What Happens To Lottery Winners (Stay Anonymous)!

anonymous lottery winnersEver wondered what happens to lottery winners who choose the publicity option?

Here’s a reminder why you should not get too carried away sharing the excitement of your big win…

A group of 30 factory workers and craftmen from Avellino in Italy won 33 Million Euros on Italy’s SuperEnaLotto in January 2008. Read More

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Which UK Lotto Game Has The Best Chances Of Winning?

lottery questions

I get asked this type of question quite often.

Surprisingly the answer depends on you.

The UK has various lottery games, from Hot Picks to Thunderball. All with different odds, all with different prize divisions and amounts. Some with very different methods of play. So it’s certainly confusing!

All lottery games balance the odds against size of the jackpot, i.e. Read More

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The Lottery Number Frequency Myth

lottery frequency[Q] Should I play lottery numbers that have a higher frequency of being drawn?

[A] There are lots of interesting things you can do with old lottery results. You can apply all sorts of analysis on past results, and come up with lots of intriguing things.

Even the lottery companies do it themselves. Read More

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Repeat Lottery Numbers In Bulgaria!

I love BulgariaJust when you need reality to back up your facts. I thank you Bulgaria 🙂

Every day I see another crazy claim about how certain results can never happen on the lottery. Or how you can avoid unlikely combinations, and other such total rubbish.

Well stick this story in your pipe and smoke it all you sellers of those crazy lottery systems! Read More

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Derren Brown Lottery Explained

Derren Brown explainedOK, this should be the last post about how Derren Brown’s lottery trick was done!

I think we’ve given enough publicity and space over to Mr Brown.

And apart from which Derren fans will shortly all be moving on to talking about how he made them feel stuck to their sofa..! Read More

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