Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Ben

    Hi, thanks for the reviews here. And I especially want to thank you for the honest appraisal you have offered on the other “so-called’ systems – scams most of them. I’m a lottery agent, and I have been using winlottosystems stuff for 1+ years and I can prove that it works. We win prizes almost every week, and for no more money than we used to spend. I had to check our your site, because a customer of mine asked to look you up! Thanks again!

  • Bridgette Williams

    Are you familiar with It guarantees you 2 out of 3 as a win. Some of the information is free, while they sell two programs from 99 to 199 for pick 3 and four. A guy on lottery post swears by it completely and recommended it. I really want a decent program that will give me small wins, without me having to spend over fifty or have to purchase thirty tickets to get any money.


    • LG

      Hmm, not sure what site you mean, but I wouldn’t recommend Pick 3 (or most Pick 4 games) as a good choice to play anyway. The big prizes are just too small – more on that in how to win the pick 3 lottery.

      And I wouldn’t necessarily follow a recommendation on Lottery Post – there are a fair amount of foaming at the mouth fervent believers in the forums, convinced there are patterns in the numbers etc etc. Remember, there is NO system that can guarantee you a profit, not with any lottery.

  • Ben

    I agree! As a lotto retailer for many years, I can assure you there is absolutely NO pattern to how the winning numbers are drawn – success is everything about how you use your numbers. You seem to follow along with William Fosters advice on how to play.

  • Bridgette Williams

    Have you heard of pick 3 insiders? Can you check this out and tell me what you think.

    • LG

      I don’t recommend playing the Pick 3 games at all. They are more like playing a slot machine as the prizes are just too small. You can never make a profitable income from playing a lottery, so the aim is to win big at some point – and you can never win big with Pick 3.

  • Darryl

    Man, where have you guys been, finally people i can talk to without explaining myself.

    Thank you

    I have few ideas i would like to bounce off of you guys

  • AlmaSam

    I would like to know what you think of WinHunter. It’s free software. I know it analyses a given lotto’s “history” to recommend numbers by creating “stacks”. I’ve found a couple of stacks that appear to include 5 or 6 of a 6/44 game on a regular basis, but you still have like 39 numbers to choose from. While this software won’t win the lottery for me, I think it increases my chances, by eliminating some of the numbers. It’s still up to me to choose which numbers to play from the new, shortened, list. What do you think?

    • LG

      Problem is that you can’t eliminate any numbers. Because they are all just as likely to be drawn. So any software that analyses historical results is essentially worthless.

  • Larry

    Hi Lottery Guy. Here is a conclusion for you and your followers on your great site. After thoroughly examining and assessing Steve Player’s website and systems, I have reached this conclusion:

    If you advertise horse manure long enough, you will sell it.

    This quote I remember from an old man who used to smoke a pipe while sitting on the steps in front of his house on a block that i used to live on.

    Have a great day.

  • Sydney

    Yeah… I’ve been playing the lottery for a while, but the key is to not expect a jackpot. lol
    I’ve been looking around lately at some of the sites on lottery tips and systems. There is tons of garbage!

    There are a few that seem decent, as they offer more in the way of content, more to entertain with some advertising thrown in.
    Yours is quite good.

  • Leo

    In my opinion there is no lottery system in the world which is profitable. You will spend much, much more than you win. Guys, don’t waste your hard earning money on lottery systems. I spent a lot of time creating my own computer programs to choose numbers, I bought many systems and finally I made a conclusion to stop playing the lottery forever. Thank you.

  • Alan

    Yes after playing (or being suckered) with Ken Silvers lotto system for 3 years, all the lines, I finally stopped. And my financial position has improved. His system is absolutely useless. You cannot play the same numbers hoping it is flawed.

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