What Are The Odds Of Winning The Lottery vs Getting Struck By Lightning?

Lottery vs Lightning

So today I wanted to talk to you about that well worn phrase, “you’re more likely to get struck by lightning, than win the lottery”.

It’s normally quoted by (somewhat smug) people who don’t play the lottery, as kind of a way to suggest you’re crazy to actually play it. Read More

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Why Does My Lottery Ticket Say See Retailer?

Lottery ticket scanner - see retailer

When your lottery ticket says see retailer, it can mean a bunch of different things.

Here I explain what they are and what you can do about it.

Two Main Types Of ‘See Retailer’ Message

This is the first thing to understand – there are 2 main kinds of these messages. Read More

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Buying Lottery Scratch Off Tickets In Bulk [video]

You have to be fairly brave to risk buying whole rolls of scratch off lottery tickets in one go. Or do you..?

Well, here’s one guy who did exactly that. And not just once either (spending a total of $2,700). I won’t spoil the surprise of how much he ends up winning – you’ll have to watch yourself to find out 🙂

Read More

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Check Lottery Tickets Yourself… Or Else!

ticket check
Here’s a timely warning. Always check winning lottery tickets yourself.

Most lottery retailers are honest decent people. And they get a real buzz when their store creates a big lottery winner.

But greed can do unpleasant things to some people.

A recent NBC broadcast warned of the danger of dishonest store clerks attempting to steal winning lottery tickets, and various other scratch off lottery ticket scams. Read More

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The Iowa Lottery Fraud Case & Eddie Tipton

How many times has the lottery been rigged in the last 100 years..?The number of genuine attempts to ‘rig the lottery’ can be counted on the fingers of one hand — and still leave fingers left over for future use.

Why? Because in any country where the Government is generally not corrupt the national and state lottery games have overseers, auditors and just plain lots of people involved who aren’t dishonest and ‘notice stuff’. Read More

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