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Does Lottery Prediction Software Work?

Best prediction software

“OK, I don’t believe in crystal balls and stuff, but is there such a thing as lotto experts who can predict lottery numbers? There seem to be quite a few around selling software programs and they seem to know lots of complex maths that looks really useful?”

Most sellers of lottery prediction software are simply out to mislead and make money out of you. Read More

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Should I Play The Same Lottery Numbers In Every Draw?

Man works out if playing the same lottery numbers every week is betterThis is one of those lottery questions that can make your head spin. Should I play the same lottery numbers or change them? It can turn your brain inside out if you overthink it…

If my numbers haven’t come up yet, surely they are more likely to in future, so I should stick to playing my selected numbers, right? Read More

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Odds Of Winning The Lottery If You Play Every Week?

Playing weekly questionIf you play every week then your chances of winning are better. But in a moment I’ll get to a very useful tip to improve your chances by doing something you won’t have thought of!

Anybody that tries to claim that playing once gives you a better chance than playing 100 times is clearly short of a few decimal points 😉 . Read More

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