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WARNING: Bad Advice Alert!


There is just so much bad information out there. Most scratch off tips you will find online are total nonsense - seriously!

They are based on guessing, bad observation, bad data -- and drawing completely the wrong conclusions.

Not to mention the bad maths. Oh dear, the bad maths, LOL :-)

This is just a small sample of the bad stuff:-

  • Scratch off tickets are just random dumb luck - WRONG!
  • Every ticket has exactly the same chance of winning - WRONG!
  • You should only buy from lucky stores - WRONG!
  • Buy entire rolls of tickets as there is a guaranteed number of winners in each pack - WRONG!
  • Buying low priced tickets in bulk is the best option - WRONG!
  • Always buy scratchers in batches of 5 of the same ticket - WRONG!
  • Buying all your tickets at the same time increases your chances of winning - WRONG!
  • If you see someone buy a winning ticket, avoid that roll as the next one will be a loser - WRONG!
  • Watch for a series of losing scratch-offs, then buy some of those as the next one is more likely to be a winner - WRONG!
  • Leverage the cheap tickets to build up to the big prizes - WRONG!
  • Once you choose a game, always stick to that same game - WRONG!

I could go on. All of these so-called tips are out there online. People are following this advice in the hope it will help them to win big on the scratchers.

Sadly, it won't help at all.

You Should Be Angry - I Am!

It makes me really quite mad that people have been putting out such useless 'advice'.

Which is exactly why I decided to put together this collection of scratch off lottery tips that do improve your chances of winning.

And to make them free to you too!

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How To Win Scratch Offs Every Time..?

Store selling scratch off tickets

Let's put this myth to bed right now. You cannot win at scratch offs every time. There is no way to beat the system and guarantee a win each time you play. Not in the way you really want.

(Do you really just mean 'win' or do you actually want a 'profit'..?)

You could buy a lot of tickets, and that would mean you are extremely likely to win with at least one of them.

But if it's only a small win, and most of your tickets are losers. Then overall you didn't really win.

So don't focus on the idea of 'winning every time'. Instead let's maximise your chances of winning something -- AND the chances of that being a big win.

Because in real life, that's the honest best you can do. Take that from someone who has been helping people boost their chances of winning the lottery since 2003 (nearly 15 years now!).

How Do You Choose Which Game To Play?

Store selling scratch off tickets

Whatever you do, don't be driven by 'shiny item syndrome'. The lottery company wants to sell as many tickets as possible. The store wants to sell as many tickets as possible. Your aim is winning - not buying lots of different shiny things!

So think carefully and plan before you buy. If you just blindly buy the latest ticket you are hurting your chances of winning. If you just keep on buying the same ticket that you bought last time, then you are hurting your chances. If you buy "one of these, two of those, and maybe a couple of them too" then you just hurt your chances again.

This is why the FIRST thing I focus on in "How To Win Scratch Offs" is choosing the right game. It's the most important decision you can possibly make. Get that wrong and it doesn't really matter what else you do! So what are the best lottery scratchers to buy? - get my tips above and I'll walk you through how to choose which are best.

The same kind of thing applies to regular draw based games too. Which is why I also focus on this first in my tips on how to win the lottery for ball/number based games.

Does Your Playing Budget Matter?

No, not really. Anyone can buy a ticket and win a jackpot. There are cases of players winning on the first scratcher they ever bought, or even the first time they ever played the lottery.

It only takes one ticket to actually win.

So don't listen to the dull nay-sayers who say you'll never win. Or the 'how to win at scratch offs experts' who claim you need a big budget.

Your budget will determine how often you can play. But just remember two things:-

  1. Count playing scratchers as entertainment - you never really lose if you get good value out of playing! You can't lose when you go to the movies or buy a ticket to a football game - treat your scratch off tickets the same way.
  2. Just don't be crazy about it - only spend money you can afford to lose. Obviously don't risk the money that pays the bills and puts food on the table!

Then make sure you read my scratch off lottery tips and you'll put yourself streets ahead of most players.

Does Being Positive Help?

Mindset, being positive, the 'law of attraction' and all that stuff. It can't turn a losing ticket into a winner.

But it does help in terms of being open to the idea that what you think (or have been taught!) may well be wrong. It also helps with that 'putting a little effort in' to maximise your chances. And it helps get the job of actually buying tickets done.

Because guess what fact is nearly always true for people who are overly negative about the lottery? The very people who say things like "the odds are so bad it's impossible to ever win". Or the ones who claim it's all a scam and the lottery company fix the results...

Those are the people who don't buy tickets!

And we can absolutely guarantee that those people will NEVER win!

Buy just one ticket ever, and your chances are already infinitely better than their chances! :-)

Thankfully, you are not like them.

Let those people smugly put their '$1 a week' into a savings account. And turn it into barely more than they started with by the time they retire. The rest of us can enjoy playing, maximise our chances of winning and celebrate when those wins do come along :-)

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