Nick Perry Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal

If you lived in Pennsylvania in 1980, and were old enough to read a newspaper, I’m pretty certain you’ll know all about the Nick Perry lot…

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Nick Perry Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal

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  • Joyce

    Neat story, I’d never heard this before and wondered if it was possible that anyone could really manage to cheat the lottery.

    I don’t think it would be possible now though, once bitten twice shy and all that. The security must be really tough these days.

  • James

    I think the lottery is rigged altogether.

    • LG

      Hey James,

      Aw, that’s just because you haven’t won yet 😉

      But there’s no real point in any lottery being ‘rigged’ – all lottery companies take their costs and profit out before calculating the prizes, so they make plenty of money whatever happens.

  • Robert

    I think it can since most of the drawings are no longer broadcast live and the draw is on an automated machine. Why else would they not want people to see the draws.

  • Nancy

    I do not think people in New Zealand are very happy people right now, as the numbers have been really stinky lately.

    Draw 1296 has the same 4 numbers drawn from Draw 1295 (expected to happen every 456 draws) Draw 1297 has 3 same last digit AND 2 same last digit numbers – Draw 1297 is also ALL odd numbers (Expected to happen once every 99 draws) also the combination of the odd numbers had same last digits & 2 same last digits gives 5760 possible combinations. This means it should happen once every 666 draws. on top of all this 5 coldest numbers struggle to appear for 3 draws! (That is very unusual).

    On top of the above, can you believe it? all low numbers-only expected once in 99 draws came in, that is 3 weeks in a row. I wonder if anyone is still playing, I think I am going to play slot machines.

    • LG

      But none of those things would be due to any kind of fixing the draw though, right?

      In fact, they are all a perfectly normal part of a properly random draw.

      Think of it this way – if it was NOT possible for any of those things to happen, would that lottery draw be properly random? For something to really be random, everything must be possible, even if it’s very unlikely.

      [More about this in these posts about repeat lottery numbers and the same lottery numbers in consecutive draws]

      Cold numbers are a misleading concept though. They are only cold because they haven’t been drawn for a while. But that doesn’t make them any less likely to appear compared to any other ball.

      If you rolled a dice fifty times, and didn’t get a 6 at all – does that make you more or less likely to get a 6 next roll? There are still six sides to the dice, so the odds haven’t changed. See what I mean?

  • RJ

    All the Lotteries are rigged. They give out the money but they pick and choose who to give it to. For instance, the MegaMillions is purposely driven up so that more people will play when the jackpot reaches above $200,000,000. The way to tell, the Lottery system is shut down 30-min before the drawing time. That way, they can search the system for the numbers that have not been played. Then, the Lottery people get out the set of balls so they can manipulate the numbers that have not been played to win.

    The Lottery isn’t crooked per se, but they purposely drive-up the number of plays so the Lottery dept makes more money.

    My father once worked with the Cuban Bolita Lottery. The number was called every Sat morning in Havana. The priest involved would put the winning ball in the freezer overnight. On Sat he would tell the Alter Boy to search for the cold ball and pull it out. That way, the Priest could play the winning number and receive the money for the Cathoic Church–and him.

  • LG

    So has anyone seen the ‘Lucky Numbers’ movie? It was (loosely?) based on the Nick Perry lottery scandal. It seems a really divisive movie from what I’ve read so far – people love it or pretty much hate it. Must remember to rent it…

  • Zaneta

    The lottery system is mere fantasy designed to be addictive once you are used to it.

    Save the money up and you would be suprised on ‘your self made Jackpot’ at the end of 5 years.

    Mathematically, if you spend £20 per week on lotteries, in a year you loss £960 and in 5 years it would be £4800 if you didn’t win.

    The lottery sytem is computerized and operator has 100% control over it. What you see on TV is mere make belief-show.

    I wouldn’t stop anyone from playing, but just wake up from your fantasy because your chance of winning a life transforming jackpot is very infinitesimally small and my submission is lottery tickets you’ve brought is a waste of limited resource (money) unless its a winning one.

    If any one claims to know the secret of winning a jackpot, kindly ask how many jackpots has he or she won with the propounded theorem. The theories are just “blatant lies” aimed at feeding your addictive curiosity.

    Camelot is only the winner in the UK National Lottery and the name has suggested they are in control; CAME-LOT. The lots of money would first come into their account before, decision on sharing strategies is made.

    Keep dreaming and you have to be in it, to win it are the common slogans to keep you in it.

    Please play responsibly, if you must play.

    • LG

      Hi Zaneta

      That’s a bit of a confused message. I’m not sure why you’re on a lottery site if you don’t like the lottery, and think it’s all fixed..?

      You mentioned £’s and Camelot, so I guess you’re in the UK – in which case the draw isn’t computerised. It’s a traditional balls from a tumbler draw, broadcast live by the BBC. (Why would it be a ‘make-believe’ show? That bit didn’t make sense)

      Yes, the chances are you will lose. It is a lottery after all. Which is why I remind people to enjoy playing.

      Most of us enjoy the whole process of playing, making it very good value entertainment. If you look at it that way, even when you don’t win you haven’t lost! Same way you haven’t lost when you spend 10 times as much on a movie ticket.

  • Nick

    I would like to how to run a lottery on a very tight budget, what strategies to use to build a new lottery and what is the best lottery system. Please any advice or eBooks on running a lottery business would be appreciated. Regards, Nick

    • LG

      Hi Nick

      So you want to run a lottery, and you want a system for winning it..? Not sure that makes sense, Nick..?

      Lotteries are heavily regulated, so need licensing from the Government in most countries. So your first step is either legal advice or the relevant Government department. I can’t see how it could be done on a tight budget though.

  • Chartyise

    I always hit the number by playing any thing that comes to mind way more better luck than studying and reading lottery secret books and strategy guides

  • Bob

    Don’t remember the story (except for reading it here before). Never saw the movie either. I was living in Chicago, Illinois at the time & playing pick -3 frequently. Never won much.

    I can’t imagine how the winnings ended up at $3.5M! Unless those guys in on the fix bought 7,000 winning tickets or there was some kind of rollover. Most pick-3 games here pay $500 for an exact match on a $1 bet.

    I always wondered about how minuscule variances in ball weight or shape might affect trends in their selection. Most lotteries using them are conscious of this as well. I’m sure they monitor dimensions religiously & change ball sets frequently to maximize randomness.

    Fun story from the past, nonetheless!

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