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shiny lottery systems that work

You’ve seen the shiny lottery systems, may have even bought one. It didn’t work of course. So are there any lottery systems that work?

There is so much lottery junk online. Not just systems, but bad advice and poor information everywhere.

Just dare to ask what really works in an online lottery forum — you’ll get 10 ‘experts’ swearing on their mother’s life that asking Felix the psychic feline is the only way to win 🙂

Then another 10 who say system ‘x’ works. Because they never won a thing before, until they started playing using system ‘x’ and matched 3 out of 6 on the first try…

Whilst failing to tell you that they bought 20 times more tickets than they ever did before (the real reason).

Results Mean Nothing (Wait, What?)

The thing is that individual results do not mean anything.

I know that sounds a bit backwards. But because the lottery is so very hard to win — isolated results one way or the other do not mean anything useful. More data is needed.

You Need See The Big Picture

Here’s a good example why:

Take Gail Howards wheeling books – some of the oldest lottery systems online. The website hasn’t been run by Gail for a long time and now includes a quite a lot of factually incorrect and misleading advice.

But the site is full of testimonials of people who have won jackpots. And they are real winners too. So the system must truly work then, right..?

Well, no, not really.

These people have NOT really won because of any secret system. They won because 100,000 Gail Howard fans have been buying lots of tickets for 30 years (yes, over 30 years!).

And because they were told to play games that are easier to win (i.e. Pick 5).

Some of that advice did nothing to help. Some of it even hurt them.

What About The 99.9% Who Lost!

So what happened to the other 99,900 people who bought Gail’s books and software but haven’t won..?

Did they not bother to use it? Did they not implement the ‘clever techniques’ properly? Or were they just unlucky.

How can they claim these are lottery systems that work if the vast majority do NOT win when they use them?

Smart Luck Or Plain Random Luck?

And this is something you need to watch out for. Is the seller making impossible claims?

Or more subtle but still common — are they using genuine facts in a sneaky way? For example, only showing the winners and not being honest about all the losers.

If you use any system (no matter how good) and instantly win big, it means you were lucky.

That’s because nothing can truly ‘beat’ the lottery.

Yes, you can maximise your chances of winning (hopefully that’s why you are here!). But some luck will always be involved.

If everyone who used one of those systems won big within, let’s be generous here and say 10 years, that would really mean something.

But it can’t happen that way. You can do a lot better than you are probably doing right now, but the lottery just doesn’t work in any way that can be ‘beaten’. One of the worlds best maths Professors (a real one!) actually stated that in this newspaper article.

A better chance of winning is the best that you can expect from any system. And yes, that is worth pursuing.

So Are There Any Lottery Systems That Work?

It really depends on what you mean by ‘work’, and exactly what those lottery systems claim to do.

So when I assess and test lottery systems, I’m looking at the value of the insights and strategies that they offer. But I’m also looking at what they claim they can do for you, and if they are making innaccurate claims or giving bad advice.

Testing does not mean using them for a week or two (that proves nothing) and drawing unhelpful conclusions!

So when you read my lottery system reviews, bear in mind that anything I do recommend has value.

Because I’m one of the very few voices online that won’t recommend lottery garbage for a sly backhander.

What About Free Systems?

To be honest there is probably way more ‘well meaning junk’ out there than ‘dishonest junk’.

People put a lot of effort into fiddling with Excel spreadsheets etc. So they become very attached to their ideas and may even genuinely think what they are doing is helping.

They then enthusiastically share those ideas with others without ever proving what they are doing works. Commonly (from my long experience) they don’t even know how to prove it. They don’t mean harm, but they are doing it anyway.

If you want free, get my tips here. It’s not a ‘system’ but it will help improve your chances.

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  • Dragan

    Hi there..
    I wanted to know if Iliya Bluskov has Systems with pick 7 in his book ’cause our lotto, I mean the lotto in my country, plays 7/34 so please see if there’s anything like this can you let me know. Thanks for the time to answer my question.

    • LG

      Hey Dragan

      If it’s a game with 7 main balls picked then no, Iliya’s systems will not work for you.

      I don’t know any source for good quality Pick 7 wheels at the moment. If anyone else can recommend something please add a comment here for Dragan.

      [Note: if it’s 7 balls total, but some of those balls are ‘Powerballs’ (i.e. supplementary balls drawn from a second set of numbers), like EuroMillions for example, you can use Iliya’s book for draws with 5 main numbers]

    • B

      If you contact Iliya Bluskov through his publisher, he will create a 7/34 system for you.

      He has created a 7/35 system for me and it cost 9 USD.

      You select two of the following:
      The amount of numbers you wish to play
      The guarantee
      How many combinations.

      He will then send you an email attachment.

  • Shawn DeCoste

    My theory after talking to a bunch of lottery winners and having a family who constantly wins the lottery, bingo and raffles more than other participants is that you will win if you NEED to spend the money on something GOOD.

    Life and physics cater to need. Anything we need in life as living beings is granted by physics and is possible regardless of our means to obtain it. For every disease there is a possible cure. For every problem there is a possible solution in life and probably a product or service devoted to it already.

    Pain is the connection between physics and logic that indicates need and teaches us everything. Every decision we ever make is based on pain or perceived pain which indicates need. We’re not going to ever make the decisions to take actions that hurt the most in the long run unless they’re mistakes. The design of life works exclusively in favor of the need to survive.

    Pain is perfect. We have an expectation of pain that it will accurately indicate how much need we have and give us the right amount of motivation to fulfill our need and alert others of our needs when we are having obvious pain and our pain WILL BE OBVIOUS! Others will help us. God helps those in need. Pain is the most honest friend any of us will ever have.

    A person’s karma indicates how good of a person they are. The best karma indicates that a person has THE BEST NEEDS and the best karma brings the best of luck as God, life, and physics help those in the best need to promote survival.

    I took a karma test last night and by process of elimination I obtained a perfect score and the results indicated that I’m likely to win the lottery. Good karma is obtained by strict adherence to virtues, especially patience, honesty, temperance, frugality, contentment, courage, perseverance, persistence, fairness, tolerance, respect, self respect, kindness, generosity, forgiveness, compassion, contribution, appreciation, responsibility, faith, attention, understanding and humanity.

    So for winning the lottery, want in one hand and need in the other and see which one gets filled first. You have to need it!

    • LG

      Hey Shawn

      Thanks for stopping by, and for your comment.

      It’s a nice theory. But I don’t think ‘need’ or ‘karma’ really make any difference to our chances of winning.

      That’s not to say you shouldn’t live a virtuous life – we should all be doing that anyway, without the promise of any reward 🙂

  • Shelley

    Hello Lottery Guy

    Wow what a breath of fresh air finding you, I almost bought Lottery Destroyer since I just got an email about it and watched the 5 min video, but before I bought I thought I’d do some reviews and BAM there you were…

    I will def sign up to your blog and keep a close eye on your system reviews. It’s nice to believe you have all our best interest at heart.

    Thanks from Canada.

  • Richard Ofori

    Dear Sir, can you help me with a good strategical lottery book?

  • Daniel

    Hi LG. What happened with Win Lotto Systems. I woud like to buy it but it is no longer available. How can I get one? Thank you in advance for helping me.

    • LG

      Hi Daniel,

      Will apparently had some problems with his payment processing people – while he was on holiday too – so it took some time to get it resolved. He tells me he’s now back up and running again though, so you can now get Win Lotto Systems again from his website here.

      Hope that helps.

  • Mark

    I think that the number of players using wheeling systems such as 7 tickets covering 7 numbers in the UK lotto has gone down since UK Lotto’s ticket price doubled to £2 from £1 i.e what was a spend of £7 or £14 per week has doubled to £14 or £28 per week! Incidentally the lotto jackpot seems to roll over more frequently since the lotto ticket price increase.

    • Cornelious Donnellan

      The doubling of the price to £2 wasn’t that bad. How many other ‘products’ have remained the same price for 20 years? The REAL problem is the introduction of the additional 10 numbers taking the pool from 49 numbers to 59. That has more than TRIPLED the odds against you from 13,983,816 to a mammoth 45,057,474.

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