Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

Florida lottery winner Richard Lustig has won 7 grand lottery prizes. His lottery book details his ‘simple secret system’. Click Here For …

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Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

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  • Mark Brown

    Hello my name is Mark, I currently am in my last year in college, I have 2 kids. I recently got the Lustig book and well I tried some of the strategies, only won five hundred bucks. The same five hundred bucks I tried your strategy and I’ve won 5,000 with the Georgia Five. Thank you a whole lot.

  • Miss Betty

    I purchased Richard’s book and found it pretty much worthless. Don’t waste your money. You will likely learn more from the reviews without making him richer by buying the book.

    • LG

      Yup. You can always return it for a refund though – this is very easy to do if you bought from Amazon (go to ‘Your Orders’, then click on ‘Return or Replace Items’). If it doesn’t deliver what you were promised then it’s only right and fair.

  • Ed Suriel Jr

    What’s the easy method to winning Powerball in his book.

  • Norman Brown

    Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was unable to continue my lessons with Richard Lustig. I invested over $500 dollars on lessons but can’t get into the website to review the lessons I paid for. Please help me solve this problem by sending me a password to reenter the site.

    • LG

      Over $500! I hope you got some astounding information from Richard for that kind of money. Because it’s rare to hear him say anything that’s correct let alone actually useful.

      P.S. Not sure why you think I can help you with a password for his site..? You need to contact him Norman.

  • Fatma

    Hey I need win the lottery soon please help me. If I buy the book this is truth or just fake please tell me. Or just dreams OMG I need the money please God help me?

    • LG

      1. This book will NOT help you.

      2. If you genuinely ‘need’ money, playing the lottery is NOT the way to get it. If you need to buy food or pay bills then work is the way to do that. Never play the lottery with money you cannot afford to lose.

    • Michael

      Fatma, just like the Lottery guy has said, if you are desperately in need of money, playing the lotto isn’t going to be a way out. To answer your question, I have some questions for you : 1) Do you keep record of past lotto results, at least the last 50 result? 2) If yes, what do you notice in each result that is common to other past results of the same lotto game you are playing? I know you going to say odd and even numbers, right? You are correct if you said so, but there is something more that binds those odd and even numbers together to form winning numbers. If you don’t know this, do not play lotto. We can work together if you don’t mind, but before then, I will like you to folow this simple 3 letters K.S.E. K = Knowledge, S = Strategy E = Execution. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Dave

    I am kind of surprised to hear the bad side of this 7-time lottery winner. I believe there’s a way to beat the odds at their game or games. Wish I had some kind of number-crunching software. I came real close to winning the FL Fantasy 5 game back in April, matching 4 numbers and winning $555 with the 5th number off by one. It was a set of numbers I got from a psychic a year earlier and that 5th number might have been changed from the psychic’s. I could not find those original numbers to play. Anyway I, pretty much, play the same ones every drawing with a slight adjustment as I feel it’s time for that now. I have been playing the F5 game since I moved here 7 yrs. ago and is the only way to get me moved back to AZ where I dearly miss my friends and the mountains.

    • LG

      It’s not a ‘bad side’ as such – just the facts for once :-). The media companies don’t like having to spend any time bothering to dig beneath their headlines and 20 second stories. So it’s very rare to find any that actually point out what those ‘7 wins’ really are. Or that the advice given is nonsense.

      I’d be very wary of any claims made by ‘psychics’.

      Hope you get to see those mountains again soon.

  • Mister K

    How do you explain the documented winners that swear by his method? Is it really just luck?

    • LG

      What ‘documented winners’..?

      But yes, pure luck would explain it entirely. If you sold a book saying the key secret is to only buy tickets when you’re wearing a purple t-shirt, and enough people buy it, then sure you’ll get some winners. Somewhere somebody wins every single draw with a quick pick ticket (although Richard says you should never buy a quick pick because they can’t possibly win…).

      But you only need to look the facts above and ask a few telling questions. Why hasn’t Richard won anything bigger than the prizes he has? Why hasn’t he won anything in the last 6 years? Why does he never reveal how much he has spent on buying tickets?

  • Grace Osabu-Kle

    I have a strong feeling of playing past winning numbers for lotto 649. Is this a wise decision. I just have a gut feeling those numbers may be repeated.

    • LG

      Mathematically there’s no reason why past numbers are any less likely to appear again. I’m not sure gut feeling really means anything, but it can’t hurt to try.

      • Flynn

        Well, it can hurt to try if Grace is spending money that she can’t afford on the premise of a “strong feeling” of getting rich quick!

  • Chuck

    If Richard Lustig is a fake why does Wikipedia list him as a 500 time lottery grand prize winner.

    • LG

      Don’t believe everything you read online Chuck. Even Richard himself only says 7 times. And you can see the list that make those 7 ‘grand prizes’ above. Not so grand after all eh?

  • Sue

    Person by the same name living in Randwick Australia won it seven times. All seems fake now I read this story.

    • Flynn

      I came across “Richard Lustig from Marrickville (Australia”) on a pop-up webpage with the address [removed].

      Note the word Marrickville in the URL – What a surprise that I live in Marrickville! I bet you live in the vicinity of Randwick (or were in the locality when you were browsing). This is a trick of internet advertising – the internet knows where you are browsing from and personalised ads are directed to you as a result.

      After some internet research I believe the “seven-times lottery winner” Richard Lustig, discussed here is actually a real person, but Lottery-Guy has revealed some of the truth about some of the claims. He is not such a great “winner” after all, and in fact may have made a net loss over all those 20 years of entering lotteries – we just don’t know because the man won’t reveal how much he has spent!

      • LG

        Another example of the depths some people will go to I’m afraid. That link was one of those ‘fake news’ sites that places like Facebook are trying to get rid of. If you scroll right to the bottom it actually tells you the page is an advert and not a news story at all (to try and at least be vaguely legal I guess). That doesn’t excuse them telling outright lies in the advert though. Richard isn’t buying that house, that’s just some image they took from another website. I’ve even seen the exact same advert with other names substituted for Richard Lustig! Advertising is fine, but I don’t see how this kind of thing can be legal.

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