Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

Florida lottery winner Richard Lustig has won 7 grand lottery prizes. His lottery book details his ‘simple secret system’. Click Here For …

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Richard Lustig Lottery Book Review

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  • donna reiman

    Stop being so negative I see you don’t want to put up posts about people who may like his system. I’d like to point out has any of your negative people or you for that matter tried it out.

    • LG

      It’s not ‘being negative’ if something genuinely does not work though is it? :-). It’s nothing personal – this is just one of many lottery systems that don’t work out there. But you can also look at the reviews of this book on Amazon – right now there are 46% of the reviews that gave it just 1 star (it’s pretty rare for a book to get such bad reviews). Read the actual content of those reviews too though – they are very revealing.

      There aren’t any comments from people who like his system here simply because as yet nobody has left one.

    • Tim

      I’ve read Richard’s book and his e-book (top_lottery_secrets.pdf). I would so love to report that it was full of useful information, unfortunately, it’s just…, let’s use the word, Fluff.

      He identifies nothing that would assist you in choosing your numbers, nothing. He has no formula, he demonstrates nothing that would improve your odds.

      One item I read simply amazes me (and this isn’t the only thing, but it tells the whole story):

      He states in his e-book that if a lottery had odds of 1 in 24,000,000 that:
      If you buy one ticket your odds are 1 in 24,000,000
      If you buy ten tickets your odds are 1 in 2,400,000
      If you buy one hundred tickets your odds are 1 in 240,000

      This clearly identifies someone who has absolutely no understanding of Math (This should really make you start to question his assertions)….

      If a lottery has a possibility of 24,000,000 number combinations, it will always have 24,000,000 possible combinations for each drawing. If a lottery has only one (1) grand prize, it will always have only 1 grand prize for each drawing. (1 in 24,000,00 to win the grand prize) No matter how many tickets you buy, those odds will always be the same.

      Now to correct his statement above.

      If the odds of a lotteries grand prize is 1 in 24,000,000 then:
      If you buy one ticket your CHANCES of winning are 1 in 24,000,000
      If you buy ten tickets your CHANCES of winning are 10 in 24,000,000
      If you buy one hundred tickets your CHANCES of winning are 100 in 24,000,000

      Your odds of winning, regardless of tickets purchased, are: 1 in 24,000,000 (simply because there are 24,000,000 posible combinations and only 1 grand prize winning combination within the group, per drawing).

      Bottom line here is, within these books, there is no system identified. There simply isn’t anything that directly or indirectly provides you with any information that will improve your odds of winning any lottery.

      • LG

        But your ‘chances of winning at 100 in 24,000,000’ are equivalent to 1 in 240,000 anyway. So odds or chances – it means the same thing to most people.

  • Docwyoming

    Lotteries are for losers at life. They will always need to believe that they can win. The alternative is to grow up, face reality and learn personal responsibility.

    • LG

      It does make me wonder why someone with no interest in the lottery would go out of their way to find a site about nothing but playing the lottery. And then leave a moany negative comment about all lottery players..?

      Smile Doc πŸ™‚ Maybe you forgot that playing the lottery is fun.

    • Veritas

      Hey ‘Doc’ – we can’t all be “winners” like you… I make 6 figures, have 2 houses and 5 cars… BUT I still play the lottery! So does that make me a loser in life? I bet I also have more real friends than you. Maybe YOU need to re-evaluate your petty opinions on ‘those people’ and open your eyes. It may be fun too!

    • Stanley Rhea

      Boy, are you a front runner Doc!

  • Darday

    Thank you for this information. It is sad people take advantage of others who are really in need and get their hopes up thinking they can have a better life. Life is not always about money but it sure helps ease things especially with a medical condition not reversible or treatable and can last 20+ years. I am an in-house caregiver to a relative and I work a job also. It is tough and rough and I know the day will come when I must be at home 24hrs and I am scared with no money to come in from a job. I surely could use a lotto win to help us financially. I can’t afford to throw money on ‘false hopes’ as Richard Lustig presents with his Lotto Dominator. I rarely play the lotto or buy a scratch off knowing the odds are high.

  • CS

    I just started using Richards methods about 3 weeks ago and unable to afford some of the costs of his offers, he has given them to me for free for life and although I have not won a jackpot I have been playing on the lotteries money, I play take 5 and spend $35.00 a week. I win one or two quick picks each play and at least 3 numbers hit each play and on July 4th, 4 of my numbers hit. So I am the first person to leave a positive post about Richard Lustig and his lottery methods.

    • LG

      And you’re basing all of this on testing for 3 whole weeks..?

    • Kym

      Very excited for you CS… one of Richards ebooks states visualization. And if you really want to win the lottery make it your job. Do your homework not just be a sucker and throw your money away… It looks like you are on to something. Hope your next comment is a big win! Way to Go!

    • Jwilliams

      How did you get it for free, can you share a few tips I just want the basics in a nutshell.

      • LG

        He pretty much said how, if you read between the lines a little… “unable to afford some of the costs of his offers” – so clearly he’s given Richard plenty of money, but can’t afford to give him any more. So he got something extra for free.

        Questions you might want to ask here are:-
        1. why is ‘CS’ unable to afford the cost if Richard’s methods deliver on the promises?
        2. why is Richard still only a “7 times” winner SEVEN YEARS after the last of those wins?

        If you want pretty much the entire wisdom of the book in a nutshell though – it’s basically don’t use quick picks, don’t change your numbers and never miss a draw. It doesn’t really help you at all, but at least it saves you the price of the book.

    • Valerie Bakos

      I am curious to know since you are a ‘Richard believer’ CS, when you did finally hit, would you please share with us the game and the amount of the prize?

  • JC

    I think his book is just a way for him to trick desperate people into giving him their hard earned money.

  • Matthew Lennartz


    I was playing the PCH sweepstakes where Richards promotions are pasted everywhere. Just out of curiosity, I watched his video… at least a bit of it. If you just pay attention, any commonsense individual can smell illogical ripoff from a mile away. I watched for a few minutes and had to shut it down. It is amazing to me that people are suckered into such scams. Thanks for everything you do!

    • Pablo

      LG, I just started watching the video for “Lotto Dominator” – when you add up his actual winnings, minus taxes, there is no way he could afford all the stuff he talks about in the video. If he bought all the stuff for cash, he’d be broke. And like you stated, what has he won in the last 7 or 8 years. Let the buyer beware, and if something sounds too good to be true it probably is!

      • Corey Fletcher

        He’s sold his book preying on people with a desire to win and be financially free. That’s his new hustle, There’s no doubt that he had a system to winning, that worked for him, however he wasn’t going to really give away his bread and butter, cause if everyone had the system the lottery commission would shut down. So I think he’s paid by the commission to keep it a secret and stop playing; as a result he now needed more income coming in to support his new lifestyle so he wrote this book to sell people hopes and dreams but not the truth. Therefore he still gets money coming in, that’s completely based on reputation of being a 7 time lottery winner, but let me be frank, do you think the lottery commission would allow him to keep playing and winning on a consistent basis without taking some sort of action, notice some of his winnings were from different states. Not hating but just researching and found that most people who want to sell their secrets are actually selling you a product or service to make money, if they are making money with their secret why would they feel the need to make money off their secret?

      • LG

        No Corey – he never had any secret in the first place other than a bit of luck (and most likely spending most of his winnings on more tickets). Do you realise how little he actually won? Far less than a million after taxes. That’s all. There’s a list of Richard’s wins here.

        No lottery company has ever stopped anyone playing because they win too much.

  • GGerry

    My wife went through college, grad school, got her first home and new car on a lotto win prior to us meeting. It didn’t make her rich but because of the education she was able to achieve with her win she now has a professional career that makes life for us along with my salary comfortable. We play lottery scratch tickets because we enjoy buying tickets during the week and playing them on Friday and Saturday nights since we don’t go out a lot and it’s an exciting thing to do.

    Here is a TIP that probably works better then ANY of the lottery books advice. First, are you in a winning state? Some states lottery are far better, have many more winners, and have many more prizes then others. In CT the lottery is a good high funded system. However, MASS is much better. So we have friends and family there and we drive the 40 minutes to Mass and get most tickets there.

    NOW, look on the lottery website for your state or state you’re going to play in. If it doesn’t show you on there, then the cashier can print it out for you. Ask or print out on the site all the scratch tickets listed in the area of wins, won and available. For instance. I have the list that breaks down all tickets by amounts. 1$, $2 all the way to $30. Then look at how many tickets were made, then, how old the game is. Then, how many people already won, then how many winners are left in the game – it will break down the top winning prizes to lowest, i.e. there are 4 top 3,000,000 prizes left on the 3M $30 ticket. It’s 2 years old. They initially sold 3M tickets. There are 6 x $300,000 on that ticket left and 4 of 8 of those still open. Don’t play crappy 1$ or $2 tickets with only $1,000 wins etc. They made tons of them and the win isn’t big enough to waste money on. Buy tickets with jackpots of $50,000 or better in my opinion.

    NOW, go to big high traffic shops. Cumberland Farms, Stop & Shop, or whatever big grocery stores you have. They win ALL the time. The grocery stores that is. And, big liquor stores – high traffic ones. Of course there are winning tickets everywhere, but I think the big retailers have better odds. They just cycle through more tickets and in my opinion that works best.

    ALWAYS look for tickets with second chance drawings and always enter them. The majority of people throw away losing tickets even with second chance drawings. Those drawings have better odds then ANY other tickets because most people chuck them.

    Lastly, LAW OF ATTRACTION WORKS. Know you will win, see yourself winning, put a losing ticket on your bulletin board and take a pen and change a losing number to a winning grand prize number with a pen and white out and put that on the board and pretend you won it. Look at that constantly, like every time you leave your house. Look at it as though you won and keep that ticket that you made a winning number on your board all the time and repeat to yourself you will win, “I will win next time”. Now remember “THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS”. It’s in all the Law Of Attraction books. Just think big and you WILL win. Just don’t go too crazy, you don’t want to spend your whole paycheck. Set aside a certain amount. In other words, $20 or $30 a week or less if you can’t afford it. Just what you can safely comfortable play. Mostly have FUN. Don’t get carried away but have lots of fun with it. GOOD LUCK.

    • ggerry

      I forgot something very important. It’s how you play the game. When you buy your tickets DON’T scratch them in that store, or even in your car. Go home with them. Put them on your coffee table or whatever. Hold them for a day or 2. Half the fun is the anticipation. This way you don’t overspend and get carried away with playing/spending. Now, if money is tight, take something you do like – for instance, if you go to the movies twice a week, go once. Rent a $1 movie out of the machine instead of the second movie. Use that money for your tickets that you would spend on the second movie. NOW, scratch one row in the beginning of the day. When you get home, scratch another row before dinner. One row or finish up before bedtime. Now you stretched your fun for a whole day on one ticket. This makes it a game and not a “problem”. Save your tickets for a fun planned night. Just don’t zip through scratching the ticket all at once. Have fun with it. Do it with a friend, a positive energy fun friend not a downer. You can spend very little money playing the game and have much more fun over and extended time period by doing it this way. It’s a game, don’t make it an addiction. Winning makes it really fun, you don’t need to spend a lot and you will be far more excited winning this way and winning big – which you will, Law Of Attraction – remember. Just have fun with this. Good Luck.

      • LG

        Thanks for the comments and some great tips here. And I totally agree with you that maximising the fun is really important! It is a game after all, so enjoying the process of playing makes a big difference. Are you really ever losing a dollar if you get $10 of entertainment value out of it? And you’ve certainly figured how to get maximum fun out of playing πŸ™‚

        Choosing the right scratchers to play can absolutely mean the difference between winning and losing – so wise words here too. Dave’s service does just what you describe (and more) for you for just $20 a year (US only). It gives you weekly reports of the best scratch off games to play in your chosen state. So I’d recommend people only do it ‘by hand’ if they enjoy that process too – otherwise grab a subscription before Dave realises his price is way too cheap!

        There were a couple of things you said that aren’t really true though πŸ™‚

        It doesn’t actually matter in what state you buy tickets – just the specifics of one game compared to another. Massachusetts would have more winners because it has a population of about 6.8 million compared to Connecticut which only has 3.5 million. So they sell more tickets overall, but that doesn’t make any difference to your own chances of winning.

        Similarly with buying from big stores that sell more tickets. Those stores have a greater chance of selling winning tickets ‘to someone’, but buying there instead of a tiny backstreet store doesn’t increase your own chances of winning.

        Best of luck with your next scratcher, but then I know you’ll enjoy playing it regardless of the result πŸ™‚

  • Betina Jones

    My Fourth time tonight playing same pick 5 numbers… followed his theory perfectly… still not winning. I’m right now $202.00 in the hole – this theory doesn’t work. Please don’t waste your hard earned monies on this!

  • Arun s

    True story! There was once a remarkably kind gentleman who always put others needs ahead of his. He had a habit of reaching out to the less fortunate every chance he got. In fact he lived his life by that motto. Although it gave him a colossal sense of satisfaction, it sometimes offended his conscience which told him not to be an enabler for failure. If he truly cared he’d employ less fortunate people and make them value what they earned. Well, he wasn’t exactly in a place financially where he could do that. One day he was approached by a severely handicapped man who was a’professional panhandler’. Not having more than a handful of change, he instead offered him a lottery ticket from two he’d just purchased. Asking him to pick one, he smiled as the man took it thanked him and left. Well, you can imagine what happened next when the numbers were released. Yes! The Good Samaritan never heard from the winner again. A few months went by and one day on the news it said man who recently won the jackpot was killed in an accident. When he saw the picture of the beggar, he was floored. Feelings of disgust and even guilt overwhelmed him despite knowing it wasn’t his fault.

    A little over a year later, the kind man experienced his own Lady Luck who smiled on him. It seemed she bestowed on him massive wealth that changed his life completely. The one thing that did not change was his sense of kindheartedness. He continued to enjoy that uniquely gratifying feeling/sense of the kind of joy of giving, but now he can actually invest in their pride of earning it. I’ll never forget the moral of this story and it’s underlying message, especially if I come into a windfall. I try to be as caring as I can afford to be anyway. Cheers!

  • Brian T Kumpan

    I wish I got the chance. I mailed him 20 bucks (20 dollar bill carefully wrapped) checked the box (cash) mailed everything off a month ago and so far he has kept the money and I haven’t gotten anything in return. This person has to be the biggest liar and scam artist to date.

    • LG

      You sent cash in the mail..? Did you send it registered/get proof of delivery?

      What did you actually order though as I couldn’t find anywhere where he says he accepts cash, or where he’s selling anything at $20?

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