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Best lottery system

This post was originally a comment on my page reviewing lottery systems, but I thought it was worthy of getting a post of it’s own.

So with thanks to ‘Hobbs’ for hitting the nail squarely on the head again. Over to him for some wisdom about which is the best lottery system to use.

The Wisdom Of ‘Hobbs’ Part 1

To your attention folks. One random event is not effected by another. There is no such thing as elimination of any number with any new lottery drawing. Each number has an equal chance of being drawn.

If there was a way to select numbers that were more likely for the next drawing, that would make wheeling systems highly effective.

There is no lottery system in existence that will reduce the number of possible combinations that can be drawn in any particular game, what it is, is what it is. If it’s 14 million possible combinations, that is what it is.

Don’t bother spending hundreds of dollars on Steve Player’s horse manure that he charges hundreds of dollars by the pound for. He plays well on the cravings of those that see big dollar signs in their eyes while reading the ads on the systems that he has for sale, only to end up wondering what happened after their pockets have been cleaned out and discovering that the systems don’t work. After discovering that they’ve been had, they seek a refund. To their amazement, there is none…

Don’t bother with the Lotto Black Book and getting shot in the leg. You may bleed to death or end up with a limp for the rest of your life, while rushing because there are only so many copies left. If you stand behind a horse long enough at a distance, you’ll see what comes out of the Black Book. The Lotto Black Book is absolute rubbish.

Ken Silver makes his silver sound so shiny and brilliant. After you fall for it and use it, you’ll discover that the silver isn’t so shiny and brilliant, but tarnished.

So which is the best system to use? All the systems that are for sale depend on the word ‘IF’. If… in the lottery rarely happens. If is a small word, but has large significance. Folks, don’t fall for it, save your money.

The only sure way to win the lottery is to play every possible combination in that particular game. If you have 14 million dollars to spend, why spend it on a chance to win 2 million dollars.

Have a great day everybody. Thanks Lottery Guy.

So What Can You Do?

If you go looking for ‘the best lottery system in the world’ you’re going to be disappointed. The promises sound great, but the reality… OUCH!

What you can do is maximise your chances of winning. No miracles, no fake systems, no ‘beating the system’. And that’s the kind of stuff I teach. So get my free stuff here. And stop chasing rainbows!

Or I’ll send ‘Hobbs’ round to give you another slice of his wisdom 😉

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  • Averil

    Ace Lee would not give me my money back – the download came out unreadable!

    • LG

      Don’t ask Ace Lee for a refund – go directly to Clickbank if you want to request a refund.

      I recommend anyone who is thinking of buying a system read my lottery system reviews first.

      BUT if you have already bought a junk system (or want to see if I’m right!) always go directly to Clickbank to get your money back. You are entitled to a refund if the product does not live up to the promises, so make sure you do request one. It’s the only way to stop these people selling garbage to other people.

    • Robyn

      Ouch!! Thanks Averil for sharing, I was going to get his programme, now I won’t bother.

  • Ronnie

    Hello folks.
    I wish I’d found this site sooner.
    About 2 months ago I subscribed to the Winslips system for a month – absolute rubbish.
    I then bought the Formula 1 System about a month ago, again rubbish.
    This one comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, but I did not buy from Clickbank so I might not get any money back.
    I’ll give it a try and see.
    I’ve actually been banned for life from Clickbank for sending back too many systems that don’t work.
    Fortunately I’ve not spent a lot on systems, about £60 so far but that’s more money for these scammers.
    Just think about this; if these lottery systems are any good, why would they have to sell them?
    If the scammers claim to have a massive win on the lottery and they’re quite generous, as they all portray themselves to be, why not give the ‘winning’ system to a deserving cause.
    A third world country or an animal charity comes to mind.
    Of course they’re only ‘generous’ just so they can get our money.
    You know the type of thing in the sales blurb ‘buy now at this very low price’ or ‘we can only hold this price for YOU for another 6 hours’ etc., etc.
    Keep up the good work and expose these scammers.

  • Ron

    “The best advice is free advice because it costs you nothing to check it out”. Smart people research anything before buying… You would not buy a new car before test driving?

  • Russell

    I bought the Kenny Silver method. Lots of silly math and a lot of time to fill out the stupid play sheets. It would cost a lot of money to play this. Some remarks were ‘well I finally spent $60 on tickets and guess what I won a couple of hundred and I was so happy’, but the truth of the matter is it’s all random numbers, and if you spend enough you might be lucky to win something. It’s all junk, none of those systems are worth the paper they are printed on.

    • LG

      Hey Russell,

      Systems like Ken’s are definitely junk, they just don’t stand up to even the most basic scrutiny.

      If you bought it less than 60 days ago, please get your money back. It’s junk, it doesn’t meet the promises it makes, so you are entitled under the sales terms with ClickBank (the web store/payment processor).

  • Mt davis

    Hey folks as a new member here I’m really liking the fact that some one has stepped up to let people know to save your money and use it for your numbers and not give it away to junk systems. I too have fallen victim and have felt the “rip off” as well. Do your homework and make your system work.

    Hint, Ace Lee is the same person as batman, superman you name it he doesn’t exist! Ken Silver has been around peddling the same junk for25 years. I know (my first rip off). BTW, in short his system is nothing more than writing 25 numbers across the top of a page then continue down in sequence, how random can you get?

    Personally I play cash 3 a lot, I take my winnings and then parle that for my Mega or Powerball numbers that way you’re playing with house money. Just a thought.

    • LG

      Hey Mt and welcome 🙂

      Ace Lee is actually a pen name for B.J. Min, which I believe is his real name and he really did work in a store that sold lottery tickets. But thankfully he has now withdrawn all his lottery products from sale. His scratchers book was OK, but the rest was garbage. But of course there are quickly another dozen people happy to replace those products with even more garbage… 🙁

      I don’t recommend playing Pick 3 games though. The house always wins there – better to focus on one game with the right size jackpot.

  • Pascal Uduboker

    I used Ken Silvers Lotto System for almost 2 years hoping to win just by trusting his words – I had big hopes but at the end I compared his numbers on the lotto play cards with the old winning numbers for a year, and found out I have lost money and it was time to stop completelly with this junk.
    Pls help me with his contact so I can cancel my membership.


  • Curtis Graham

    To the Lottery Guy, can you tell me if any of the Win-Track products are any good? I bought several lotto systems from these guys and did not win anything, and they are very costly like $50.00 & $60.00 & $100.00 & up. Do you investagate all lottery gurus who sell so called lottery systems like these? Thanks have a nice one. Curtis Graham. September,11,2016

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