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I need to warn you up front – sadly, nearly every system out there is total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system revie…

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Lottery System Reviews

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  • Davidallen

    You have terrific site! I’m sure most of the so called “winning lotto system” owners must dread your site.

    I was wondering if you have you ever heard of the “Lottery Winning Formula” by Michael Jenkins? I would like your input before I invest any money into it.



      Thanks David 🙂

      Looks like ‘Lottery Winning Formula’ is just another name for ‘Lottery Crusher’ – the two sites are very similar.

      (Amusingly if you look at his ‘blog’ it actually says Lottery Crusher in the copyright notice at the bottom – oops, forgot to change that one eh? 😉 )

  • David

    There was a lottery system written by a mathematician/engineer, William Atwood, called The Lottery Solution – he proved mathematically that you could improve your odds (although still a long shot) of winning the jackpot/lower level prizes by taking all the numbers in a lottery (ie. 49 numbers) and combining them for 8 tickets such that none of the 49 numbers repeat – a group in England actually won using this method.


      Also known as the ‘Matrix Method’, unfortunately this doesn’t really work ‘as advertised’.

      In terms of the jackpot it actually makes no difference at all. Each combination is just one of the millions available. It doesn’t matter how you combine the numbers, ultimately you’re still just covering 8 of 13,983,816 possible results.

      You will of course have the drawn numbers somewhere across your tickets – but the chances of them all being on the same ticket are no better. With only 8 tickets you’re going to end up with tickets mostly hitting just 1 number, sometimes 2. And of course you don’t win anything for that.

      This is basically a poorly designed wheeling system. There is some merit to wheeling and choosing a wheel with a useful minimum match guarantee. But it only helps with the small prizes, and makes no difference as far as the jackpot goes. You also need to be playing enough lines to bother, and while it’s useful it’s still a minor thing.

  • Diane

    Have you heard of winners only lotto? It’s a book I found at a local gas station ($6.99).

    Website says with promo code (100 or 129) you can access the site free for 30days – but you have to register your paypal or credit card first. I’m not willing to do that but would buy the book if you give it a good review.



      Hi Diane

      Another new one. Had a good look around, and I see lots of warning signs on his site.

      Things like increase chances “by up to 67%” – he clearly doesn’t know much about maths as you increase chances by 100% just by buying 2 tickets instead of 1. That probably also explains the claim that ‘numerology is a mathematical science that can help you predict lottery results’. It isn’t.

      So I’m afraid it all looks very much like superstitious nonsense to me. You simply cannot deduce future lottery results by applying any kind of formula to previous ones. I’d spend the money on lottery tickets instead as even at $7 the book sounds like a waste of money 🙂

  • Mark

    I don’t believe you tried any of these systems. I’ve been using [junk system] for several years and have been winning almost every draw! There are systems to help you win. I totally disagree with you.

    (Edit: [junk system] = removed suspected self promotion, LG)


      Of course you have ‘Mark’, won almost every draw for several years. Where do I buy your system again..?

    • Pystol

      There aren’t too many systems which I haven’t seen and tried and none of them has been more than just occasionally ‘lucky’. So Mark, are you shilling for systems in general rather than for any one, in particular?

  • Sam

    Good work, Lottery-Guy. My new book “A Player’s Guide to Lotto Strategies [Kindle Edition]” takes six of these systems, breaks them down mathematically, and formally proves them wrong. It also makes the point that at least two authors are perfectly sincere because using their “system” they have won some lottery more than once, and have grossly underestimated the probability of doing so purely by chance. I would be glad to send a free review copy to you or to anyone else who wishes to write a review.


      Hey Sam,

      I’d be happy to review your book – just email a copy over, and I’ll put a review up for folks as soon as I can (you subscribed to comments so should see this comment by email first, so just hit reply on that to reach me).

  • Mike

    What do you know about Paul Terry winning at pick 3 and pick 4


      Hi Mike

      It’s another system based on number analysis – which doesn’t work. As Veronica mentioned here ‘Paul’ also happily promotes other junk systems such as The Lotto Black Book (which is probably the worst of them all)!

      But I don’t recommend playing games like Pick 3 anyway, they’re just like playing a slot machine. Pick a game with a life changing jackpot (that amount differs from person to person) and the best odds, and focus on that instead.

  • Sam

    I am surprised that no one seems to know that you can download The Lotto Black Book from the Internet for free. That is because it merely is a reissue of “Winning Lotto Strategies” by Paul Connor. Marketing efforts of this book ceased when it was exposed as plagiarized material with stolen testimonials by the webmaster of [link removed], who is offering a free download out of outrage from his site. QRV Holdings gave the book a new name, new author, and new hype, and is offering it under a new cover. The true author of much of the material in the book is Robert Perkis.


      Hey Sam

      There’s definitely no excuse at all for plagiarism. But as I’m not 100% clear on who owns the material and I think there better ways to handle copyright infringement, I’ve removed the link for the free download from Mr Outraged :-).

      Unfortunately the original source material itself is actually really poor. It’s nearly all numerical analysis that makes no sense at all in the real world. So even for free it’s really not worth the time to read it.

      (Anyone curious/determined will be able to search it out – please don’t ask for the link 🙂 )

  • Veronica


    I have a new one for you, I got an email about this “new” software and it is called Lottery Cash Software.

    Would like your input on it. Thank you 🙂


      Hi Veronica,

      Just more garbage I’m afraid – and how bad is that video. First it was funny, then I just got so bored listening to ‘Mr Promotional Voiceover’ droning on endlessly without saying anything useful 🙂

      I’d recommend you unsubscribe from that mailing list by the way.

  • Veronica

    I have a new one ‘how to become a scratch off millionaire’. Can you please give me your input? I would really appreciate it! Thank you! vs


      When the graphic and link to buy appears (it’s on a timer, no need to put yourself through watching the video), look closely at the right hand side. At the top of the small scratch off banner graphic, who’s name appears… ‘Mark Bower’. That’s a good strong warning sign 🙂

  • Pacman

    I’ve just watched a video by Paul Terry, and I saw the two reviews of him here, but I need more information than just a bad number analysis system. Is there anyway you could elaborate? In other words, obviously you’ve seen the system, so without giving away too many details, elaborate on why the number analysis is bogus. I say this because the best way to determine what the next potential winner would be is by analysis. Thanks.


      Number analysis refers to claims such as numbers falling in certain patterns because more of those patterns exist in the pool of combinations available. Nobody wins anything for matching an overall pattern, only for matching the exact results.

      Maybe I should have just said ‘number analysis’, as by definition it’s all ‘bad’ 🙂

      For example, ‘Gail Howard’ tells us to look at the sums of the numbers in a combination. And to choose numbers which add up to the most common range of sums. But you don’t win anything for matching the sum, only the actual numbers. So whilst it sometimes sounds nice and mathematical, this kind of anlaysis does nothing to increase our chances of winning.

      • Pacman

        Thanks for the timely reply. Very informative, but have you actually seen his system? Also, there’s a person who can be looked up publicly in the NH Lottery’s big online winner’s section by the name of Peter St. Pierre. I believe he is using Steve Player’s “Private stock system”. I believe this for many reasons too long to write here, but I looked his name up back to about almost 4 years, and he is winning big with the Pick-4 and Pick-3. When I say big, I mean amounts like 25 to 50 grand every few months with smaller amounts just about every month.

        I know he is using Steve’s system becaause there are many months where Peter’s winnings match a certain amount that Steve shows on his website in the system mentioned above, which is $4,160.00 Steve’s system is a boxed system, but Peter must be manipulating the numbers to get straight hits.

        I announced this on a lottery forum and some people suggested Peter is Steve in disguise, and those wins are really huge bets that leave Steve in the red at the end of the month, and it’s a gimmick to sell his systems, which may sound legit, but Steve would have to sell a huge amount of his systems to recover the thousands lost in the scheme. Others have made ridiculous comments saying Peter is just trying to get his money back. I can’t buy that one at all because who in their right mind would spend thousands every month, year after year just to catch up. Personally after a few losses, I would give up and try again, so I believe peter is on to something.

        What do you think? Go check it out for yourself. I’d say Peter is grossing an average of about 50 to 70 grand a year.


        Steve Player sells garbage systems, and yes, I think it’s entirely probably that Peter St. Pierre is just another name they use to claim under (to create publicity to sell their garbage..?).

        You cannot predict these games and turn them into an income, it’s just not possible.

        As I think you probably saw on the same forum -> Steve Player does not exist, it’s just a company, and one that loses a hell of a lot more than it wins using their own systems. That tells you everything you need to know 🙂

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