Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • William Sumner

    I’ve bought lottery systems of all kinds and none worked. I had the “Lotto Buster System” – their second upgrade was great, I was hitting the cash three in FLA three and four times a week, and the play four two to four times a week.

    But when they did the third upgrade it wouldn’t even get two numbers. When I contacted them to see if that certain program could be sent to me, they had shut down. And that is the only one that made money.

    • LG

      Hey William

      We all feel your pain :-).

      Problem is where a ‘system’ seems to work, then doesn’t, that’s really just luck rearing it’s friendly little head.

      After all, if something doesn’t consistently work how can they ever claim it worked in the first place, in order to be able to ethically sell it..?

      I’ve never seen anyone prove they can reliably predict numbers. Not even a little bit 🙂

    • Robert Shaw

      Sorry to hear your problem and as Upgrades are meant to be better it should have done but my point is why not use the Version that you were winning with by going back to that version

  • Rick Martin

    Hi, I enjoy your discussions. I fall somewhere in between the hypers selling “junk” and the believers.

    I am a loyal player of the NY lottery, and am often asked when checking my lottery tickets “Well, did you win?”. My answer may help those frustrated buyers of lottery software books and systems. I usually say “You’re not supposed to win, but one day you check your tickets and you might be a winner.” So I think patience is required for anyone who wants to win.

    I equate winning the lottery to being a PGA Tour champion like Tiger Woods or Phil Michelson – it’s incredibly difficult to win, but some people work hard and put in the time and have success.

    • LG

      Hey Rick,

      Thanks for stopping by and joining us 🙂

      Patience is definitely useful skill for all 🙂

      But the key is to remember this is supposed to be entertainment. If you didn’t win, it doesn’t really mean that you ‘lost’ either. You still had the fun of playing! And it’s actually pretty good value entertainment in my opinion.

      [This is what frustrates me about the ‘tax on the stupid‘ crowd – if you rent a bad movie, is that a tax on the stupid..??]

      Lotteries are indeed very difficult to win, but I can’t agree about them being like golf I’m afraid, they’re far more exciting than golf ;-).

      More seriously…

      Thing is, golf is undeniably a game of skill. But trying to predict something that’s been designed to be random (or ‘random enough so as to be unpredictable’), that’s where our paths divide. I know there’s fun in trying, but how do you know hard work from random luck..?

  • Mike.O

    All said and done all the online programmers have their carrots to dangle. I’m with you on one thing if they have anything to offer all they have to do is put up their results of what their programs claim to do, I know they would argue that they would be doing the work for you, but they could do this when the tills close and before the lottery is drawn that way justice will serve their claims.

    Personally I think the best way to play any lottery is to eliminate the field, playing with 25/30 numbers is the way to go, anything else is [ as is ] hit and miss.

    Regards, Mike

  • Bee

    On your recommendation I bought the winning more book. It’s basically a lottery history book. I really don’t know if I learnt anything promising. Just got disappointed that I may never win anything.

    But it’s a solid book as you said. No bluff only stuff. But doesn’t tell you how to win, while tells you how to win more when you do win by avoiding foolish strategies.

    • LG

      Hey Bee,

      Thanks for your comment. Sounds like you did get something useful out of the book though.

      I think the important thing to remember is that playing the lottery is entertainment. And compared to a lot of things it’s actually very good value in those terms alone. With the added bonus that it could change your life. Not a lot of hobbies can promise that 🙂

  • Bibel

    “The Lotto Black Book – Larry Blair got shot in the foot…”

    Why not shot in the head?

  • Chris Love

    Thanks for your good reviews and inputs. After your review of Magayo Lotto, I decided not to go there. Do you know of any good program for the California Daily 3? You can email me.

    • LG

      Hey Chris

      Pick 3 is not really a good game choice to be honest – it’s more like a slot machine. Meaning that even when you win the jackpot, it just gets put back in again, and you can never win big enough.

      Those people selling Pick 3 systems make their money selling systems, not playing Pick 3. Nobody genuinely makes an income out of the game, except the lottery company of course :-).

      You can get my free tips here for more help on choosing the right game to start with.

  • Jeff

    This is sooo interesting and thanks for sharing this. I was about to get me that pick 6 lottery system from that guy called the Inverted Lottery System, and the other one called Lotto Master Formula, but now that you said they’re crap, I won’t. I have to admit though that I got this new pick 3 system 3 weeks ago and I won 2 times straight and 3 times boxed playing online, and I just got this pick 4 system from the same guy, will let you know if it works too.


    • LG

      Hi Jeff

      Glad I was able to help.

      Sorry to burst your bubble on the Pick 3 system though. Testing a system for 3 weeks doesn’t really tell you anything at all. If you really want to test it properly, get the full history of the game, and apply this ‘system’ to every draw as if you were playing it. Then compare those results with your expected results from luck alone. (Then wonder why the person selling this sytem didn’t do exactly that…)

  • Larry

    Hi Lottery Guy. In reference to Jeff. You make an excellent point. Also, how do we know that Jeff isn’t someone who is attempting to use your site to sell a system or someone else’s system? Have a great day.

  • Thomas

    Hello there, I’m wondering what you think of the Delta Lottery System .
    I haven’t used it yet, but it appeals to me a lot.
    Would love to hear what you think.
    All the best.

    • LG

      Hi Thomas

      It’s on my Bad list I’m afraid. It’s one of those things that sounds mathematically clever, but doesn’t actually do anything useful…

      Any system that is based on picking combinations that make certain patterns (because ‘more combinations make those patterns’) is fundamentally flawed.

      You win nothing for matching the same pattern as the winning numbers. Only matching the actual numbers.

      So using ‘deltas’ will not make any difference to your chances of winning.

  • Ronald Smith

    Have you heard of Lottery Audit being advertised on the internet, and what do you think of it?
    Best Regards
    Ron smith

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