Lottery Sums Don’t Add Up To A Jackpot…

I see so much dumb totally made up lottery maths around, it’s no wonder people get confused.

Just today I came across another ‘system’ teaching people to predict lottery numbers by using ‘lottery sums’. What do they mean by using sums for the lottery?

In a nutshell the expert idiot writer meant adding up groups of past numbers, and making silly conclusions about them…

You sum (or ‘add’) the first two numbers, then the second and third groups of two numbers. Read More

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EuroMillions Superdraw – 125 Million Euros, Friday 26th September 2008

Euromillions SuperdrawNo sooner has one enormous EuroMillions jackpot been won (not that the normal 15 million jackpots are small!), but WHAM, they then go and announce a EuroMillions SuperDraw.

So what is a SuperDraw?

Two important things. First, it basically means a very big jackpot – this time it’s 125 Million Euros. Read More

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Play EuroMillions Now… Before Tonights Crush!

Euromillions play slipIf you want to play EuroMillions today you better be quick. Those lottery terminals are taking a real battering.

That jackpot has now rolled over 5 times since the last jackpot winner on July 18. Which now gives you a chance at an enormous prize pool of 114 million Euros.

And if a single player were to pick the winning numbers, it would be the largest lottery prize in the world. Read More

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Spotted The Euro Millions Rolls Royce?

You might have seen it driving around promoting the Euro Millions lottery, particularly in Belgium. This amazing looking tuned Rolls Royce is actually a Silver Cloud II.

I’m not sure a pimped up Silver Cloud would be my first choice of car, but when you’re rolling (or is that Rolls Royce’ing) in the millions I guess you’re entitled to drive whatever the heck you like! Read More

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Millionaire Lottery Winners Seek Wife For Son

He may be 33 and still live at home with his mum and dad, but his parents Bob and Pat Green are now lottery winners with an extra £2.3 million to their name.

“We’ve lived in the same house 20 years and Stewart still lives with us” said Bob, 64, of Horsham. Read More

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