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Here’s where I answer lots of your questions about playing the lottery – everything from your chances of winning to how to pick numbers.

And if you need an answer I haven’t covered then you can ask your lottery questions here.

Do You Have To Split Lottery Winnings?

Split gifted lottery winnings

Simple question right?

Well it depends how the ticket was bought. And on a couple of other things too.

But let’s dig in and figure out if (or how) you need to split your lottery winnings.

Gifted Scratchcard Wins: Should I Share My Winnings?

This is a really interesting one. If someone gives you a lottery ticket as a gift – and it wins – are you under any obligation to share some of the winnings with them? Read More

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What Are The Odds Of Winning The Lottery vs Getting Struck By Lightning?

Lottery vs Lightning

So today I wanted to talk to you about that well worn phrase, “you’re more likely to get struck by lightning, than win the lottery”.

It’s normally quoted by (somewhat smug) people who don’t play the lottery, as kind of a way to suggest you’re crazy to actually play it. Read More

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Why Does My Lottery Ticket Say See Retailer?

Lottery ticket scanner - see retailer

When your lottery ticket says see retailer, it can mean a bunch of different things.

Here I explain what they are and what you can do about it.

Two Main Types Of ‘See Retailer’ Message

This is the first thing to understand – there are 2 main kinds of these messages. Read More

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[Lottery Quiz] Question 3 – Getting Wheely Good Now

polarskateChief Polar Bear has a new toy – but it’s much misunderstood in the North Pole this concept of ‘wheels’.

It works, but sometimes he can’t help thinking the hype is better than the reality. (Especially when it comes to skateboards in the snow, and it tends to do the snow thing a lot round here). Read More

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[Lottery Quiz] Question 2 – It’s A Pole Party (Dancing Optional)


It’s a sociable place the North Pole, although it’s hard to get groups to mix sometimes. Those arctic foxes can be a little snooty and don’t like hanging out with the polar bears. You know how it is. But that doesn’t stop them all partying up there – it helps keep the chills at bay. Read More

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