Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • SSG Taylor

    Hey Lottery guy and everyone. What do i do if i bought 5 scratch tickets with print that says “overall odds including break-even prizes are 1 in 4.21. But i scratch them with no winners?

    • LG

      Hi there.

      What you do is relax in the knowledge that nothing is wrong in the world of mathematics 😉

      You see, buying 5 tickets does not guarantee you will win anything, as you just discovered. I know that may sound wrong, but think of it this way… if you roll a dice 6 times are you guaranteed to roll a 6..? It’s quite likely that you will, but it is not definite.

      The same thing applies here. It doesn’t actually make any difference if you buy the 5 tickets at the same time, or all on different days. Each ticket still has a 1 in 4.21 chance of winning.

      To put it another way, even if your first 3 tickets lose, that last ticket still has a 1 in 4.21 chance of winning something — it’s chance of winning hasn’t increased just because the others didn’t win. Do you see what I mean?

      This is one of the key problems in Richard Lustig’s book – and he’s selling that mistake as expert lottery advice..!

    • pystol

      What would you do if you scratched the first ticket and won a prize? Throw the other four in the trash unscratched because you already had a win?

  • Eugene

    I am returning Dave Muse “DELTA LOTTO”. States that system does not pick winners, only gives a range of probables from a hundred!!! numbers. Should have said so in the first place. More like a ‘Lucky Dip’ Have a look at this system. More like a program on Statistics based on Lotto draws.

    • LG

      Hey Eugene,

      Yes I’d have to agree, Muse’s system is a waste of money. Hope you get the refund OK.

      There’s no value at all in using ‘deltas’ to pick numbers. Sure you cut down the combinations radically – but the ones you end up with are no more likely to win than those you eliminate.

  • Subra

    Hi LG,

    Have you heard of Lotto Pro? Does this system really work? It’s offering 15 days free trial as well. Anyone out there has any experience with it?

    • LG

      If you’re looking for something to manage lots of entries, and print tickets etc, then you might find it useful. But if it’s the claims about ‘Smart Numbers’, and being able to pick numbers with ‘the best statistical chance of hitting’, then I’d recommend avoiding it, as there’s no evidence at all that it’s any better than quick picks.

  • Paul

    Just want to advise you I managed to win $1 million on Aussie Wednesday Lotto in Sydney. I bought all these systems Stefan van der Velde/ Ken “Honest not” Silver / Terry Fisher – for years played and won nothing to talk about – for years! So I thought man the only good thing about their numbers was that I was guaranteed NOT to win. So I chose numbers not from their systems and won with 3 system 8’s. Pure luck and I feel sorry for people that believe these clowns and how they get away with it is beyond belief in today’s time.

    • LG

      Awesome – congratulations on your win Paul, nice one 🙂

      No, I don’t really understand either how people can sell systems that cannot achieve what they claim. Pretty much every country in the world has laws against this kind of thing, yet none of them have been prosecuted..? Maybe that day is coming :-). They’ve created a pretty grimy industry so I’m more than happy to list all the garbage here, and hopefully help people save their cash or buy one of the few sensible guides that do help.

      • Judex

        No one will be prosecuted ! They understand the Law ! It is only an offer for sale : Either you buy or not, it is your responsibility ! If you are forced to buy, then it is a different matter ! Cheers

      • LG

        Maybe in some countries, but many countries have consumer laws which open vendors to prosecution if they sell products using false claims. I’d like to see a lot of these system sellers try to defend their claims in court – they wouldn’t have a leg to stand on.

  • Wyslee

    Hi all, I guarantee no lottery system sellers will be prosecuted as there are no consumer laws which can point out false claims in any game of chance. Let us know if there is some place whose law makers can pass judgement on true and false claims in lottery strategies, and I will be the first on the queue to learn from them.

    • LG

      Hey Wyslee,

      Seems pretty clear to me. Strategy is great, I love strategy. But that’s not what these junk system sellers are actually selling. They’re selling snake oil, magic potions that don’t do what they claim. In some cases just unproven theories. In others, theories they never cared about in the first place and probably just copied from elsewhere.

      Take for example a seller of software that claims to ‘analyse past results and pick numbers that are more likely to win’. The lottery company will tell you that every combination has exactly the same chance of winning. Fundamentally one of them is incorrect. I’ve never seen a system/software seller prove any claim of being able to pick better numbers. But I have seen the extent to which lottery companies go to ensure their games are legal and fair.

      I know who I’d be backing in that court case.

      Then there’s the system sellers who claim to make a regular income beating the lottery. Really? Yet I’ve never come across anyone who has been able to back that claim up. That’s as black and white as it comes. It’s either true, or not. Yet there’s no evidence..?

  • Paul

    You know I was thinking after my win how bad people have become today. In the old days when people won huge lottos it was happy celebrations everywhere photos big story and then that was it. Nowadays if somebody wins the same hurrah happens but once its over there is one difference. They now see an opportunity to cash in and take their lucky wins to sell to gullible people on “winning formulas” names like Richard Lustig and Terry Fisher come to mind. Legitimate real winners that are not convinced they won on luck and cashing in on their fame. This rarely happened in the old days. Anyway thats my 2 cents worth of useless information as gullible/desperate people are everywhere.

    • LG

      Hey Paul

      It is sad to see people selling junk that they know doesn’t help, while they happily bank everyones hard earned cash.

      But that’s why I started this site – to help people with the things that do make a difference when playing the lottery, and to warn of all the expensive junk that doesn’t work. I’ve helped a lot of people over the years, and plan to help a lot more yet. So do tell a friend 🙂

  • E Deroze

    Before finding your site, I had already joined WINSLIPS (Vandevelde) and used the “MAX COVER” system covering (7) seven panels. Guess what! Guaranteed to select the 6 (six) numbers. These did come out, but spread over 5 panels. Pointless, as I generally get 2 (two) normally. I have signed and paid up for 30 days, and will let you if I do win anything, but only single entries in future.

    • LG

      As you say, there’s little point in a wheeling system that just covers every number – great, you get every number, but win nothing..! Spend $30 on quick picks instead and you’ll likely do a heck of a lot better 🙂

      I’d recommend requesting a refund.

  • Judex

    I use 3 Bankers and spread on 3 other numbers at random.

    I waited for a couple of weeks. I won 3 or 4 out of 6.

    In the end, no profit at all !

    On my Island, every 4 weeks Somebody hits the jackpot 6 out of 40. I throw all my Mathematics, Analysis, Projections, etc. etc. into the Indian Ocean !.

  • Paul

    I tried Van Der Velde for years and all his system is he makes a 645 lotto into a 636 or 634 (depending on how many numbers he leaves out) lotto with millions of combinations also? He says he is good in solving riddles but he has won nothing? The latest OZ Lotto of 100 million AUD had no syndicate winners and pure luck winners so that should be a warning sign.

  • Eugene

    Speaking of statistics UKLOTTO /+5(five) have a section of tables showing breakdown of numbers. Most drawn, least drawn, also history by numbers and frequency.
    No claims just information. Presume all lottery operators do the same?

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