Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Mike2469

    The Lotto Crusher by Everett Thompson is $147.00, not $97.00.

  • TimR

    What I liked in the Lotto Crusher video is that many of the photos of lucky winners were holding scratch-off tickets, which are completely unrelated to his system.

  • Jack Culp

    Two months ago I sent off for the “Jackpot Winner Lottery System”. I have never received anything from them. They don’t have a return address on the envelope or anywhere on their sales material. I know that it came from Brooklyn, NY. They just took my $57.00 and ran. Have you ever heard of Gary Stroughlin or his Jackpot Winner Lottery System? I did not see them in your Review.

  • Rosie Guerrero

    Thanks for your info. What I hate is when someone guarantees their systems and when you pay a lot for the system, you never win. Just like that psychic Debbie what’s her name. Claimed she could predict winning numbers. Guess what? After a week of her predictions, she never did pick any winning numbers for me. What a bunch of useless garbage. Now I have signed up for Free Lotto. But again, nothing is guaranteed. It is cheaper to play, and my numbers are quick picks. These are daily draws and much cheaper to play. I have also used The Lottery Post. I have won 3 times already using someone elses predictions. So, you could say I had better luck with this. I don’t know why they charge so much to begin with. There are so many free ones online. Good luck!

  • Robert

    Hi LG. Have you or your members tried the Lottery Looper software to see if it works? It looked interesting. Thanks, Robert.

    • LG

      Hi Robert

      I like it because it’s clean of the nonsense analysis, and does what it does very nicely. It sits in that ‘Middle Ground’ area though because it is based on trying to track theoretical bias. Theoretical because it certainly can exist, but may or may not be significant enough, will be different for each draw machine and may change over time! So it’s never going to be something that can be proven. So the software works well, is a good price and is fun to use, we just don’t know if it’s really helping or not 🙂

  • Rez

    Sad but true, they are ALL smoke and mirrors. I have tried several, from your top and bottom categories. They all fail. I have, however, found a government backed program, that CAN NOT FAIL! Of course, you will never get rich, but you will never lose a penny! Buy US saving bonds and as CDs increase, buy them. If you dare, buy some Apple or Microsoft stock. The only “easy money” is the money you squander on these systems.

    • LG

      Hi Rez

      It depends what you mean by ‘fails’ or ‘works’. If you were expecting to turn a lottery game into a savings plan, then no, of course nothing will do that, ever. It’s a lottery :-). Yes, some dodgy system sellers will claim exactly this – but you’ll find all of those in ‘The Bad’ section.

      I define ‘works’ as e.g. improving your chances of winning. Most lottery systems also fail miserably to do that too, but the stuff I rate Good does do exactly what it promises.

      What you’re also not factoring in is the entertainment value of playing. If you don’t enjoy playing then maybe the lottery is just not for you, but most of us get more value out of playing than if we’d spent that money on anything else. In that sense there is no losing – my return is far better than any savings bond could ever hope to provide 🙂

  • Ken

    What do you know about Nate Gibbes the “Lottery Surgeon” ? His system is the Gibbes Lottery Method.

  • William Lively

    Hello Lottery Guy. Have you heard of M.O.T Method by Larry Reingard? A pick 3 and 4 System sent to Wintrack in Perrineville,NJ. Po box 357. Mo made out to Success Publishers LLC. Thanks for any info

  • Jonathan

    I bought Lotto Pro and I have to say that I was very disappointed. This system did not help me one bit. The good thing is at least they refunded my purchase. It’s sad that almost every system is just worthless.

  • Golden Joyner

    Anybody ever tried Steve Players Lottery Wizard, and his Pick 3 hits wheels?

    • Rob

      You might want to check the NH Lottery website, in the winners section. I get mailings from Steve Player all the time because I purchased two systems he was selling on ebay. He wants anywhere from 250.00 to 600.00 for his systems. He claims in his sales pitch he has won over and over again. The most recent claim is a pick 3 system called the tri fecta 500, supposedly he’s winning 4x a week. Well, according to the NH lottery website, winners section, Steve Player won 4x in 2015, once in 4 months throughout the yr. So far he has won once in 2016. I believe that only 3 of those 5 wins were pick 3. His systems aren’t all that for the price. Win 7000 in 7 days playing pick 3 is one I bought, and it doesn’t even work in my state because it focuses on getting 2 out of 3 boxed right. In Colorado, 2 out of 3 boxed wins zero. His wheeling systems are free on his website, and you can find a few of his systems on ebay for anywhere from 13$ to 20$. Much better price for a trial run. If he’s selling wheels I wouldn’t recommend making the purchase. You can get them elsewhere for cheaper.

      • LG

        Hey Rob,

        Nice bit of research there 🙂

        Let me put it this way… if you buy all the combinations for a pick 3 draw it only costs you $1,000. And you are guaranteed to win back around half of that. Which makes it pretty cheap ‘proof’ (or advertising expense) if you wanted to charge people a ludicrous $600 just for a wheeling system. So I would caution anyone to treat winners lists as any kind of genuine proof. Unless they also prove how much they spent, it means nothing at all.

        For wheeling systems I recommend Bluskov, being a genuine expert at this stuff. And drop Pick 3 altogether – it’s just not worth bothering with, nobody makes an income playing it.

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