Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

I need to warn you up front – sadly, most systems out there are total junk. Seriously. So be prepared for some honest lottery system reviews… a lot of people aren’t going to like this…

What Is A Lottery System?

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Lottery System & Software Reviews [2021]

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  • Veronica


    I have a new one for you, I got an email about this “new” software and it is called Lottery Cash Software.

    Would like your input on it. Thank you 🙂

    • LG

      Hi Veronica,

      Just more garbage I’m afraid – and how bad is that video. First it was funny, then I just got so bored listening to ‘Mr Promotional Voiceover’ droning on endlessly without saying anything useful 🙂

      I’d recommend you unsubscribe from that mailing list by the way.

  • Veronica

    I have a new one ‘how to become a scratch off millionaire’. Can you please give me your input? I would really appreciate it! Thank you! vs

    • LG

      When the graphic and link to buy appears (it’s on a timer, no need to put yourself through watching the video), look closely at the right hand side. At the top of the small scratch off banner graphic, who’s name appears… ‘Mark Bower’. That’s a good strong warning sign 🙂

  • Pacman

    I’ve just watched a video by Paul Terry, and I saw the two reviews of him here, but I need more information than just a bad number analysis system. Is there anyway you could elaborate? In other words, obviously you’ve seen the system, so without giving away too many details, elaborate on why the number analysis is bogus. I say this because the best way to determine what the next potential winner would be is by analysis. Thanks.

    • LG

      Number analysis refers to claims such as numbers falling in certain patterns because more of those patterns exist in the pool of combinations available. Nobody wins anything for matching an overall pattern, only for matching the exact results.

      Maybe I should have just said ‘number analysis’, as by definition it’s all ‘bad’ 🙂

      For example, ‘Gail Howard’ tells us to look at the sums of the numbers in a combination. And to choose numbers which add up to the most common range of sums. But you don’t win anything for matching the sum, only the actual numbers. So whilst it sometimes sounds nice and mathematical, this kind of anlaysis does nothing to increase our chances of winning.

      • Pacman

        Thanks for the timely reply. Very informative, but have you actually seen his system? Also, there’s a person who can be looked up publicly in the NH Lottery’s big online winner’s section by the name of Peter St. Pierre. I believe he is using Steve Player’s “Private stock system”. I believe this for many reasons too long to write here, but I looked his name up back to about almost 4 years, and he is winning big with the Pick-4 and Pick-3. When I say big, I mean amounts like 25 to 50 grand every few months with smaller amounts just about every month.

        I know he is using Steve’s system becaause there are many months where Peter’s winnings match a certain amount that Steve shows on his website in the system mentioned above, which is $4,160.00 Steve’s system is a boxed system, but Peter must be manipulating the numbers to get straight hits.

        I announced this on a lottery forum and some people suggested Peter is Steve in disguise, and those wins are really huge bets that leave Steve in the red at the end of the month, and it’s a gimmick to sell his systems, which may sound legit, but Steve would have to sell a huge amount of his systems to recover the thousands lost in the scheme. Others have made ridiculous comments saying Peter is just trying to get his money back. I can’t buy that one at all because who in their right mind would spend thousands every month, year after year just to catch up. Personally after a few losses, I would give up and try again, so I believe peter is on to something.

        What do you think? Go check it out for yourself. I’d say Peter is grossing an average of about 50 to 70 grand a year.

      • LG

        Steve Player sells garbage systems, and yes, I think it’s entirely probably that Peter St. Pierre is just another name they use to claim under (to create publicity to sell their garbage..?).

        You cannot predict these games and turn them into an income, it’s just not possible.

        As I think you probably saw on the same forum -> Steve Player does not exist, it’s just a company, and one that loses a hell of a lot more than it wins using their own systems. That tells you everything you need to know 🙂

  • Michael Rose

    Hi Lottery-Guy,

    Can you please give me your input, if you have time, on this newly launched lottery known as “The Player’s Lottery”. A friend forwarded it to me and said it went live just yesterday. The odd of winning the fixed jackpot (10,000,000 euro) is said to be 1:300,000 which sounds very convincing indeed. Best regards as always. Michaelson

    • LG

      Hi Michael

      It’s a been a long time launching but I guess it’s finally happened – I tried to check, but the site isn’t responding at the moment (oops!).

      I think there are a couple of main problems with it when you dig into the details:-

      1. The ticket price is €50..! But if you spend that much on tickets for a typical 6 balls from 49 lottery you get odds that are just as good. So I think the headline of ‘best odds on the planet’ are fairly misleading.

      2. The draw is only made once all the tickets are sold. Which means you pay your $50 and could be waiting weeks (longer??) for the draw to even happen.

      It’s an interesting project, but I don’t see people trusting this instead of the regular national lottery games. Unless they get pulled in by the odds claim.

      • Michael Rose

        Hi Lottery-Guy, thanks for your prompt reply to my enquiry. I apologise for taking too long thanking you. The information you outlined above indeed, open my eye which was clouded when asking for your input. Othewise cheers and please keep the flame burning for the scammers are not always tired promoting those useless systems.

        Best regards, Michael Rose.

      • LG

        No problem Michael – thanks for stopping by 🙂

        You reminded me to check their site again actually, and thankfully at least it’s working now. They don’t seem to have made their first draw yet though, even though it’s been 3 weeks since launch. I’ll continue to watch with interest, but won’t be shelling out for a ticket.

  • Kenny

    Hi LG,

    I received an email from Will Foster of Win Lotto Systems promoting the Formula 1 Lotto System.

    I was going to ask you about it but I have just found the review on your bad list – is it that bad? If so, I’m quite surprised he’s promoting it.


    • LG

      Hey Kenny

      Seriously? Are you sure it was from Will? That’s very disappointing if so.

      I’d recommend replying and asking what the heck he is doing promoting garbage like that to his customers..! Let me know what he says?

      • Veronica

        Hello Lottery-Guy,

        I am enclosing this in reference to Kenny’s post, I am not sure what he received, but I received this email from Professor William Foster, but he talks about Gail’s system. But then it takes you to his website to purchase his system.

        Here is what it said:-

        Did you get burned by Gail Howard too?

        From: Prof William Foster

        Hello Veronica,

        Another email from someone who’s been BURNED by
        Gail Howard’s lottery systems arrived in my inbox today.


      • Kenny

        Yeah same email address etc. I got another one today! In fact I’ll paste the emails below:-

        Hello Kenny,

        One of the most common questions I get is:

        “How do YOU pick your WINNING lotto numbers?”


        I have sent him an email so see if he gets back to me.



      • LG

        Thanks Kenny. Oh dear, I’ll be very interested to see the reply!

      • Kenny

        Hi there, well I’ve received a reply from our Will:-

        Hello Kenny, thank you for your note. I can understand the premise of your question, and appreciate your concern.

        I take great care in only recommending products that i believe will offer some use or value to my customers. Dozens of half-baked systems come across my desk asking for cross promotion every year, and I rarely take a second look at them, for the sorts of reasons often referred to in lotto-system review sites like the Lottery Guy.

        In this case, I believe the ‘Lotto Formula’ has some value in terms of sharing a fun system for picking numbers. As you are hopefully aware, there is NO SYSTEM that can accurately pick this week’s winning numbers. There is also no such thing as BAD numbers, etc. But, once you get past the hyped-up marketing sales letter, there is some fun to be had in playing with some of the ideas the “Professor” shares. Yes, I know he’s not a real Professor, and I would never bet my house on his guarantees.

        As further background, the ‘Lotto Formula’ vendor is another Aussie, and he used to have a good relationship with the original developer of winlottosystems, during which the product was promoted a lot more often. Since taking over, I have chosen to only promote this product to winlottosystems software users once or twice a year, ie to folks who are always looking for new ways to pick their numbers – which is completely pointless, provided they are adhering to my recommended prize-wining strategies. But, that said, there is no harm in playing with the numbers, and having some fun.

        And, of course, if the program (or any program for that matter, including mine) is really that bad, and doesn’t work as prescribed, then I always recommend that my customers get their money back within the usual 60 days.

        Thanks for writing, best wishes for your success,

        Will Foster
        Help Desk

        You can make up your own mind on that one but at least you got a mention!:-) (Btw I never mentioned your site).


      • LG

        Thanks Kenny.

        That’s a fairly reassuring response from Will. I still think the Formula 1 Lotto System is a garbage waste of money, but if someone was totally happy buying it as a fun way to pick numbers, then it’s hard to argue with that. That’s definitely not how they sell it as Will alludes to, i.e. ’27 years to develop a system that wins 8.7 times out of 10 etc etc’, and says nothing about a fun way to pick numbers!

  • Veronica


    I wanted to get your input on this “program” have you heard of ‘Learn Lottery’? I just got this today.

    Thank you, vs

    • LG

      Can’t say I’ve heard of this one, but the alarm bells were already ringing at “Combines Mathematical And Metaphysical Principles” – then there’s all the baloney about analysing and predicting patterns, not to mention the secret Maths Professor…

      Who keeps sending you these things? (Do they have no shame! 🙂 )

  • K

    Hi Lottery-Guy,

    I came across your site, while searching for potential lottery Systems.

    Thanks for taking the time to review majority of the systems out there, scammers do definatly give potentials a bad name.

    I don’t know if someone has asked this question, but in your experience which systems will you suggest is worth taking a look at for a person like me looking out for one for my personal use.

    By the way am from the UK; Hence our lottery is 6/49. Thanks.


  • Ronald Smith

    There is no lottery system out there that can guarantee a win. It’s all pure luck. Yes one can bring the odds down by buying lots of lottery tickets, but still down to chance. [example] I play the euro lottery on line and the week 147 million was won by a single person. I got an E-mail alert that I had a win was I excited you bet I was… £2-90, why them and not me. PURE LUCK.

  • John B

    You mention Lotto Guy Lottery System and Smart Play Lotto Wheels. Don’t know anything about Lotto Guy Lottery System but the Smart Play Lotto Wheels is just a small set of wheels which are available free elsewhere on the internet.

    People should not buy SMART PLAY LOTTO WHEELS and should just search the internet.

    Also, just received ‘Combinatorial Lottery Systems with Guaranteed Wins by Iliya Bluskov‘, and I like the way this is constructed. At the end of the day though it still comes down to selecting the right pool of numbers and this is just down to luck.

    • LG

      Thanks for that John. I think a lot of wheeling books/software are just rehashed material from elsewhere. Bluskov’s wheels are far better optimised, in lots of cases you get the same win guarantees in less lines, i.e. they’re cheaper to play!

  • Dan

    Any experience or feedback from users of Bluskov’s book?

    • LG

      I liked it 🙂

      You get highly optimised wheels (a lot of which are highly unlikely ever to be bettered), and none of the usual hype and nonsense advice that tends to get tacked on to wheeling software!

      It’s no lottery miracle, it simply does what it says.

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