Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

Florida lottery winner Richard Lustig has won 7 grand lottery prizes. His lottery book details his ‘simple secret system’. Click Here For …

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Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

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  • Jeffrey

    Hi LG,

    Your site has been very helpful, and besides you provide free tips which is very valuable.

    I was almost convinced to buy Richard’s book, luckily I came across your website.

    Thank you a lot for it.

    Thank you.

  • Robert Carter

    Dear Richard Lustig my name is Robert I been buying Powerball ticket and Mega Million ticket. The Powerball jackpot at two hundred and fifty five million and Mega Million jackpot at 25 million. I need help picking lottery numbers. I been trying to pick lottery number for the past month or two, can you help me pick out some good lottery number?

    • LG

      So you’ve been playing two of the hardest to win games in the world, for just a month or two, and are surprised not to have won yet..?

      I’d suggest reading my review of Richard’s book and the other comments here (including the older ones) before putting too much faith in his number picking abilities 🙂

    • Debbie Carter

      Your message, addressed to Richard Lustig, will not reach him. This IS NOT Mr. Lustig’s site. It is here ONLY for those wanting to leave a comment on the above article. DONT WAIT FOR A RESPONSE FROM MR. LUSTIG!

  • Cyril Ekpenyong

    Dear Sir, am interested in becoming one of your student, if this is not a scam, kindly brief me, expecting your responses.

    • LG

      If you’re referring to the Lustig ‘University’ then I recommend reading the older comments (here) first.

      But given that his book is grossly overpriced and borderline useless, I don’t think turning that book into video lessons and charging $50 a month for them gives better value for money 🙂

  • Louis Solano

    Sadly I believe this guy Richard Lustig has tapped into an area of the human psyche that will bring him money from his books. Everyone would love to win money but no amount of technique will better your odds, I believe. That being said I think first you have to play the lottery of course to even have that snowball in hell chance of winning. Also the more you play the better your odds, it’s simple mathematics. But even if you spend a thousand dollars on lottery tickets and you play the ones that are supposedly easier to win because of lower amount of people that play that particular game, the odds are always stacked against an individual. It’s the nature of these games. They are designed to generate money for the lottery commission and or state the game is located in. I believe the factors that helped that guy Richard win so often is the number of tickets he buys, which must be outrageous, and the ones he plays are more isolated to a given state than those that are played across many like the Powerball for example. But the biggest factor that has been on Richards side has been a well implemented publicity campaign. There’s more hype than substance. Given the number of people in this world and the number of people that play the lottery there was bound to be someone like Richard to come along and win a number of times above what we consider to be normal. It’s simply the odds. The sad thing is that this guy decided to make money off of people either desperate enough or dare I say gullible enough to buy his information which honestly will no better your odds. So to sum it up. There is bound to be a person or two out there that wins the lottery more so than the average person does, but who’s to say what the average is? And who’s to say what their real winnings are without the knowledge of how much these people spend to get what they win.

  • Carl Miller

    I would like more information on this book. The money back if not satisfied in 60 days seems a little short. How many people who buy the book really win?

  • Ila

    How many people above still think this site is BY Richard Lustig!? This page is proof the guy is a phony and makes his money scamming people into buying his secret system to win lottery, and it’s full of bull. But everyone still thinks this page is to sell the book of bull – people READ, READ and READ again. Damn we got lots of idiots out there!

  • Cruiser

    Logic also is required by readers of this article. Use some logic on answering this question: if Mr Lustig was winning lots of money and making a big profit (how many tickets does he purchase on average), does he give a cost to winnings ratio. If he was making a real profit from his lottery winnings would he really feel the need to sell books and CD’s. It would appear his method of selling his system is basically the same method as the scam systems. I am not saying Mr Lustig’s method is a scam. Just think about logically, if you think his method would bring you large or mega wins go ahead and buy it. I wish you LUCK.

  • mdeane

    I am a breast cancer survivor. I would love your book but don’t have the money for it. When was the last time you won? I guess I am a winner already. Have a winning day.

    • LG

      It’s not my book. Don’t buy it anyway – it’s rubbish and vastly overpriced. The last time Richard won was 2010… his wins are listed right there in my review 🙂

  • futureboy

    I think the reason Mr. Lustig is so successful selling his nonsense book can also be seen in many of the comments here. People are so eager to find an easy solution that they don’t even read the details and realise that this post is discrediting Lustig’s method.

  • donna reiman

    I’m gonna buy it, everyones laughing at me saying I’m an idiot but it’s worth a shot. How do any of you know if you haven’t tried it. I either lose 97 dollars or win.

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