OSA Lotteries Rip-Off..?

OSA Lottos Rip Off?
Have you ever used a company called ‘OSA Lotteries’? (The OSA stands for ‘Overseas Subscribers Agents’ and they are based out of Ireland)

Because Elaine, a subscriber to my lottery tips newsletter, asked me if they are any good.

Historically it seems they have done a huge amount of postal mailings (junk mail!) to sell what appear to be lottery tickets. But you were actually buying a place in a lottery syndicate. Nothing wrong with that. Except with OSA it was difficult to work out exactly what you were getting for your money. The group sizes tended to be huge, so value for money was extremely poor.

Well, now they sell lottery tickets online for lotteries all over the world (and apparently still do a lot of postal mailings too).

I’ve personally never used them, but I’m very interested to hear your experiences – because when I looked today…

I Was SHOCKED At The Prices They Charge!

Now Elaine was asking about the massively popular El Gordo Christmas lottery. This is the one that all of Spain go absolutely nuts about – mainly because it has the most ridiculously big prize pool you will have ever seen. I mean, what other lottery in the world has a prize pot of 2.3 BILLION!

The draw date for El Gordo is 22nd December every year, and ticket supplies are strictly limited for this draw (it’s more like a ‘raffle’ than a typical lottery draw). Once they sell out you can’t play.

So I checked out what OSA Lotteries are charging. And as I said, I was truly shocked. These guys are charging FIVE TIMES the normal ticket price for their El Gordo tickets:-
OSA Lotteries pricing

Don’t get me wrong – it’s absolutely fair and necessary to charge extra.

Because there is a lot of admin and other overheads involved in sourcing the tickets from Spain, checking results, claiming and distributing winnings. Clearly all this costs money.

But then why is it ‘OSA Lotteries’ that other companies can do it all for about 65% LESS than what you are charging..?

My advice to Elaine, stuff OSA, grab a ticket from these people instead. (That’s what I did for a piece of crazy Spanish fun)

So what do you think of OSA Lotteries? Have you ever used them? What did they charge, and for how many tickets? If you played in a syndicate what size was the group? Did they even tell you?

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  • Marita Werkland

    Hi. About OSA lottery. I have played a few times and never won, except one time. I did get the check for the amount sent to Norway. No problem at all. But yes, the prices are horrible, so I don’t use them any more.
    Marita W

  • John A

    I have used this OSA site for some time. I also was bothered about their steep prices. So I asked them why!

    1. Tickets are personally picked up by a local Agent… who gets paid!
    2. Tickets are scanned, with your name on each ticket. Emailed to you. They also get paid!
    3. When you win, an email is sent asking how you’d like your winnings (Deposit or Cashiers Check).
    There is No fee taken from your Winnings.

    My feelings are:
    1. If you can’t afford it, don’t play.
    2. Take a trip to Spain. Pick up your own lottery tickets.
    3. Stop taking the kids lunch money so you can gamble.

  • Pearl Quintal

    I don’t know, but I know I won the dream jumbo and so did my friend, but they are not looking at our draws. They say we lost, I know for a fact that’s BS.

  • Ann

    I also used them for a while, but paid out far more than I ever got back. It’s true I received the two cheques with my meagre winnings, but I haven’t used them again.

  • Reuben Kirwa Kirau

    People from Africa are not allowed to participate in OSA lottery, true or false?

  • Pearl Quintal

    Yes OSA is a big rip off, we never won, they are so full of bull. Don’t ever play the OSA lotteries they will rip you off, that’s no lie.

  • David C Dillon

    Hi all, I used the OSA. Won once – a piddlin amount.

    I played the SuperEna Lotto, and spent over £100.00, not a penny win. Realised it was a big con. I play no more, will try this one and see what happens, mac.

  • Mike

    I’ve had an OSA account for some years now. I understand that it is a lottery, but the group play does give me a win every so often. I don’t mind rolling the dice with them. They’ve delivered before and I expect them to deliver again. Keeping my fingers crossed for the win

  • David Seremba

    Dear Customer Service for Australian Lottery service @osalotteries.com
    Thank you for your good services to customers. However, I understand that I won a Prize in the 2nd Category, with my ticket number 275296-6453. Draw Date: December 3, 2011
    Could you please send me the details of my winnings, and whom to contact next? Send it to: E-mail (removed)@yahoo.com (use the Subject “WIN WIN Lottery” this will help me to pick it out from my junk mail as it is your first time to contact me). Thank you so much for your time.
    David Seremba of (removed)
    San Jose, CA 95136-U.S.A.
    Tel: (removed)

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