The Big Question: Have You Ever Won The Lottery?

This is one question I get asked fairly often… “have you ever won the lottery?”

And I do understand why I get asked.

But there is a very good reason why it shouldn’t even cross your mind to ask.

I’ll try to explain why with a quick story.

Bill & Ben Play Dice

Bill and Ben are playing a dice game. Read More

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Why Playing The ‘Lost’ Lottery Numbers Is Actually Really Dumb

Fans of TV series ‘Lost’ were thrilled to find 4 of the 6 ‘Lost’ lottery numbers came up on the US Mega Millions (4th January).

Enthusiastic ‘Lost’ fans who played the numbers collected $150 each.

The ‘Lost’ numbers are a set of numbers made significant by cropping up in various guises throughout the series. Read More

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Which Lottery Has The Best Odds Of Winning?

It’s a question I get asked a lot.

Along with simply ‘which lottery is the best?’ (to which my tongue in cheek answer is… ‘the lottery that just paid you the jackpot.’)

The Best Odds Of Winning

But it is a serious question, because the odds of the game are the number one factor that determine if you win or lose. Read More

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What Happens To Lottery Winners (Stay Anonymous)!

anonymous lottery winnersEver wondered what happens to lottery winners who choose the publicity option?

Here’s a reminder why you should not get too carried away sharing the excitement of your big win…

A group of 30 factory workers and craftmen from Avellino in Italy won 33 Million Euros on Italy’s SuperEnaLotto in January 2008. Read More

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50 People Claim To Have Eaten $13,600 Ryanair Winning Lottery Ticket

ryanair lottery ticketLast week a Ryanair passenger gets so angry he eats his winning lottery ticket.

This week Ryanair gets hit by 50 claims to have been that angry customer. And can they have the money please.

Now I’m sure budget airline Ryanair is used to angry passengers… but normally passengers can correctly recall what they were angry about. Read More

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