Are The Free Online Lottery Sites Genuine?

Do you know anything about in the USA? Are they genuine? How can a lottery really give away big prizes if they don’t get any money selling tickets?

There are a lot of free online lottery sites out there. Most give you an extremely poor chance of winning anything. The honesty of some is questionable. But it’s actually a very complex question to answer, and the answer changes all the time. If you want to play these free online lotteries, you must read the only guide to have thoroughly researched the subject – the ‘Free Online Lotteries Guide’.

free online lottery guideIt’s a fast moving industry, but the guide is regularly updated – they will tell you the only free lotteries you should play, and the ones to stay away from. It will cost you a few dollars (hundreds of hours of research go in to keeping it up to date!), but frankly it is a bargain and will save you so much more in the long term. It’s not worth playing for free without it.

Buy it now directly from the publishers here: ‘Free Online Lotteries Guide’.


Whilst this was a good guide book, it hasn’t been updated in far too long now. So I can’t recommend it anymore, it’s just too out of date.

There are basically NO free lotto sites that I personally recommend. You have to remember these sites are not charities, they are in business to make money. So they are not the same as playing a regular lottery game yet cost nothing..!

You ‘pay’ to play these free games with your time. The entry process will involve lots of adverts, and most likely you’ll get lots of emails too. You will also have to check the results yourself. This aspect of the small print is often missed. Typically they do NOT check the results for you. If you don’t notice you won something and make a claim then you don’t get paid. Why? Because they want it to be difficult, and they want you to feel the risk of missing out on claiming a prize. That makes it easier to sell you the upgraded membership where you pay to play!

So if 10 minutes of your time is worth more than a dollar, I recommend playing a normal paid lottery game instead.

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  • Ibrahim Aminu Lawan

    Please provide me with free lottery sites, I am really living in a deprived condition of life whereby I can’t even afford to purchase the ticket at any price. Please give me support to help me socialise my live. Thanks.

    • LG

      My best advice to anyone who can’t afford a ticket is always not to play.

      But I’m afraid I can’t recommend any free lotto sites at the moment either. If anyone strongly recommends one I’ll let you know.

      I wish you well.

  • Gabriel

    I just want to know wether this F.A.S.T. / FreeLotto subscription is genuine?

    • LG

      Depends what you mean by ‘genuine’. Is it real – seems to be. They are a free lotto site, and appear to pay out (but see below!).

      I guess the real question is – is it worth playing with them?

      When you play for free (every day) you have to log-in, and enter your numbers, then check your results and claim if you have won. They do NOT check your results – you have to. So it’s only free in cash terms – it takes up your time entering and checking results. And you have to receive their daily emails.

      That’s why they sell the ‘FAST’ option – where you pay to play instead, and then they enter you and check results for you.

      So is it better than a real lottery? Not really. If you’ve got time on your hands every day and don’t mind all the email, you might want to try it out (read the rules closely first). But if you’re going to pay you may as well play a state/national lottery.

      • Anika Telma

        You mentioned below they don’t tell you when you win. So even you do the automatic FAST lottery (that’s they would have to enter for you), they don’t tell you when you win either?

      • LG

        If you’re paying them for entries then they probably do tell you. But it just emphasises that you need to read the terms and conditions for these sites carefully to know exactly what you are getting.

  • Geoffrey

    Has someone ever contacted the winners from these fake lottery operators to find out the truth from then?

  • John

    My name is listed in the paid and eligible list of freelotto, how can I get the prizes if I don’t use credit card but I have an account with equity bank.

    • LG

      It sounds like some of the ‘questionable’ marketing emails they send out. Did the email mention their ‘FAST’ subscription service about 20 times by any chance..? You didn’t win anything – they don’t tell you when you win, you have to check results and make a claim.

  • Kenny

    Please, can anyone in Nigeria play any authentic online lotto as we are not able to travel to Europe or America in order to buy tickets, and also if we win how can we claim the prize? Thanks.

  • Avinash

    Do these free lotteries really pay prizes worth millions of dollars/pounds as claimed on their sites? Is there any track record of such payments?

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