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The Lottery Number Frequency Myth

lottery frequency[Q] Should I play lottery numbers that have a higher frequency of being drawn?

[A] There are lots of interesting things you can do with old lottery results. You can apply all sorts of analysis on past results, and come up with lots of intriguing things.

Even the lottery companies do it themselves. Read More

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Derren Brown Lottery Explained

Derren Brown explainedOK, this should be the last post about how Derren Brown’s lottery trick was done!

I think we’ve given enough publicity and space over to Mr Brown.

And apart from which Derren fans will shortly all be moving on to talking about how he made them feel stuck to their sofa..! Read More

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Derren Brown Lottery – How It Was Really Done

derren brown how to win the lotteryDerren sadly disappointed on this one – his ‘How To Win The Lottery’ show actually failed to deliver on the fundamental promise made earlier in the week.

He entertained as usual – the guy is a great showman – but he didn’t actually tell us how the trick was done. All was NOT revealed. Read More

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Derren Brown – How To Win The Lottery?

derren brown lotteryOn Wednesday night Derren Brown predicted all 6 of the UK Lotto numbers live on TV.

He got all 6 correct.

Or did he…

Derren is a brilliant entertainer, and worth seeing live on stage if ever you get the chance.

But remember, he is an illusionist and entertainer. He doesn’t really have magic powers, any more than David Blaine, Uri Geller or Paul Daniels. Read More

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OSA Lotteries Rip-Off..?

OSA Lottos Rip Off?
Have you ever used a company called ‘OSA Lotteries’? (The OSA stands for ‘Overseas Subscribers Agents’ and they are based out of Ireland)

Because Elaine, a subscriber to my lottery tips newsletter, asked me if they are any good.

Historically it seems they have done a huge amount of postal mailings (junk mail!) Read More

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