Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Ronald Smith

    I have been doing the UK lottery scratch cards for a year now with a small syndicate, and so far the most we have won is £100. Are they a waste of time? I have never known of anyone winning big. What do you think?
    Great site.
    best regards
    Ron Smith.

    • LG

      Hi Ronald

      They’re not a waste of time, people do win every week – they usually wait till all the top prizes are won before withdrawing a scratch card from sale. (And sometimes continue to sell them when there are no big prizes left too…).

      Just make sure you do your research first before deciding which cards to play. Compare the odds, jackpot amounts, number of prizes available – and especially, number of big prizes remaining. No point buying a card where all or most of the big prizes have gone, when you can choose a different one and still have 5 or 10 big prizes to be won. All that information should be available on the official UK Lotto site – but contact them if not, they will tell you.

  • Wayne

    Do they still have the post office lottery in the UK?
    You can get your money back if you don’t win, as I recall.
    I bought tickets when I was there. But they kicked me
    out when they found out I was a US citizen and living here.


    Wayne Horne

    • LG

      That sounds like you mean the ‘Premium Bonds’ – which do still exist, and they are kind of a like lottery. Well, maybe more of a raffle type thing. They invest the money (securely) and create the prize pool from the returns. Big prizes but it’s only drawn once a month, and your odds aren’t too good for the big prize.

  • J.J.

    I didn’t see “Lotto Jet/Soft 32” on your reviews. Is it good or bad? What do you think of it?

    It also offers this free download, a demo version, is it any good to download a demo to try at all?

    • LG

      Hi JJ

      I’m pretty sure this one is no longer being published as their actual website has been dead for about a year now. The software is still hanging around on some software download sites, but that’s years old now (the one you found I think was from 2005). It’s also very likely the wheels in Bluskov’s book are significantly better optimised than in Lotto Jet.

      Hope that helps.

  • George Thompson

    What do you think of Lotto Pro software ?

    • LG

      Lotto Pro makes some very bold claims such as being able to pick numbers with “the best statistical chance of hitting”. But then fail to provide any evidence to back up that statement. Which seems rather daring legally in my opinion, given the lottery company are required by law to make every number equally likely to hit… 🙂

      If you’d find the ticket management/printing features etc useful then it may be worth taking a closer look. But I wouldn’t waste your time on it for the analysis features.

      • Mr. Duncan

        I’ve used LottoPro off and on trial versions for several years, including 2013. I’ve run their ticket generator without actually buying the tickets with the numbers recommended. So far in 10 years, NONE have won. I have won small amounts on quick picks I purchased, but spent far more in a year than what I actually win. Therefore it’s better to save your money than pay voluntary taxes to the government, then again on any large winnings. Federal and State income taxes, then (like Birmingham, AL) even county and city income tax. WHY? LottoPro does make it easier to print tickets with numbers you choose, or save $29 and use a pencil. Those Sharpie Marker pens work great and faster, and you aren’t spending $60 a pop for ink cartridges for your printers. Think of this basic math from a Georgia Redneck: You spend $10 per week on lottery tickets. That’s $520 per year. Have you won that much in a years time? Didn’t think so. Here’s a way to make money. Tell your friends and co-workers you will accept $10 per week from them and assure them they can win $250 (less or more, you decide) at least once per year. Put the money in the bank, You’ve made took in $520 and maybe Christmas or their birthday a year later, hand them $250. They got back almost half of otherwise wasted money, you made a profit, and it’s all legal. You honored your agreement, didn’t promise more than you could pay back, didn’t lie to them or cheat them. But you both learn something in return about making (and losing) money. Just keep your lottery playing responsible, within your budget, and don’t think of it as a retirement plan. You’ll end up in poverty and the government that is taking your money, won’t take care of you when you are old and can’t work anymore.

      • LG

        Thanks for adding your experience with Lotto Pro Mr. D – I doubt they’ll put that testimonial on their website though 😉

        Playing the lottery should always be about fun first in my opinion. If you think of it as entertainment it’s great value for money compared to many other things we waste money on every day. Then winnings are just a bonus 🙂

  • Larry

    It has been proven scientifically that one random event is not relative to another. Each and every lottery drawing is a random event, it has no relatives. Any past analysis of any drawing that compares it to any future drawing is a daydream. Have a great day Lottery Guy.

  • Mpho

    Hi, you did not say much about the lotto guy system. The difference is university developed and tested, what about winning lotto? Cos I wanna know more about it. Thanx. Mpho “poor” 60yrs s/africa

    • LG

      Hey Mpho – I wouldn’t be quite so quick to believe his claims 🙂

      If it was really developed by a University, there would be at least one published research paper you could read. There isn’t. The University would be named. It isn’t.

      The reality is that he wrote it whilst studying at University.

      Which isn’t quite the same thing is it :-). If somebody writes some trashy ‘system’ one evening while employed by the Government, that doesn’t make it Government developed & tested…

  • Rhonda

    What is your opinion on The Little Lottery Book being sold through Amazon?

    • LG

      Same old nonsense I’m afraid Rhonda. The author believes you can analyse past results, and then choose and eliminate numbers based on trends. Which of course he doesn’t actually bother to try and prove before claiming it works and then selling books about it… It’s got a bunch of 5 star reviews on Amazon, but I’d seriously how genuine those reviews are.

  • Mike

    Hi LG,
    I, regrettably, bought the Lotto Pro 2012 software six months ago, prior to subscribing to your web site, can you please recommend the best lotto software?

    • LG

      Hi Mike

      Well, it depends what you want software for. If you’re looking for something that can predict numbers, or get rid of ‘unlikely combinations’ then I’m afraid that doesn’t really exist. (Oh, you can buy LOTS of software like that of course, but none of it actually works…).

      If you’re looking for more general help/tips, get my free lottery tips here. Or have a look at the list of some of the good stuff here. But it’s a pretty short list I’m afraid.

  • David

    What is your opinion of the “RIO System” for Pick 3 games being sold as an ebook on Amazon? Seems pretty scientific and recommends playing the odds? Have you tried it?

    • LG

      It may sound scientific, but it most definitely isn’t. The author actually gets things very wrong right from the start. Because if you flip a coin 100 times it doesn’t matter how many heads you get, it will always be a 50/50 chance of heads or tails on the next flip. Nothing about the coin has physically changed so why would 100 heads make the next flip any more likely to be tails.

  • Thomas

    We must consider PROBABILITY.
    The coin will probably come up HEADS after a TAILS result and vice versa. It will eventually if we continue long enough.

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