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Are Winning Lottery Numbers Repeated?

Repeat numbers
[Q] “I read in the paper that somebody won the jackpot, carried on playing using the same lucky numbers, and won the jackpot again just a short while later! Is it true jackpot numbers are repeated?”

[A] Yes and no!

Yes, any set of numbers can be repeated. Lottery balls have no memory, they don’t remember if they got drawn last week or any other week. Read More

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Are Your Chances Of Winning The Lottery Better With Quick Picks?

Pick your own or quick picks?

What are the odds of winning the lottery with quick picks? Are quick picks better than picking your own numbers?

[Q] “I’m worried about a computer randomly picking numbers for me. What are the odds of using quick pick selections rather than hand picking?”

A quick pick is where the lottery machine randomly chooses the number for you. Read More

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Are The Free Online Lottery Sites Genuine?

Do you know anything about in the USA? Are they genuine? How can a lottery really give away big prizes if they don’t get any money selling tickets?

There are a lot of free online lottery sites out there. Most give you an extremely poor chance of winning anything. The honesty of some is questionable. Read More

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Does Lottery Prediction Software Work?

OK, I don’t believe in crystal balls and stuff, but is there such a thing as lotto experts who can predict lottery numbers? There seem to be quite a few around selling software programs and they seem to know lots of complex maths that looks really useful?

Most sellers of lottery prediction software are simply out to mislead and make money out of you. Read More

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What Area Has The Most Lottery Winners?

I know why you are asking this question. But it’s actually the wrong question to be asking 🙂

There are two reasons people look for the town, city, state, country or area with the most lottery winners:-

  1. They think there is something funny going on
  2. A newspaper ran a story saying more people win in a certain area
  3. They think buying from places with the most winners will help them to win

But things are not always what they seem. Read More

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