Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • LC

    What about Silver Lotto System – by Ken Silver? Have you reviewed this system?

  • James

    I downloaded the Lottery Statistical Analyser software from the web, a couple of nights ago. Had a good look at it and decided to buy through Pay Pal. I waited 24 hrs for a reply containing the code number to open the software but nothing came. I got in touch with paypal and they said they could not deliver the payment, did I wish to cancel, so I did. Aparently Pay Pal could not get any reply to accept the payment. You have them on your middle ground, so you know of them, any comments. Thankyou.

    • LG

      Hi James,

      You may not have given them enough time to respond? Most of these guys are gonna be one man bands, so if they are e.g. on holiday/ill, it may take more than a couple of days to resolve any payment issues. (Did you try the contact form on their site?)

      Normally you don’t need to ‘accept’ a Paypal payment, but there are circumstances where Paypal require it (can depend on the currency of the payment for example) – and that would trip up any automatic issuing of registration codes. I’m surprised Paypal didn’t suggest waiting a bit longer, they give a recipient 30 days to accept a payment before automatically reversing it.

      • Jim Goldsmith

        Hi LG
        Thanks for your reply to my question. I am still interested in the software so I will try and contact them and see what happens. Paypal just had a comment on my account saying the payment had not gone through. They had a choice to cancel or carry on with the transaction. So I played safe and cancelled. A thought occured to me, perhaps he or she won the lottery and up left on holiday.

  • Mantas

    i was wondering, could you please comment on the lottery guy lotto system that is very positively reviewed in the internet (and that is very strange). I’m not sure if that’s a scam or not, but your comments would be trully appreciated. If you have some knowledge about it and if you could share that would be wonderful because I was planning to get it, but I’m not sure if it’s not scam as a lot of lotto systems.
    Thank you in advance,

  • Daniel

    I bought Smart Play Wheeling system for $21. I got a few wheels with the mention that they will not refund the money in any situation. To my surprise all the wheels they sent were actually just Robert Perkis wheels what I downloaded one day before from RB site free of charge. I am sorry to say it but seems that all of them are in the same game. To be dishonest.

  • Jonathan

    Hey LG, I have seen some of these systems before and they look so promising, that I have actually been so tempted just to try them and see if they work, but after looking on this website, I probably won’t.

    I personally like to pick my own numbers. Are there any ways to increase my chances without having to purchase these worthless softwares. Thanks.

    • LG

      I don’t blame you Jonathan – some of them are designed to have your card out of your wallet before you’ve had a chance to think about it 😉

      And yes, you can do some sensible things to increase your chances – that’s the kind of stuff I teach, start over here.

    • Allan

      I hate to say it but this site is so right, over 20yrs or more of using some of these systems none of them worked. But I do use a little of each of them to make our numbers, I will say it is a waste of money to give to these guys.

  • Golden Joyner

    Does anybody know what happen to the lotto guy website? And why I can’t login?

  • Marty

    Hi! I received a mailing about a way to beat the lottery from Success Publishers (win-track).

    I went on this site and found lots of courses for sale on how to beat the lottery. I have no idea if these are any good, or just scams.

    The sales letter I received was by Alan Kennedy: “15 Easy Proven Ways To Beat Any Lottery And Take Home Up To $500… $1,000… $7,000 And More… Guaranteed!” with the course: “Pure Winning Lottery Methods.”

    Please tell me what you know about this course and the other lottery courses from Success Publishing.

    Are they a reputable company?

    Do they honor their money-back guarantees?

    Are their lottery courses based on truth and reality, or are they scams?

    If they are scams, can you tell me why, because I know nothing about this sort of thing.

    Which of their lottery courses is the VERY BEST for beating the lottery?

    Thank you very much. I really appreciate your time and help!

  • Gene

    Stefan Vandevelde – tried Inverted Lottery System for 2 months, won 1 buck. Pick-3 Sniper – canceled it, never could get into system! The Lotto Black Book – junk. Lottery Destroyer – won 100 bucks, canceled after 1 month. Steve Player – did win several times with Pick-3 Red Book. Not listed, one to won lottery systems out of New York, miracle maker hit wheel. I won several times here in mass on pick-3 lottery games. Thanks for the info on bad systems. Too late for me. e.j.b.

  • Jesse

    Statistics is the way to go with predictions. Of course you have to wait and see, and of course it’s inconsistent, but I have won big many times using past numbers as far back as 5 years just to hit or see a winning number. The problem is at least where I live, whatever pattern the balls are following changes after 1 or 2 draws. And it keeps changing non-stop. Not sure how they’re able to do that. But I’m just speaking about the daily draw games, never never works at all for the big jackpot games. No way no how. That’s impossible, no question. They’re tricky, but not infallible. Shoot I could write a book, I have lots of different number systems I use. Simple addition, multiplication, and division basically and sometimes tallies too. Do you think anybody would buy it?

    • Andy

      Jesse, I agree with you. I will buy your book (E-version) if it really works for the digit games such Pick3/4. My meaning of getting the win is that we can win constantly (not each draw) and economically (get a real profit) by using the System.

      • LG

        Unfortunately nobody makes a profit/income playing Pick 3/4. Sorry, but that’s the truth of it. People often convince themselves otherwise, but it always seems to ‘only work for a while’, then it just needs improving… – which is of course just luck and the easy odds at work. It’s why the lottery companies love these games – they make people feel like they are winning, or were ‘very close’. I’d recommend choosing a better game instead.

  • Gene

    I was told by a math guru from New York that when the daily numbers are hit too often, they either speed up or slow down the wheels. Makes sense, the lottery is a business after all. Should you sell your lottery system ideas? Why not. As long as its easy to understand and apply, and its affordable. Good Luck.

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