Derren Brown Lottery Explained

Derren Brown explainedOK, this should be the last post about how Derren Brown’s lottery trick was done!

I think we’ve given enough publicity and space over to Mr Brown.

And apart from which Derren fans will shortly all be moving on to talking about how he made them feel stuck to their sofa..! (Control The Nation hits tonight… and I very much suspect he hasn’t just bought a job lot of superglue)

The Trick Explained

So, here’s a great little video that demonstrates the secrets of how the whole split screen camera trick thing works. For anyone still not sure, yes, it was just a trick:-

Watch Closely, See The Trick Revealed…

And if you found that a bit of a let down after all the build up of the ‘predicting lottery numbers’ malarkey, then this alternative explanation should give you some minor chuckle relief:-

P.S. If you really want to know how Derren does a lot of his crazy mind trick voodoo discover the secrets here.

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  • Tim

    Obviously it’s a trick. He’s not going to have genuinely predicted the lottery. That’s impossible. Congratulations on stating the obvious. Next you’ll be saying how the loch ness fake was actually just a toy.

    I am a massive Derren fan and guessing how a trick is done by no means makes them any less credible. You only need a quick google search to find out where he bought the floating table from. It just ruins the fun.

    • LG

      Huh? Of course it’s impossible. Congratulations on restating what I already said…

      I’m a Derren fan too, but I found this predicting the lottery show disappointing compared to his other stuff.

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