right, their Pick 3 and 4 predictions are not for just 1 state lottery, you have to play them in 41 states..!

      AND for a ‘specified period of time’.

      Well if that period of time is the same ‘9 draws’ as mentioned in the books, quite honestly this goes beyond absurd.

      Because I counted no less than 15 different ‘predicted’ results given to play just for Pick 3. Play those 15 picks in 41 different draws at the same time, for 9 draws — in a game where there are only 1,000 different results!

      It’s about as useful as ‘predicting’ a 3 digit number will be drawn :-).

      Remember, nobody makes an income playing Pick 3. It’s a bad game choice, and pretty much the same as playing a slot machine.

  • Rajan

    Dear LG,
    I’m from Malaysia… could you please recommend any pick 4 or lottery system that might work here in Malaysia… Thanks.

  • Mt Davis

    Wow! Finally someone who’s not scared of saying this stuff is Bullshit.

    90% of the junk out there is just rehashed crap! Ive been a lottery player for the last 20+ years and have seen most of this garbage out there, I finally have developed my own system and find it works for me so I think in the long run that’s what you really have to do is work at it, pay attention and do what works for you.

    Thanks for sharing and telling people the truth!

    • Bobby

      Mt Davis,

      Any extra tips for me on the state lottery? I’ve tried a lot of crap systems out there and have gotten nowhere at all but ripped off. That Gail Howard system just doesn’t work at all and so many others.

      • Mt Davis

        What games and what state are you playing in? Let me know then I may be able to tell you what I do.

      • Buddy

        Hi Bobby

        Got a cool tip for you young gentleman. Go to Amazon website book store and take a look at this lottery system by Dr.Iliya Bluskov for pick 5/pick 6. Go to his website and check him out there! Also lottery syndicates may be something you could check into as well, you might love it.


  • Pepe

    I thank you very much for your information. When reading your post I was praying that I would find some good answers to the complicated lottery systems shown on the web. I really laugh now after I finish read all your investigative work. Good job Mr LG. I wish I can find something real because I need to help people and my self. Thank you. Sincerely Jose.

  • Buddy

    Hi folks!

    Just wanted to respond to Rosie’s complaint about all the bad lottery systems out on the internet. If it sounds too good to be true then you don’t need it! Any lottery author of a system tells you they can promise you a large jack pot win is lying to you. No one can promise you a large jackpot lottery win – get the facts first before you buy.

    • Andy

      Hi Buddy

      I agree with you that Dr. Bluskov’s Wheeling system is tighter than Gail Howard’s one. But it’s useless totally if the selected numbers are incorrect. Could you recommend me which systems in the current market are the best ones for selecting lotto numbers really? Don’t tell me GH’s A+. Thanks for your sincere help and nice sharing!

      • LG

        Hey Andy

        You’re right on both counts – you still need to pick the right numbers. And the Gail Howard companies advice on picking numbers is plain silly.

        But picking numbers is the random luck part of the game. That’s the way it’s designed to be – it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise because we’d all be sharing the jackpot every week 🙂

        Why do you think any system can help you pick better lottery numbers? I guarantee you nobody has ever proven they can pick numbers that are more likely to win. Many of the lottery systems listed here will happily claim it, but their proof is strangely absent.

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