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Derren Brown – How To Win The Lottery?

derren brown lotteryOn Wednesday night Derren Brown predicted all 6 of the UK Lotto numbers live on TV.

He got all 6 correct.

Or did he…

Derren is a brilliant entertainer, and worth seeing live on stage if ever you get the chance.

But remember, he is an illusionist and entertainer. He doesn’t really have magic powers, any more than David Blaine, Uri Geller or Paul Daniels. Read More

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OSA Lotteries Rip-Off..?

OSA Lottos Rip Off?
Have you ever used a company called ‘OSA Lotteries’? (The OSA stands for ‘Overseas Subscribers Agents’ and they are based out of Ireland)

Because Elaine, a subscriber to my lottery tips newsletter, asked me if they are any good.

Historically it seems they have done a huge amount of postal mailings (junk mail!) to sell what appear to be lottery tickets. Read More

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Lottery Advice – What’s Your Game?

Lottery Advice - What Game?I’m often asked for lottery advice – and usually advice as to what numbers to pick!

Obviously nobody can pick winning numbers in advance, that’s fundamentally impossible. But what you should be doing is everything you can to maximise your chances of winning. And top of that list is one of the most frequently overlooked pieces of advice I can give you… play the right lottery game. Read More

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Analysing Lottery Results Reveals Unusual Pattern…

analysing lottery results[Q] I’ve been analysing all my past lottery results over the years and whilst I know these things are supposed to be random, there is a pattern.

Some numbers have definitely been drawn more often than others, and some have definitely appeared in the jackpot combination more than others. Should I play those numbers? Read More

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Does Buying More Tickets Change The Odds Of Winning The Lottery?

This is the one area of the lottery that you are directly in control of. So it’s a simple question, deserving a simple answer…

[A] Yes.

OK, maybe you want more answer for your money 🙂

Buying more tickets instantly changes the odds of winning. It’s your No.1 sure fire way to do so. Read More

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